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Comment Re:More like "not any more in America". (Score 1) 126

The sheer size of the US (we're the third most populous country in the world) means we aren't going to go away. But we do face the question of whether we want to hit above our weight, as Germany does and we did in the past, or below our weight, as India does.

There are many factors in play, India is slowly developing and is rife with growing pains from infrastructure to social issues, which no country is immune. German used to be the language of science at the turn of the last century. California pupils used to perform very well then prop 13 passes and funding declines among other things times and people change.

Germany is worth looking into. It has about 1% of population of the Earth, but that 1% has a massively oversized tech footprint. Perhaps because it has almost 10% of the top 200 universities in the world. Which cost about a hundred bucks a semester to attend. These facts are very likely NOT unrelated.

University isn't a right to attend, unlike higher education in the US where all that's required is a pulse you must test in otherwise you're off to a vocational school. The US also has more top ranking universities and is home to many tech giants, why is that? BTW your parent post is fantastic.

Comment Re:You gave Trump's plan (Score 1) 164

Upon inspection it appears half of those don't even have decent civil liberties. Other useful considerations include stable systems and institutions, reasonable means of holding elected officials accountable and redress, minorities having reasonable access to economic, educational and health resources. Freedom of the press and separation of church and state would be worthy considerations too. Iran is a theocracy with an elected president. Morocco is a monarchy. Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh were left out. Uzbekistan had a president for over 45 years. Bangladesh has had 8 coups over the last 45 years, Afghanistan is still super new, so it looks like Indonesia is the best poster child. Indonesia was ruled by two men Sukarno and Suharto for 40 years between 1959 to 1998. Suharto was overthrown and since 1998 it's a functioning multi-party democracy which follows Sharia law presently allows stoning. Thanks for compiling the list of these extremely desirable places to live.

Comment Re:You gave Trump's plan (Score 1) 164

Or ask yourself if you still have the right to remain in your country if you ask such questions from immigrants.

Hah, we can't even secure our borders you silly man. Fear not! Germany is slowly catching up to America, once you quadruple the immigrants in your country you can proudly lecture others. I'm looking forward to the New Years event and the press suppressions of the mass gropings.

Comment Re:You gave Trump's plan (Score 2, Informative) 164

Here's a story from the anointed Huffington Post claiming 80% of migrants are raped coming to the US. That's a pretty alarming figure. Here's another story on it by Fusion. Here's an Amnesty international story citing health care professionals claiming 6 out of 10 are abused.

There already is legal precedent: 8 U.S. Code 1182 - Inadmissible aliens clause f Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President. If you don't believe in western values don't come to the west. Show us a democratic country that is majority Muslim. Islam is more than a religion, what should be addressed upon entry is a question about supporting Sharia law. It's incompatible with western values. How do other religions work in Muslim majority countries? How do they treat women or gays? Why do you feel it is superior to the US present stance?

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 1) 416

What word would that be? I quoted your post, linked you to it and you've only quoted someone and done name calling, which usually means you've lost. Personally I was hoping for some more verbal abuse to cement our bond! Does immigration make you angry? I remember last time when Germany got angry...

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 1) 416

I realize English isn't your first language and your understanding of the situation is inherently that of an auslander. I'll quote the post since you're being dishonest and also not addressing any of the points I raised: Here's a link the post, since you're unable to see what you quoted.

I'm fully confident America has plenty of talent for Silicon Valley. C

Yes of course but that talent will be eroded over time with these stupid policies. Keeping away immigrants such as the future the Elon Musks coming from South Africa, or their parents, such as the Lebanese immigrant father who gave birth to a guy named Steve Jobs... Yeah sure, sound like a really smart thing to do.

This post deserves more attention.

The bold part is the post you wanted more attention on, and I inferred that you agree with it? The argument is future immigration policy would deny people (South Africans, Lebanese) legally immigrating? Evidently having a discussion about immigration always is conflated with illegal immigration, why is that? Your media is complicit in selective reporting similar to ours. The sole reason for these people being in the country at all is because of a good immigration policy and they didn't come here illegally thus wouldn't be affected by any policy/sentiment being discussed. Many people do things the right way, some waiting years, the issue is with those who do not. Do you like it when people cut in front of you/your family in line?

You fucking xenophobic racist.

I'm sorry, I'm not Japanese. Germany is many things, diverse is not one of them. Why would that be? Europe in general is extremely bigoted and only now tasting things, still not to the degree Americans have, and there is conflict! Perhaps another 150 years of immigration will soothe the locals opinions, then again history shows that Europeans cannot play nicely with their neighbors without killing off generations. The only reason you haven't butchered yourselves this century and for most of the last is because of the US. The US has more diversity than Germany has population, quadruple your non-ethnic German population and then you can be #1, until then TAKE IN MORE PEOPLE!

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 2) 416

What occurs in the media and from the quoted post is conflating illegal immigration with legal. The United States grants more people entry than any other country. Naturalization trends of the last 30 years. Permanent Immigrants last 10 years which shows anywhere from 2-5 times what the next country, Germany, permits. Despite what that the media portrays and your sympathies with respect to another post the US welcomes people coming in legally.

Comment Re:So the news is that it still doesn't make good (Score 1) 112

Bummer. The Space Quest game was one I was interested in but missed (long time fan, SQ4 is dear to me) and I recently followed up on it since I was curious if it was released yet and I was shocked to learn that one of the original guys is taking care of a ill parent. I'm not excusing the issue, it just sheds some light on the delay. Looks like I'll be holding off another year until the price drops :D

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