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Comment Huh?? (Score 2) 585

What the? Can someone please explain to me how colleges have become havens for the very net nanny's we were all sky-is-falling about back in '90s? Don't F with free speech. Period.

College is about expanding your mind (and your alcohol tolerance, if you're into that sorta thing); not growing more closed minded and intolerant. Holy crap, I fear for our future and for these nimrods coming into the workforce. As if the current brand of entitled millenials weren't bad enough. It's going to take kids of us Gen-Xers to clean up this mess (do they even have a generation name yet? let's skip it.).


Comment Wind direction? (Score 1) 97

Why do all the cloud forms follow such a similar drift pattern? Is it the movement of the stars themselves within their local group? Is there something beyond the image forcing the wind direction (other massive stars and/or a supernova are mentioned in the Wikipedia article about the Pillars). Is there a count of how many stars are being formed here? The IR image suggests quite a few.

Stunning imagery. Keep 'em coming, Team Hubble!!!

Comment China needs to get to Mars first... (Score 4, Insightful) 288

What is being overlooked here, imo, is the factor that drove the Apollo program to such fantastic feats on its relatively short timescale. That type of commitment and effort is _never_ going to be undertaken without the threat of another country topping the US. Barring the type of wake-up-call moment like Sputnik or Gagarin, the necessary desire to get us to the aspirational next level will continue on this iterative path of fits and starts. The key factor that allowed for Mercury -> Gemini -> Apollo was the race to the moon. Right now we have these wishy-washy blurred objectives like wouldn't it be great to visit an asteroid or maybe we'll be walking on Mars in 20 years. F that. We really need a challenger. China. Like the title says, they need to get to Mars. Will them putting something real into orbit do the trick? Is that even attainable given their current launch capabilities (I think so). Until something like that happens, we're doomed to live in this bureaucratic netherworld of pork. The public (I'm guilty too) is too apathetic to realize the country could really use something inspiring like this. Otherwise all the wonderful brainpower out there will continue to funnel into the world of spooky finance transactions... who can blame them!!

Comment Re:Tyson (Score 1) 799

Huge fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson as well - check out his new show Nova Science Now. It's a little parochial, but I believe it's intended for a younger audience - it definitely has a good fun factor with solid science qualities. Also love seeing him on Colbert. Total riot!

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