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Comment Worldwide profits? (Score 4, Interesting) 82

Well, Apple.

The EU is applying the back taxes to worldwide profits, as Apple is choosing to transfer those profits
to the EU using IP licensing charges, and therefore those profits ARE present in the EU.
That, kids, is why they play this game. They hide worldwide profits in a tax haven, but now they want to
pretend they didnt do that.. Boo Hoo.

Comment Re:Bad Waste Policy (Score 4, Interesting) 267

Pretty much this.

Nice comfy upper/middle class homestayers mostly, with nothing better to do with their time who think they whole world lives just like they do. they need to feel some self-worth, so make big fusses about things that are 'obvious' to them, although totally incorrect.
All while they continue their own usually high rate of consumer turnover.
Therefore we have easily recyclable items being landfilled instead. Sad, really.

If they got off their arses and actually went to some of these places, they would soon realise that the ONLY items that end up in landfills in India are those
that have been repaired far beyond usefulness and cannot possible be used any longer. Otherwise items get reUSED, as they still have value there.

I find it quite funny that when I need additional Xeon CPUs for older servers, I can get them nice and cheap from China/India, because people have sent the
whole servers over there as trash, where they are available back on the market, as they are often still very useful. The local prices for such CPUs are of course
still very high..

Comment Re:Goodwill & Dell Computer (Score 1) 267

Actually, no. at a pound a monitor he would be losing a LOT of money flying them out, which should be clear to you if you think about it.

What he was actually doing was flying them over there and telling them to people to use, you know, on computers, because they will
happily continue to be useful far in to the future (and in fact tend to have a better lifespan than modern flatscreens).

Just because YOU dont want functional electronics, doesnt mean no one wants them. It is in fact the BEST form of recycling.

Comment Re:What a load... (Score 1) 380

You realise that cost of production and cost of sale are almost totally unrelated now, and have been for some time, right?

Look at engineering tools.
A set of good (cobalt steel) drills ex-china (and yes, they are genuine, identical to local) sell for around 20% of the local cost, and that is delivered..

However the same is true everywhere.

The reason you pay 'Prices' is to support the corporate cash stockpiles, and therefore share values. Deal with it.

Comment Normal. (Score 1) 24

Dont worry, almost certainly just political.

The Korean Chaebol corps are pretty much untouchable, this guy is just a bit new and probably wasnt quite playing by the rules.
This is just the governments way of reinforcing that they are the flip side of the corruption coin, and that the corps have to play
by the rules. He will almost certainly get a few minor wrist slaps and told to play nicer and keep it quieter.

Other than that, its all just corruption as normal behind the curtains. Thats the price Koreans pay for the superpower Corps that fuel
their economy. Works fine until you are on the wrong side of it, then you are pretty much screwed.

After all the Koreans learnt the whole game off the Americans.. They just play it a little harder/faster.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 908

FFS PR, you make him look like a well balanced member of society.

But thats beside the point, you are falsely representing what happened, as you know.

He posted some dump videos.
There was a small fuss, and he explained.
Then the WSJ, currently all pissy about a number of things, misrepresented his content, and used their position, with
that concocted bs, to threaten his advertisers into pulling support, and THEN made news of that.

Welcome to modern journalism, just make the news, who CARES what it takes.
This is more about what the WSJ has become than anything else.

Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457


Which energy source has provided the greatest increase in fresh water living habitat for increasingly endangered freshwater wildlife.
Which energy source is second only to nuclear in minimising deaths per gwh in the US?
Which energy source is renewable, zero emissions, and can provide controllable baseload energy?
Which energy source is able to efficiently store energy by reverse operation?
Which energy source has saved countless lives through its ability to prevent flooding?
Which energy source can transfer winter excess fresh water supply in to much needed summer water supply?

But no, a minor number of people relocated (something we tend to do naturally quite often anyway) and a microscopic amount of animals doing the same
are the big concern!

Oh, and you are dead wrong on the your methane also, but nice attempt with the 'might'. its almost as if you dont know that normal land with mammals
living on it also produce methane, and that lake bottoms are notoriously anaerobic..

Comment Re:Ya huh (Score 1) 79

They must have had very smart spies.
Think of all the Iphone features they 'stole' before Apple even thought of them themselves!

After all, we know there were never ANY smartphones before the Iphone, no touchscreens,
no GUIs, hell, I'm pretty sure we didnt even have colour back then! CERTAINLY no rectanges
without rounded corners, god forbid!

Yes, you must be right, android (whomever that is supposed to be..) stole it all from the great Apple!
Apple Ueber Alles!

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 4, Insightful) 722

and let me translate yours:

'I am a kneejerk right winger without much clue, I dont actually realize that UBI systems are actually a right wing concept, and instead
think they are just more socialism. What I have missed is that they remove a whole pile of corrupt and broken welfare systems, and
instead replace them with a single, simple, and balanced system that benefits people who actually work more than people who dont,
and therefore is generally attacked by socialists, who hate such systems and want the status quo, I damage the very cause I claim
to represent'

So no sir, it is you who is the uninformed moron. You should go and learn a little more instead of believing rhetoric from public figures.

