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Comment Walking simulators (Score 5, Interesting) 54

Thanks to my heart disorder I can't walk far and I can't run at all. Walking simulators like Obduction and the Myst games provide me with the chance to walk for a long time through beautiful environments while exploring them, without getting tired. It feels liberating. I don't like sports on TV or in games though because they bring up bad memories from my childhood.

Comment 1995 (Score 2) 145

I started with Linux in 1995 when a housemate put Slackware on my computer for me. I'm glad he chose SW; back then almost nothing 'just worked' and you had to configure everything by hand, from the network card and the moden to X and Samba. I learned so much from that. In 2005 I was fed up with Linux and bought a Mac but I still use the knowledge I gathered in my Linux years to make the Mac do what I want. In the land of OSes Unix is emperor.

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