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Comment I am afraid of self driving cars (Score 1) 186

Until it's legal for me to set my destination and lay down in the back seat of the car and and enjoy some beer and television with a guaranteed safety record better than air travel - I don't want "self driving" cars around me.

Your mechanical failure can end my life.

That's just my opinion.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 889

I am all for you bee whatever.

As long as they take a Mike Rowe test to earn it.

They have to be willing to work a week at La's lift pumps hosing down walls, as well as working a week of garbage related stuff.

They have to go thru a course of "Willing to work anywhere" and then prove they can't find a job.

After that? Cool, guess they can't find a job scraping gum off of sidewalks.

Comment seriously (Score 2) 435

The most amusing bit about the democrats response isn't the fact they aren't screaming "LIES!" It's the fact that they are pointing at Russia and yelling "Those dicks did that!"

My guess is that if the defense is true - she pissed them off with the reset button!

Or not.

According to that she was in bed with Putin.

that does ignore this book


Which tells where the "reset button" was swiped from.

It amazes me that people forget that hillary reset relations and simultaneously screams about hacking.Was she a complete failure back then? Or is she lying now?

Comment Put a stop to rivarly (Score 2, Interesting) 265

Let China do what it wants to do, speaking as an american we need to rethink the space program and stop being nationalistic over it.

I'll applaud China, or Russia, or The EU landing on Mars first as heartily as I would America.

I just wish all of the space nations would stop doing it for dick measuring, and instead worked together and made sure we as the world got the best bang for the buck.

Until then, I'm all for not participating in any race to the stars.

Comment Re:Cable Packages, Duh (Score 3, Informative) 198

It is Not the Cable Companies.
It's not the cable companies inflating internet only prices to offset the spraying arterial blood loss of cable cutting revenue ? Yeah, no.
The Content providers demand they take packages or they can't get the few channels they actually want.

Fuck em.

Netflix is doing a fantastic job and I STILL pay 7.99 a month. When you don't have sharp eyesight, you can drop the video streaming quality and not really give a crap about it. Or pay 2 bucks more and get it - but ten bucks a month for a la carte and no commercials?

I'm hooked.

Comment I confess - I am hurting PC sales (Score 3, Informative) 310

Because I won't buy pre-made..

I build a beast every 7 years or so. The one I'm using to post is only 6 months old and my first venture into liquid cooling.

But the previous posters sorta made that clear, if you aren't gaming or actually stressing the system - then a ten year old laptop is all you really need for email and reading web pages. I just wish they knew if they went into task scheduler, and stopped all the craptastic stuff M$ was doing on their system that their PC or laptop is actually a lot faster than it seems.

I make some good side cash just getting rid of the tasks and "fixing" peoples older pcs.

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