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Comment Re:Where? (Score 2) 62

Despite the derision heaped upon you by the ACs, you're correct. The vast majority of smartphones in the US are purchased by people who don't consider options beyond what their provider offers, and that's enough to prevent significant market penetration in the US. If Huawei really cares about increasing sales in the US, they will pursue deals with Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Until they do, they won't see widespread use in this country.

Comment Re:"accidentally" != "incidentally"/"unwittingly". (Score 1) 106

Language, folks. Accidents are things you want to avoid, not things you just don't realize.

It really isn't that hard to consult a dictionary rather than impulsively posting something that turns out to be mostly incorrect. There are seven meanings for the word "accident" here, and five of them have no negative connotation at all. Several indicate it's a synonym for the things you say it doesn't mean.

Comment Re:It's always someone elses fault (Score 4, Informative) 640

Not only did the guy buy the Tesla knowing full well what its capabilities were, he let his kiddo borrow it.

He didn't buy the car, and neither did his daughter. The Tesla belonged to the passenger, who was also drunk. This is in TFA (why do I bother?). Not hard to visualize what probably happened: "I'm drunk; why don't you drive?" "Oh, wow, I've never driven one of these before; this will be fun!"

Comment Re:Dont Buy It (Score 3, Insightful) 640

Sure, he is now trying to find blame in others rather accept his daughter is entirely to blame for driving drunk and killing someone else.

Well, since the car belonged to the passenger and not the driver, I think it might be appropriate to say that the "someone else" in this case may have actually killed himself and the girl by saying, "I'm too drunk; why don't you drive?".

Comment Re:Dont Buy It (Score 2) 640

I'm sure daddy was creaming his pants and bragging to his buddies over the acceleration before this happened.


Then his daughter died. His perspective likely changed at that point.

Its okay, you can't even imagine how a father would feel until you are one. Even as one, its pretty hard to imagine what it must be like to lose a daughter.

I imagine he hs a lot different today than he was before the Tesla.

Read TFA (yeah, I know). The Tesla belonged to the passenger. Daddy didn't know anything about it.

Comment Re: Uber? (Score 5, Informative) 640

Why would you give a child a super car?

Good question, and one asked by lots of commenters. Of course, no one asking this question read TFA, because if they had they would have learned that the Tesla was owned by the passenger (who was her boss), and he was nearly as drunk as the girl. So you have an extremely high-performance car being driven by someone who is very drunk, and also unfamiliar with the car. What could go wrong?

Comment Re:Looking at this last election...I don't blame h (Score 1) 70

What happened to have some class and not turning everything into a mud pit? is the next election going to be like? If I were a billionaire with even the slightest interest in running for POTUS, looking at this last election, it would certainly make me think twice if I valued my family and sanity...

Hmm. Maybe you've tripped over the real reason Joe Biden decided not to run.

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