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Comment Re:AMD (Score 1) 70

I guessing Hynix will settle and if they do, why not a payment plan? The doubling of RAM cost after the earthquate was due to capacity. That is the supply side of the equation? IFX has already settled with Rambus. Did anybody notice a price increase? As follows is a little slice from an order from Judge Whyte today: "the cases involving the various parties cry out for a business resolution and the sooner matters which have been heard are decided the sooner the parties will be informed where they stand so hopefully they can intelligently evaluate their respective positions and resolve their disputes before further evidentiary proceedings occur" Rambus defeated Hynix's big defense (here is a link to Judge Whyte's Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law df.pdf) and Rambus already has several summary judgments of infringment against Hynix. The next phase is to determine if Hynix infringed further and then the damages for the infringment. Judge Whyte is telling the infringers to get out their check books and cut a deal with Rambus because you won't like the deal I will give you. If the bad actors don't settle and the price of RAM climbs because they end up having to pay treble damages, anger should be directed at the bad actors - thieves, not Rambus.

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