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Comment Changed under Bush (Score 3, Insightful) 70

The U.S. Patent system has become a travesty. Rulings like this make me sick to my stomach. "Fast track" should never have passed legal muster.

Moreover, it bothers me that the government can take someone's physical property to build a road or even a mall, but they don't apply eminent domain to life saving intellectual property.

Comment Seen at least twice before (Score 1) 120

This was done some years ago with liquid. And they were as clunky as these, but supposedly worked well. The plan was to sell them in poor nations b/c they could be manufactured for cheap. Never heard what happened.

The next time was much more interesting. Using quantum effects a lens was designed using microscopic holes instead of a traditional refractive optics. This was not clunky and was actually kind of cool b/c it complete hid one's eyes. I never quite understood how they were adjustable though. And again have heard nothing about them since.

Will probably hear nothing about these in the future either.

Comment Two forms for names to avoid confusion (Score 2) 134

I had an interesting conversation about this the other day. It occurred to us that it would be helpful if we had a new bit of grammar in our language such that names have two forms, one for talking to someone and one for talking about them.

We did not come up with a specific solution, but one simple way might be just to leave off the last sound. So, for example, say "Alex" instead of "Alexa". Another possibility might be a variation on Asimov naming, i.e. "R. Alexia" -- if Amazon would program in that distinction.

Comment Re:Let's face it (Score 1) 146

Bunch of bullshit. CBS/Paramount can't smell an opportunity when it is shoved up their nose. They didn't have to kill it. They could have embraced it and turned into something legit and made boat loads of money. But CBS/Paramount hasn't treated the ST property right since day one when they practically stole it from Lucille Ball and immediately canceled the show. It has made money despite them only b/c the original idea was so good and true believers have sacrificed to keep it going. But Gene is dead, and Paramount let a non-believer reboot the films -- from which we got okay action films, but poor Trek films. That's quick money that won't last. Ticket sales of the latest movie are way down. Another mistake or two by CBS/Paramount and I think the franchise will be at an end.

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