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Comment That's funny (Score 2) 62

I recall "Secure Digital" being a reference to the built-in DRM that SD cards had since day 0, to contrast with e.g. CF cards that were "just" a small form-factor for the ATA/ATAPI protocols. The irony of DRM software not being compatible with a DRM architecture from about 15 years before is, while amusing, nothing out of the norm.

Luckily this also means that TPM-based DRM is also dead in a practical sense.

Comment Re: Commutation != Pardon (Score 1) 564

Well, it's close enough to call him a liar and a fraud and a KGB collaborator and whatever else. So, clearly what the US government ordered.

Now let's see if this is enough to flush Assange out where charges of Swedish rape weren't. My money is on "not".

Comment Re:Yeah, not a surprise (Score -1) 564

>a release in 120 days is immediate (those days are to begin a transition to post-prision life, not punishment).

120 days in prison is still 120 days in prison. Immediate is 0 days in prison. Therefore, 120 days in prison is not immediate. Entirely regardless of the reasons the prison-industrial complex comes up with -- the prisoner is still kept in there against s/h/its will, so it's exactly equivalent to punishment.

Comment Re:This is how all mobile software should work (Score 1) 35

Of course the tea timer application works offline. The music player will play music from the phone's flash ROM. Saved PDFs will display. Cached e-mails can be read, and others written to be send when connectivity returns.

But things like "Reddit is fun" straight up don't work offline. The application doesn't hit the servers to cache up the most recent 48h of stuff on your front page. It's crippled without connectivity, despite being fancy enough for a standalone application. And this is the direction where we're headed, because city people think everywhere has 4G.

Comment This is how all mobile software should work (Score 2) 35

Having a workable offline mode is what separates general-purpose computing from smart terminals. Useful operation despite having spotty connectivity, or none at all, is required of applications that're not just a native front-end to some gone-tomorrow cloud backend horsepuckey.

So let's hope Google's example in this regard catches on. We have gigabytes upon gigabytes of spare room for caches on most Android hardware; how about putting it to use?

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