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Comment Re:NASA Cancels B612 Sentinel Agreement and Then P (Score 2) 182

NASA's Office of the Inspector General is fairly disappointed with NASA's progress in NEO detection (much less amelioration) https://oig.nasa.gov/audits/re...

Rusty Schweickart tells me there are an estimated one-million asteroids of 45-ish meters which is Tunguska size http://www.asteroidday.org/ast...

The B612 group has done a poor job of keeping the community (and apparently NASA) informed of their progress and challenges. Perhaps a more transparent effort would work - even showing lack of progress would be progress here. They have indeed struggled with engagement - they only have 600 followers on G+ for example https://plus.google.com/+B612f...

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 70

I had a dream about owning hotmail.com once. First I turned it into a porn-by-email site, and when Microsoft complained I turned it into my own email site. Of course because all the sign ups were new people would register boll@hotmail.com and start getting the old Bill's email.

Isn't that how hotmail works now?

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