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Comment Medical hacking (Score 3, Insightful) 104

Medical hacking is the way forward. The established industry will fight it, but there are so many engineers and other tech people out there that will come up with solutions to their own problems, or that of their families.
This is not the first time we hear about this. Many of the problems in the health industry is continously monitoring, and reacting upon values. This is just as much an IT discipline as a medical discipline. With low power computers (Arduino as an example), all types of sensors being available for cheap etc, we are almost where the computer industry was around 1975-80. engineers and hobbyists will hack together such devices. It is trivial to monitor blood glucose using a sensor on i2c. You could add 2 for redundancy. Then write code, and decide what to do with abnormal values.

The problem for the established industry is, that things will get invented by users before the medical industry gets there = no patents.

Comment Re:So forgetting a password (Score 1) 796

No. If he has forgotten the password, then he does whatever is possible for him to help execute the search warrant - when he comes up with wrong guesses he is no longer in contempt and can walk freely.

The only defense here is to claim the password is forgotten, and give some wrong guesses to th police, then he can walk free. For many people, the password is not remembered, I certainly do not remember all my passwords. But they are remembered in the fingers. I can type them even if I can not write them down or tell them to others. After some time, this finger memory weakens. The court should accept that.

Comment Security (Score 1) 101

They need to come up with some security, such that the enemy can't take it over like existing $50k drones.
Having experience with both quads and planes (not copters, too difficult to fly), I see advantages in both. Plane made of foam is light weight, long flight time and distance, little noise, but of course can't stay stationery, a bullet is no problem, unless it kills battery or motor. With a flight controller, they are easy to fly. Quads are dead if hit by anything. Short flight time and range. But can stay in place, and fly where there is less room. But they make a lot of noise.

250 size is probably what is needed. But it needs new radio tech for both video and comms to stay secure, and difficult to jam. And GPS is not a trustworthy option, will be jammed since it is trivial to to. It is just 2 frequencies. 1575.42 MHz and 1227.60 MHz. Clearly GPS was never designed by the military for military purposes.

Comment It is easy (Score 1) 610

Just use the fingerprints of the criminals. Or clone the phone and brute-force the pin-code.

Or use all the rest of the logging taking place to see who they communicated with and when, and ignore the little data on the phone. A phone is just a computer. The problem is, politicians don't realise this.

Comment What is wrong (Score 1) 72

What is wrong with those rules ? They are still more relaxed than what we have everywhere outside city areas here in Denmark.
Max 7 kg = 15.4 pounds vs US 55 lbs
Max 100 meters = 328 ft vs US 400 ft.
We have LoS only - But can use spotter that can take over.
We must move away from other aircraft (which normally have to stay above 150 meters / 500 ft)
We don't have the clear conditions requirement, but still Line of sight

Comment Complicated (Score 1) 234

So the code is so big and complicated, that nobody could hire a group of cheap indian / chinese programmer to write something better in 6 months ? Must be a huge package, like MS Office.

Small programs like Photoshop could be 80% written by a couple of people in 6 months. Look at RC equipment, communication protocols are reverse engineered, and people are using arduinos as converters within a couple months. My FlySky i6 / TGY-i6 6-channel transmitter had its firmware hacked within a few months, now it does 10 channels, with the iA6B 6-channel receiver. And it has virtual switches etc. This is not new firmware, it is just reverse engineering, and changing. I have a $7 logic analyzer, so I also look at protocols on the wire/pins of chips.

Software is overrated in value. The value lies in the product, the marketing, the customers. OK, without software you would not have the other. But the software alone is worthless.

Look at my $7 logic analyzer. It s a Saleae Logic clone. Runs with the original software. And with many free 3rd party apps. People by SL to support them, and to get them to further develop the software. Or to be legit. But anybody could bundle some of the Open Source software with a clone, and sell for $50 instead of $150 like SL. But they would not have a chance. They don't have the name. If you get a clone, why not get the cheapest ?

Comment Easy (Score 1) 81

This should be easy. Controller could be Raspberry Pi, Arduino with HC-05, ESP wifi etc. Say $5.
12V, 10A relay is $0.50
buck converter, step down, 3A is $0.70.
Then you need a power supply. Modern PC power supplies are able to deliver all as 12V (PoE standard). The buck converter will accept 5.7V -> 20V or so. So voltage drop on line no issue. Or get a 12V, 6A PSU for $10.
10 pairs of JST connectors $2.49
So if you want 4 ports, the cost would be $5 + $2 + $2.8 + $10 + $2.49 + little time = $23 - with the PSU being most important, and being 72W it is scalable. If average device is consuming 1A, it is 5W, and it will handle 14 ports. Get a smaller PSU and stay under $20.

The issues is keeping the power inject/extraction Cat 5E. But if you want to to DIY cables, you could just cut the connector, put a new connector on, and solder an injection connector on, say JST-style on for power.

Comment Re:This is a solution looking for a problem. (Score 1) 223

There are more people killed while trying to take selfies every year than are killed by sharks.
So I think we need a license for all cameras and an extra license for using a selfie stick to protect people from death.

There are also young people taking nude photos of themself, and sending them to friends. I think we need to combat the ignorance by requiring every phone and camera user to get a license. And if you do not posses common sense, no phone or camera for you. It is for your own protection, and privacy of others.

Comment Re:License Plates and registrations ... (Score 1) 223

Who patrols the skies, warehouse buildings etc for license plates on drones ?
The difference between cars/planes and drones is, that cars drives where everybody can see their license plates. Planes needs it for radio communications, when landing at airfields. Drones are small, and a registration can't be read from a distance.

If I use my own airfield in middle of nowhere, using my own scratch-built plane, nobody checks the airplane registration. I am not sure if I ever saw airplane registration on paragliders where the pilot strapped a propeller on the back. And parachutes for sure does not have a visible registration (only small seruial number from manufacturer, and nobody knows who owns it).

I buy lots of stuff from China, and it is trivial to make a quadcopter. DIY wooden frame. 4x ESC+motor+prop = $80. Add GPS and Flight controller for $45. Battery for $10. And we are talking an autonomous drone for $135.

Comment Denmark (Score 3, Informative) 204

I have a plan with 12GB data over 4G (8-35 Mbit/s down 2-24Mbit/s up) (after which it is closed. $3 will double amount of data to 24GB).
12 hours outgoing calls (but unlimited to customers at the same telecom).
Unlimited texts (SMS+MMS) domestically.

And I pay DKK 79 = $9.65 + sales tax per month.

For internet access at home, I have 60/60 Mbit/s fiber. So I rarely use many GB,

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