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Comment Re:Take the PCIe logo off the box (Score 1) 157

These cards may or may not damage your motherboard, but there is zero doubt that in the default configuration -- not some out of spec hacked BIOS configuration -- they are not compliant with the PCIe standards.

Putting that PCIe logo on the box is therefore deceptive marketing and AMD should be held accountable here.

Unless Bill Clinton says it's ok.

Comment Apology (Score 1) 49

To whoever it may concern:

We hunted down and killed your children. We did it slowly and painfully unless you paid our rasom of course.

Reflecting on this a bit, we decided that maybe it wan't that nice of us to do that. So we're making it all up to everyone with a big "I'm sorry."

Glad we got everythiing straightened out. And again, sorry about your kids (can't you see how sorry we are?).

This was a painful note for us to write. However, we are pretty sure we'll never attempt to do something like this again.

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