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Comment What an irritating Troll! (Score 1) 301

This sentence is from the above article: "Let me tell you why it’s important why you do.” In good English grammatical style this sentence should read: "Let me tell you why it's important that you do" This guy is in severe need of remedial education. I wouldn't take anything of the tripe that he spouts as being in any way important.

Comment Battle has been won, but the war goes on. (Score 1) 265

As a dyed-in-the-wool Linux/Internet addict, I have to thank PJ for providing an important component of my many-times-a-day internet fix. This addiction has largely defined my lifestyle over a period of many years, so this latest news will have implications for my poor old psyche. Groklaw sits just above Slashdot on my iGoogle homepage. First of all a huge thanks to PJ for all she has done in this absolutely vital area of Linux endeavour. I wish her only the best in her now altered lifestyle - she deserves this break more than anyone else I can think of. What now? How is the Novell/Attachmate saga going to get monitored? Microsoft/Google slinging match? Hotz? Oracle/Google?Still so much to do - unending I'm afraid - but it's vital for open-source that the good fight does continue, business as usual. Vigilance over the rights of free software needs to continue in the mould of the highly professional way that PJ has shown us. Anything less than that could cost us our cherished Linux freedoms. Maybe several blogs can be used in order to spread the work-load. Nuf said.

Comment Gmail Motion (Score 1) 104

This Gmail Motion idea could be utilised in various places in the Internet - not only Google sites E.g. on porno sites (.xxx) there is the possibility to use a sort of regular sliding motion (using the left hand in a closed position around the well, you-know-what!, to give feed-back to the site as to its (the site's) effectiveness. Don't let Uncle Steve Balmer catch you at it though. He might think that you have a thing about Google and might start yelling Developers! Developers! Developers! (again)

Submission + - End of a file-sharer chasing law firm in UK

tronkel writes: ACS LAW, a U.K. firm that specialised in chasing file-sharers by means of their IP addresses has just thrown in the towel according to the report here:

As you'll see from the report, their site got hacked last year revealing their victims' details as well as internal communications of the firm itself. The stuff got plastered all over the Internet at the time. Just desserts?

Comment Re:Go Mageia! (Score 2, Interesting) 206

PCLinuxOS is a Mandriva variant which works beautifully on PCs and is indispensable to me for use on my netbook. Mandriva itself is also great on netbooks. A primary example, that illustrates that Mandriva makes an excellent base to build other distros on. Mandriva seemed to produce solutions that were a breath of fresh air in comparison to the straight-thinking Ubuntu. No criticism of Ubuntu intended here. It's also a big favourite of mine. Remains to be seen though if PCLinuxOs can still produce the goods independently of Mandriva. OK, Mandriva is one of many fine Linux distros out there - but it had a certain something when it came to thinking out of the box. I for one am sorry to hear this sad news. I hope the valued development traditions will somehow continue as a new incarnation of of the distro. If the developers are willing, this ought not to be a problem.

Comment Re:Comparisons like this don't mean squat... (Score 1) 702

Installing a Windows look-alike pack over the latest Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid is a great thing for Windows refugees who don't know or don't want to know anything about what goes on under the hood of the OS. Support requirements are way below that required for MS Windows. I haven't looked back myself since I installed Ubuntu Lucid 10.4 64-bit Gnome desktop enhanced with the latest Windows 7 look-alike pack from called Win2-7. I also have real Windows 7 Ultimate installed to dual boot my main PC. The dolled-up Ubuntu blows away the genuine Windows 7 in terms of general performance and graphics handling on a side-by-side comparison. If S. Ballmer ever gets a look at this he'll go ballistic. A forest-worth of trees are gonna get trashed. It's really quite hard to see cosmetic differences between the two OS's It's a real problem for MS. might may well get to hear more about this at some stage from the Steve. It's just too good to ignore.

Comment Re:why the fuck are these people deciding? (Score 1) 254

Well, yes - who exactly gave them any such right to suggest anything? Who do they speak for? - you? me?

The original idea of the open internet was to promote communication between peer academic institutions for the dissemination of research data.
All the other nodes simply plugged in to this network and it expanded from there.

It all makes me wonder if Google really even has the right to impose its own end-user Terms and Conditions on any user.
Terms and Conditions? Is this anything to to with egalitarian democracy? What gives Google the right to suggest any policy to the government? Who has given them, or anyone else for that matter, (corporate or political entity) - any such mandate?

Submission + - Gonorrhoea and SCO?

tronkel writes: Sorry, got the spelling for Gonorrhoea wrong in the last post!
and CLAP = Copyright Litigation And Patents.

SCO (now CLAP) might sue me for slander of title? :-O

Submission + - Gonohorea is now a superbug

tronkel writes: SCO has just changed its corporate id to CLAP.
CLAP = Copyrights And Patents Litigation.
They will be back for more.

Conclusion: SCO is a superbug!

Submission + - Jury decision in Novell vs SCO

tronkel writes: Jury has found for Novell in Novell vs SCO case in Utah.
You can fire up your Linux system now in the knowledge that you are not infringing on Unix IP

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