Comment Re:The problem (Score 4, Insightful) 722

So, you think sickness benefits, unemployment benefits, state pensions, etc are somehow not 'giving money out'? They are somehow 'measured'?

The whole point of a (properly designed) UBI is to replace ALL of that, with a single right of income.
The advantages include removal of the huge amount of bureaucracy, management costs, corruption, and fraud.
Basically it means everyone gets treated EQUALLY, and you would be amazed how many people hate that idea.
Usually because THEY want to be the ones deciding who is 'worthy' of support.

The cost is self-adjusting, because basically all countries have graduated income taxes, and UBI is also taxed, so people with large incomes
just end up repaying most of it in tax anyway. A country should use a combination of personal tax, and savings from the scrapping of all the broken
other forms of social benefits to fund it.
Of course that is putting it simplistically, however that is the formula of a true UBI, which many haters (usually those who currently profit from control
of existing welfare schemes) work very hard to ignore.
UBI is not 'free money for all', it is an acceptance that welfare is a sensible right in society, so we should remove the broken and inequitable systems
that current exist, covered in bandaids, and replace them with a simple single system that treats everyone equally, is low cost to manage, and almost
by definition free of corruption and fraud, because it is so simple..

Comment Translation: (Score 4, Insightful) 722

I think the original has been improperly translated.
I think a more accurate translation may be:

'How dare someone try a system that treats everyone equally, and isnt controlled by US!
Our research shows that the best trade union members are poor and unhappy, we need more people like that!
The LAST thing we want is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction for our members, they they may not need us,
and if they dont need us, then how will we be able to take their money so we can live the high life?
No, UBI is a terrible, horrible idea, bad for everyone who matters, which are the leaders of our trade union movement!'

Comment Re: Not what he said. (Score 2) 594

You need to do done more research..
Guess who the largest contributor to the Democratic party was?
Guess who never asked their members of they actually wanted to donate that money to the party?
That's right.. The union's. Arse deep in the game of corruption, what a damn Surprise.
Unison is just a business for Union bosses these days.. And just like Facebook.. The members are the product, not the client.

Teachers union's have all but destroyed teaching, and resulted in a massive overburdening of Management.
Auto workers union's pretty much crashed the us car manufacturing system resulting in multiple government bailouts.
Medical union's are half the reason hospitals efficiency is down to single digits these days (and the insurance system is most of the other half).

Unions are very much like communism..A very good idea for workers on paper, however in the real world corruption and power games make them a disaster.

I suspect Musk is in for a lesson as to why no one else does major manufacturing in CA.

Comment Re: Clearly (Score 4, Insightful) 191

Um. No.
While I know your knee is busy jerking.. You have got your over zealous reaction wrong.
You are supposed to be complaining about the way this is saving us from the devising destruction that nuclear power will spill all over our children real soon now.. not the evil oil companies.
This is Europe replacing nuclear power, not (on the whole) oil.

It is also, as is often the case, highly biased reporting. They use the inflated capacity of assuming these sources can all product at peak capacity 24/7/365. Which of course is not true for the majority of them. Once you allow for their actual protection you see it falls back under 20â..... but then that's not a story, is it.
The SD state of affairs is that the greens in Europe are managing to get one form of clean energy (nuclear) replaced with another (solar and wind) that actually kills many more people, while actually increasing demand for hydrocarbon based power to fill in the gaps in base load.


Of course now the other knee will jerk with a whole lot of 60s era paranoia about how radiation is evil and will destroy us all, while ignoring the fact that the existing problems with nuclear power have almost all been produced by the green movement by stalling development of newer safer and more efficient designs and making the cost of regulatory oversight so high that old plants have to be kept running way past their design lifespans.

I guess that's with another congratulations right there.

But no.. Pat each other on the back for having increased demand for hydrocarbon based power generation.. good job!

Comment Re: Headline doesn't really match actual news (Score 1) 170


Open source and standard are two very different things.
There is not even that much overlap.
You are confusing the two.
Some standards do not even allow an open source implementation (sure to associated patent coverage).
Most open source in no way represent a standard.

They. Are. Two. Different. Concepts.

Please stop trying to treat them as the same thing. It's is stupid.

Comment Re: Uhhhh... (Score 3, Interesting) 217


But also don't forget that up to means that 3000 laborers will work on construction, followed by a hundred or so people running the actual fab.

Still.. The tax breaks are the same either way.. so it's all good (for Intel).

Pretty much the same for all these big announcements.. the central feature of them is reporting the size of facility construction crews and quietly ignoring the face that they are highly automated production requiring just a handful of long term staff.

No large business does labor intensive work in the us.. the tax breaks are just not enough, and god forbid they don't maximise profits at the cost of jobs and long term skills development.. That would be un American!

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