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Comment Re:Bad sign for any worker wit these groups/compan (Score 1) 110

Why are only workers to blame here?
Companies themselves are driven by sales and profit targets, nearly every one. And nearly every one is potentially pushing the envelope of acceptance in making their numbers. This is why for-profit education and healthcare, tobacco, fast food, sugar, oil, GMOs, and nearly everything else driven by profit is suspect: because people will do what it takes to sell potentially bad stuff to you in the name of making their numbers.

Comment Re:Just amazing (Score 3, Informative) 198

Add to this the great volume of doctors, interns, nurses, technicians, assistants, etc. that need access to these understaffed and overly busy places, and that come and go frequently. You arrive at a unit in the hospital and everything is password protected, all the passwords are different, and you need to get into many of them to do your job and help people in various stages of critical need. Nobody has taken the time to tell you what the common passwords are (for getting into locked rooms) or even given you your personal authorization to get at med dispensing machines, because they don't have the 15 minutes needed to do that (they'll get to this a little later when the breathing is stabilized or the pain is addressed). Don't be surprised that security is squarely in the way of getting things done, but make it easier for people to survive and be productive in this kind of environment.

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