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Comment Re: I'm not sure about this.... (Score 2) 113

Like everything else, it's got it's good points and it's bad...
The whole point of (Or maybe this is just me) of dealing with someone's death, is the actual letting go part, recognising that they're gone and moving on.

My thoughts exactly. Something disturbs me greatly about this story. It reminds me of those that live with the dead body of a loved one because they don't want to believe they're dead.

At some point they're going to have to turn the AI off, or come to the realisation that this person wasn't just the sum of their IM output before they can move on, and the grief will hit them then.

Comment Re:do people really talk to their phones? (Score 1) 197

[do people really talk to their phones] because i never see it and don't know anyone who does. other than doing it for safety reasons while driving this sounds like the most stupid thing ever. and i've tried Siri and Google Now and hate both

It used to be a useless gimmick, but the tech has come on massively recently. I use it a lot for certain specific tasks on my phones and tablets

I haven't used Siri in a while, but Google Now and Cortana especially work really well for me. If I want to call somewhgere that isn't in my contacts then I use voice. "Call the Apple store on Regents Street, London" is quicker than googling for a number and dialling it. Also, for playing music, it's a ton quicker, just tell the device what you want to play and it does it almost instantly. Much quicker than opening up the music app, and searchging for the song before pressing play: You can also do it across the room with Cortana and Google Now if you don't have the phone in your hand.

Comment Re:Sigh not more of this bullshit (Score 1) 446

Reminds me of the olde fartes bemoaning the death of incandescant light bulbs.

I hated the death of incandecent light bulbs when the first started phasing them out. Compact flourecents just wern't as good. Now that we have LED bulbs, at affordable prices; I couldn't be happier.

Same goes for the 3.5mm jack. I'm not interested in wireless earphones because they're a pain in the ass. They need charging (for the same reason I use a wired keyboard and mouse). USB Type-C is awesome but as others have pointed out, most devices only have one type-C port so you can't charge and listen at the same time; not without some complicated adapter anyway.

When devices start coming with 2 or more USB ports, I'll be happy.

Comment Re: Price isn't everything (Score 1) 110

If Amazon is the seller, you're getting screwed.

Doesn't really matter. Amazon returns procedures are very good. If I buy a product from them that doesn't meet my expectations then I can return it at very little cost to me in terms of time & money. If I buy from another seller and it turns out to be a dud, it can often cost more than it's worth to return it.

Comment Re:IBM you say? (Score 1) 92

So the Australian government opted to host this thing on their own servers

Where did you get that from?

You must be new here. On Slashdot, you don't need to be right, you just have to sound right to get mod points.

I see you went for the other strategy, which is to accuse other people of making stuff up because you are yourself too lazy to even read TFA.

You must be new here. On Slashdot we don't read TFA before posting ;-)

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 1) 110

And this is exactly why the general public needs encryption and why various TLA outfits and buddies like to use the "think of the children" garbage to denounce it.

Rubbish. If you've nothing to hide... you aren't a protestor... you keep your head down... do what the government tells you... aren't unlucky enough to get caught in a wide sweeping dragnet... then you have no need for encryption or privacy!

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