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Comment Re: Our Attitude To Tech Resources (Score 1) 133

I am going to agree with You here. 1gb is enough to store the names of all the people on earth, if you compress it. Why a web browser cannot display a simple page with maybe 1mb of data (images) is a mystery to me. An old ipad 1 is faster than a Cray XMP, the fastest machine in the world in 1990. but it sucks at a webpage.


Layers upon layers upon layers of abstraction. It is not called the Turing tarpit for nothing.

Comment Re:What about Scheme? (Score 1) 205

Just because someone states normal engineering practice which involves momentum of tools used to implement a system, just like happened in Microsoft and pretty much all companies does make not one a cultist. Buying a system in language X and going on with it is not not bad, it is normal.

Besides, Objective C is not that bad. IT is certainly better than programming in C, and the clusterfck that is Qt or Gnome. Have you actually ever used interface builder? It is a brilliant piece of design. Apple took it from Next and developed it further because it is really good, not because they are a cult.

Comment Re:What about Scheme? (Score 1) 205

Maybe it was continued to be developed by Apple otherwise they would have had to rewrite their entire damn OS? Microsoft used C++ and developed it because otherwise they would have had to rewrite their entire damn OS?? Maybe? Seriously, languages have something called momentum, and once you started (or bought it, like Apple did) you are stuck.

Where do you people get you hate from?

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