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Comment Re:When DOJ & FBI obstruct justice... (Score 1) 500

Colmy didn't prosecute Scooter Libby, that was special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, then a federal jury convicted Libby, and the federal judge presiding sentenced him. Libby never went to jail -- Bush commuted that part of his sentence. John Ashcroft was FBI director at the time. All Colmy did was appoint Fitzgerald after Ashcroft recused himself from the case.

Comment Re:The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 5, Insightful) 343

"The Constitutional freedoms of the US have never been under more attack" -- man, they need to teach history better in the schools. Constitutional freedoms have always been under attack -- consider the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, Lincoln's suspension of Habeas Corpus, the Espionage Act of 1917, the Sedition Act of 1918, the House Un-American Activities Committee (1938 to 1975), the FBI under Hoover. And that's not even considering that for most of the USA's existence constitutional freedoms were regularly denied to persons of the wrong race. Things are no worse than before, and better for a lot of Americans. It's just that everyone now thinks they are special. The civil libertarians have always had work to do, and always will.

Comment Re:Can't turn, can't climb, can't run (Score 2) 343

All five of the kills which Steve Ritchie (the only US Air Force pilot ace in Vietnam) got were done by AIM-7 Sparrows. For two of those kills he was flying an F-4E which had a gun. Here is a description of his fourth kill, "The first MiG had also turned back and was attacking the last F-4 in Ritchie's flight from behind, an often fatal consequence to US aircraft employing the then-standard "fluid four" tactical formation. Ritchie made a hard turn across the curving intercept of the MiG, again coming out at its 5 o'clock, and the MiG, apparently perceiving the threat, broke hard right and dove away. Ritchie fired an AIM-7 from inside its minimum range and at the limit of its capability to turn. Expecting the Sparrow to miss, he was trying to switch to a gun attack in the relatively unfamiliar F-4E he was flying that day when the missile exploded the MiG, 1 minute and 29 seconds after the first kill."

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 4, Informative) 384

He's 'pro-life' personally but professionally does not impose his beliefs on others.
Statement from NARAL Pro-Choice America, ""While Senator Kaine has been open about his personal reservations about abortion, he’s maintained a 100% pro-choice voting record in the U.S. Senate. He voted against dangerous abortion bans, he has fought against efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and he voted to strengthen clinic security by establishing a federal fund for it," NARAL President Ilyse Hogue said in the statement. "

Comment Re:Interesting quote in article (Score 1) 237

"The NACA model, where the agency was an entity for funding basic research and cooperative collaboration with external entities toward the advancement of the state of the art, rather than a body for carrying out congressional megaproject-mandates, seems much more desirable." -- interesting idea that has merits but in the absence of NASA, the Air Force would have certainly taken over crewed spaceflight in the US in the 1960s. I don't think that would have turned out so well; at least under NASA the military astronauts had to pretend to be supporting "science, peaceful exploration, etc". And there would be the same mega-project problem, as there already exists with the Air Force. The robotic probe side of NASA would likely have ended up with the National Science Foundation, which may have been better by not competing directly with crewed spaceflight in the same agency but I think space exploration would have been too large a program for NSF to absorb in comparison to the rest of its budget and space would have eaten the budget for other sciences there at NSF or died over there.

Comment Re:It's your turn, Mr Assange (Score 2) 289

So, from your vast DoD experience do you actually KNOW of anyone who went to jail for being sloppy with classified material, without some espionage attempt being established? Maybe it is a jailing offence, but in the real world DoD that I was in what would have happened would be an investigation to see what might have gotten compromised and at worst the offender would have gotten a reprimand and lost their security clearance.

Comment Re:Too Late :-( (Score 1) 135

You need to read up on some history of the American space program. If it wasn't for Johnson and Kennedy then there wouldn't be an American civilian space program. Eisenhower wasn't interested and it was his administration which told the Army group under von Braun to NOT launch an orbital satellite in 1956 two years before the Russians eventually did. When Kennedy wanted to come up with something big in space he had Johnson check on the possibilities for him, from which came Project Apollo. Of all the presidents, Johnson was NASA's biggest proponent (and supporter of congressional funding). In contrast, Goldwater (Johnson's Republican challenger in 1964 for the history-challenged) wanted to close up NASA and transfer all American space work to the Air Force. After Johnson, Nixon wasn't interested at all and his administration started cutting Apollo flights almost as soon as he got into office. They cancelled Apollos 18 and 19 and Nixon himself proposed cancelling all the moon missions after Apollo 15 ( No president, and possibly no political figure at all, pushed harder for space exploration than Johnson; certainly none had the positive impact that he did.

Comment Re:Chirality probably didn't come from space (Score 2) 56

There have been theories for some years that explain the preferred chirality of biological molecules (the ones which are chiral) because of the inherent asymmetry of the weak nuclear force. I've seen arguments that because of the weak force one enantiomer of a chiral molecule will be very slightly more tightly bound than the other and then due to biological selection (as you describe) and amplifying feedback effects during the rise of the first set biological molecules that the chirality we see today was preferred and not randomly selected. One quick recent reference:

Comment Re:He's not wrong, with one caveat. (Score 1) 630

A tank full of gasoline is not going to spontaneously explode because a speck of the wrong kind of dirt (a catalyst) gets in the tank or a fuel line.
Gasoline itself is quite flammable but it doesn't explosively decompose like H2O2 does -- it has to be mixed with air at not too rich or too lean of a mixture, then initiated with a spark or flame. Diesel and jet fuel with their higher flashpoints are even less prone to spontaneous fire or explosion. Gasoline itself would probably be deemed too dangerous to use as a general purpose fuel if it weren't already grandfathered into the world's infrastructure.
Whereas with H2O2 we have this quote from Wikipedia,
"The boiling point of H2O2 has been extrapolated as being 150.2 C, approximately 50 C higher than water. In practice hydrogen peroxide will undergo potentially explosive thermal decomposition if heated to this temperature." and that is even without a catalyst present.

Comment Re:He's not wrong, with one caveat. (Score 1) 630

You don't get free hydrogen from separation of hydrogen peroxide; you get free oxygen plus water. H2O2 -> O + H2O. And concentrated hydrogen peroxide (not the 3% stuff in the drugstores) is highly explosive and needs no other reactant, except a catalyst-- it's used as a rocket fuel. Not something going in my car.

Comment Re:hurray... Slasdot, the new corporate apologists (Score 1) 392

"The money is overseas because the sold products overseas and had revenue overseas. On top of that, the products were probably built overseas." In that case these companies don't seem to need the US market for their products. We should just close it to them or tariff up their products. Real US corporations, the ones who pay US taxes, can fill the (lucrative) demand here.

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