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Comment Re:I am ready to believe Comcast here. (Score 1) 34

" Are there really that many people out there struggling with DSL or dial-up?

I simply had to leave Comcast and knew that DSL was the only other choice where I live. I'm happy to say that my speeds (ping, latency, etc.) are faster than Comcast. And I don't suffer from daily/evening cutoffs like I did with Comcast. I never thought I'd be saying, "My DSL is so awesome!"

**I'm not listing who is my provider simply because I don't want to sound like I'm endorsing them... I'm simply endorsing the fact that DSL definitely competes with coaxial. Oh yeah, I'm paying HALF of what Comcast was charging me!

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 1) 221

Yet you live in a mostly-Communist state. Two of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto were installed in the 30s; specifically, the formation of a central bank (Federal Reserve) and a graduated income tax.

I'll not resort to name-calling, as it does nothing to further true discourse, yet I'll say you're misinformed, as many are, on the subject of socioeconomic control of a population.

I suggest you read "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen


Comment DINKs (Score 1) 386

Yup, this is what happened to Boulder back in the late 90s... Families were replaced by DINKs.. Double Income-No Kids.

Personally, I ponder... why have children in this economy? The median-cost for raising a child has risen well-over the ~ $150K to $245K --personally, I don't agree at all with those numbers, but healthcare and rents are becoming outrageously expensive.

Why not adopt in a climate like this? Oh yeah, because it's insanely difficult to. All I can think about are the children that are going to receive a sub-standard education and, most likely, substandard nutritional input.

Comment Re:Think of it as evolution in action. (Score 1) 296

And, former treatments that cost next-to-nothing are, mainly, relegated to the pages of history... that very few read... like HCl (hydrochloric acid) therapy.

It blew my mind, the things that some people will think will work and end up performing better than they ever thought. Case histories, here:


I also saw that high-doses of vitamin C brought a man back from the brink of death --he was in a coma and it woke him almost immediately after the first dose was administered, IIRC. From 60 Minutes, New Zealand edition:


Many accounts of this non-toxic vitamin can be found regarding it curing almost any ailment or disease... it's amazing to think, now that I know from some research, that the US RDA for vitamin C is just enough to keep the average person at a pre-scurvy state of health.

Comment Re:Automation of the military (Score 1) 210

Good points... it's not like 'we' didn't see this coming... anime, anyone?? Ghost in the Shell... Matrix... etc.

With bots, it's a war of attrition and you want as many as you can make with as much variation of as you can make... because you know some other country will.

What anime was it where Japan entered a neo-isolationism period, making who-knows-what crazy-specialized robots? They even had a countrywide security shield that kept out foreign corporate spies...

What's to stop Russia from taking over Poland or Estonia as a beta test?

Better get yer killer bots... (in parting, I do want to say that I really really really really really don't want to live in a world like that.. that's some scary shit.)

Comment Re:friends, fanbois, what's the difference? (Score 1) 119

It's the solar panels for homes that's really freaking cool, IMO... and that specific product that will translate to more homeowners owning a piece of Elon's Empire well-before they'd be able to own a Tesla. It also has the potential to kill electricity utilities when those panels are combined with the home battery system that Tesla created.

Very cool!

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