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Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 357

Sure it isn't. At the very least, the driver can shut off the engine, and restart it when the light is about to change.

You may have also noticed that driver also shuts off the engine anytime they leave the truck. I'm not sure if it's because of saving fuel, or to keep thieves from jacking the truck, or both - but a truck delivering packages in a neighborhood can have the engine stopped/started dozens of times so it's not like the engine isn't built for it.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 97

The problem with Windows 10 (and Windows 8) is that it requires the NX bit be present on the processor. The NX bit came in around the same time as Intel was making the transition to 64-bit, so while there are a small handful of 32-bit processors that can run Windows 10, the vast majority of 32-bit Windows 10 systems are going to be running on 64-bit hardware because it won't boot on most 32-bit systems. So while you can run Tails (for now) on that Socket 478 P4 or Athlon XP, you can't run Windows 10 on it, even if the hardware is otherwise powerful enough.

Also, as far as I know the requirement for signed drivers is only for 64-bit Windows. Which makes sense, as the 32-bit version of Windows 10 is basically the "compatibility mode" version of Windows that you can try to use for all that old, crufty software and hardware that simply will never work on 64-bit.

Comment Re:Please, No Exponential Algorithms! (Score 1) 218

Windows XP? I'm pretty sure they used that all the way through Windows 7. Update checks on Windows 7 can cripple lower end machines (where lower end is something pretty normal for 2010 when Windows 7 was released, say a dual core with 2GB of ram), and starting with a fresh install of the Windows 7 original release and working through the updates can take days, almost all of which is svchost.exe pegging the CPU at 100% while nothing appears to be happening.

Microsoft seemed to have finally fixed that nonsense with Windows 8, but of course seems to show little interest doing anything with Windows 7.

Comment Re:Only 77% have Flash? (Score 1) 210

I don't have Flash installed. I noticed that on Linux where I never bothered with Adobe's crappy Flash plug-in, pretty much anything I that I wanted to do that you would think I would need Flash for has started to work without it over the past year or so thanks to HTML5. So I uninstalled it on Windows, and haven't looked back.

The only slightly tricky thing is that you also have to uninstall FlashBlock (as FlashBlock will fool websites into thinking you have Flash installed so they'll send you Flash stuff instead of HTML5), and you'll also want to install some kind of click-to-play for HTML5 content for all the stupid sites that still have auto-playing videos.

Comment Re:Kind of consistent, isn't it? (Score 1) 210

Not only that, but Microsoft never bothered to back-port the telemetry crap back to Vista, so at least for a few more months you can have version of Windows where you can install the updates without worrying as much about what data your OS is sending back to the mothership.

On the other hand, a lot of vendors have dropped their Vista support and list Windows 7 as the minimum version. But my guess is just like 2000 was to XP, most anything that will run on 7 will run just fine on Vista even if it's not officially supported.

Comment Re:what's so "unthinkable"? (Score 1) 257

Or he's remembering how Java GUI applications first were 20 years ago. Java is a bit heavy on a Pentium or a K6 with 32MB of ram. Also, back then the Java GUI toolkits all had their own look and feel so something created using Java stuck visually out no matter where you running it, besides being slow.

Nowadays, I would guess a lot of people are running GUI applications totally unaware they were created using Java.

Comment Re:Hearing Aid Batteries (Score 2) 253

Actually, the fact the earbuds won't be used as much is a good reason not to use hearing aid (zinc-air) batteries. Once the tab is removed and the hearing aid battery is exposed to air the chemistry starts and battery only has 2-3 weeks or so before it's toast no matter how little it is actually used. In that sense, hearing aid batteries really are meant to be used heavily (all day) because they won't actually last much longer if you don't use them that way.

With that said, I'll apply the KISS principle and stick with wired earbuds (cheap and no batteries) along with devices that still work with them.

Comment Re:Space-bar? (Score 1) 309

Not to mention Windows actually makes it really hard to name a file starting with a space, as it will helpfully remove the space if you try. And if you clever enough to actually do it, Windows Explorer behaves really weird in regards to the file, for example it won't let you rename it to not have a space in front, as it thinks the new file name is the same as the old file name so the rename operation fails.

Comment Re: Sack of salt (Score 1) 103

What does it matter though if the content to the TV is in 60 Hz, or in some cases even 30 Hz? Sure, the panel might be able to refresh that fast, but either the panel is refreshing the same image 3 times for every time the image actually changes, or the TV is playing some processing games with the incoming signal to interpolate frames that don't actually exist. I'd prefer my display to just be a display myself.

Comment Re:Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

The real tragedy for the Democrats is that it just didn't cost them the presidency. All those people who stayed home also didn't vote in the down-ticket races which is a big factor into why the Republicans still control Congress and why they also lost big at the state level. I don't think people yet realize just how big of a boat anchor Clinton really was and how much it set them back. The DNC really screwed themselves over this time.

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