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Comment Re:In all honesty... (Score 1) 155

but they're not saying a damned thing about Trump. And it's pretty fucking unlikely they don't have anything on Trump.

You're kidding right? This is Trump we're talking about.aboutleaks doesn't have anything on Trump because Trump himself is as leaky as a sieve. Scandals are coming up daily and he's self destructive as anything. There would be no point in going after him, it's like making fun of the intellectual ability of the mentally handicapped.

Also worth noting is Trump is just a dumb lucky business man. His major scandals are not interesting compared to those of the secretary of state.

Comment Re:Live by the media hype die by the media hype. (Score 1) 225

while running an unprofitable business

You mean that unprofitable business which was the only car company to repay the American government? One which did so with interest, and before the payments were due?

Yeah they can have a bit more free media coverage as far as I'm concerned.

Comment Re:Great way to kill the competition by making it. (Score 1) 261

Snopes...yeah. Reliable source.

Actually Snopes is not a source at all. Much like Wikipedia it's a collection and summary of other sources.

But you knew that already and weren't just making some snide remark because you dislike a website that doesn't fit your version of the truth right?

Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 1) 255

Linux is a major server OS (arguably the largest), very big in embedded systems, and completely dominant on smartphones. Hackers are spending very significant time working to find exploits.

I disagree. The only hackers who are putting big effort in this would be state sponsored and highly targeted groups trying to get access to a specific machine. There's little value in general purpose attacks on Linux because:

a) the target database is of unknown value, unlike say a home PC where a user routinely types in his banking password, credit card info and paypal details.
b) the target machine is often unattended removing the biggest point of entry, a user clicking something.
c) the target machine is of low value when need a zombie when you can instead go after low hanging fruit. 500 home internet connections is far better than one company with a large pipe when it comes to botnetting your way around.
d) there's still major effort involved compared to the many trivial targets presented by the Windows monoculture.
e) servers are typically better managed than desktop OSes (hence the forced updates debacle with Microsoft in the first place).

Linux is just not an attractive target unless the target itself is pre-determined ... e.g. an Iranian nuclear enrichment facility.

Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 1) 255

but my (common and widely played AAA game)


It's laughably easier on Linux

When it goes right. When it goes wrong it's laughably easier on Windows.

I find that the software available from the repos is surprisingly good /and/ is not laden with "appeal to the lowest denominator" graphics nonsense (virus scanners on Windows with animations to demonstrate to the user that it's "doing something" as a particularly egregious example). This nonsense is rife throughout the "windows universe of valuable things."

What were you just saying about the refuge of the Windows shill? Then you scrape the crud out of the bottom of the barrel to as an example of valuable windows software? It's funny the most common virus scanner on a business machine doesn't give you any indication at all that it's doing something, and just sits as a small administrator accessible icon in the task bar.

Comment Re:Replacing USB-A with USB-C != removing USB (Score 1) 299

USB-A to USB-C adapters are easy to come by

I just finished buying a new set of apple approved pants for all the various adaptor cables that I'm always forced to carry with me to use common commodity and widely used hardware with Apple devices. Don't tell me I need to upgrade my pants AGAIN!

Fuck it. I'm buying a dell. Then I'm buying pants so baggy that Vanilla Ice wouldn't know how to shuffle in them. That way I can do away with adapters and just carry an entire frigging docking station, spare mouse, 100 earbuds since I keep losing the ones that fall out of my ears, a keyboard with actual keys that's nice to type on, and a monitor with a matte screen in them.

Comment Re:But . . . (Score 1) 400

This story puts the lie to that.

Does it? Or maybe he hired people who were smart enough to obfuscate the identity of a server by claiming it's something else. Or do you believe that neither were people trying to hack trump, nor could they figure out how to break IIS 6 on an obsolete unsupported OS? /Posted from Mosaic 2 running Windows 95. Honest.

Comment Re:Different Target Market (Score 2) 230

It is a little depressing to see Nintendo release a console on a different cadence than the other two, and even two years later their hardware is less powerful. I guarantee this thing won't be running any 4k resolutions or VR framerates.

I'm struggling to see what benefit Mario's perfectly bald cartoonish head would get from 4K. People seem to be fetishising the hardware while ignoring the fact that a large portion of the Nintendo catalogue not only are incredibly fine on their own, but actually use the lower powered hardware to their advantage by focusing on gameplay rather graphical masturbation.

Honestly I've given up on most AAA titles.

Comment Re:So many important unaswered questions (Score 1) 230

This is not a 'console' its a portable, and it will probably not be anything like console gaming or anything that can compete with Xbox or Playstation. Nintendo is clearly trying to compete here with iPads, not consoles.

I find it funny that people are talking about hardware capabilities and saying that this is now competing with lower powered portables rather than higher powered consoles... completely ignoring the fact that this could have been said about every Nintendo console since the Gamecube.

In terms of competition this isn't any less competing with the XBox and Playstation than their previous versions, but they are trying to get a share of the portable market too in a single device on one platform. This is a good move as far as I can see it. Why have 2 devices when you only need one.

Comment Re:Nintendo OFFICIALLY has left the "console" mark (Score 1) 230

This announcement means Nintendo has officially left the console market and is now competing with ipads.

Why because the console is movable?

No. THIS announcement means that they have officially left the console only market and are competing on the iPads.

The switch still looks very much like a purpose built gaming device to me. Unless you're saying that the DS was also them just competing with the iPad because, portability?

Comment Re:I'm sure it'll be a fine product (Score 1) 230

But I can't help to wonder if they are just a bit late to the tablet fad

This isn't an extension of the tablet fad and more an extension of what their consoles were already doing. Currently removing the screen and freeing up the TV is limited in range and barely makes it more than a room or two away. This simply extends the concept by not tying it to one location.

This is not designed to replace your tablet. Actually it looks quite heavy for a tablet.

Comment Re:Can't be level 5 (Score 1) 178

Level 5 means not having any controls that a human can use

Actually Level 5 is not defined in the same way across different organisations. Some say that a vehicle simply must be able to make its way from a to b without any driver assistance or consideration as to obstacles. The SAE are the only group who say that the vehicle should have no manual controls (funny comment coming from an automation group). The NHSTA doesn't even have 5 levels.

So I will give you 33% credit. You will need to resit the course.

Comment Re:So it appears . . . (Score 1) 169

Someone should go to jail for a very long time as soon as we figure out exactly what was screwed up.

Really. Criminal conviction, huh? Programmer in prison? Are you even listening to yourself?

Would it be the Programmer? Or the Tester? Or the Project Manager that signed off on it? Or should it be the entire team?

Hillary Clinton. Trump says we should blame her for everything that has gone wrong - ever. :-)

And here I was thinking this thread was nonsense and no one should go to jail. But I'm strangely okay with this, especially if it means we can press the reset switch on the election.

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