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Comment Re:NFL cares about money nothing else (Score 1) 235

Also, there's only about 11 minutes of action per game:

I enjoy watching games, but only with it pre-recorded. It takes about 30 minutes per game (I watch penalty determination, reviews, and injuries alongside the brief actual game play).

Or, and I really like this, I let the game play at real time and pick up a bit between plays and clean during commercials. I can get 2 hours of stuff done during one game, and some exercise (running in from the kitchen to catch the start of the next play). Add some beer and maybe fire up the grill (pausing the game to build up fast-forward time - charcoal man here...) and it can be a rather pleasant way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Comment Re:They will get better at not falling off cliffs? (Score 1) 113

That's also what I found interesting (and awesomely funny).

From an email I sent regarding just this:
You know, this is a national intelligence issue. Our enemies now have knowledge that building more cliffs would be an effective defense to our combat robot trucks. At least for now, until they get better at not falling off cliffs.

Comment Missing Sales Opportunity (Score 1) 305

I've never been in a Tesla. But there's a nice looking one that's always in my parking garage.

Would I pay a bit to have it take me somewhere?

Yes! Especially with aggressive acceleration. To see what it is like.

Can I afford one, maybe one day.

Would someone that could afford one drive people around?

I don't think so.

Comment Re:Taikonauts (Score 1) 265

Typhoon = Hurricane, only difference is the Ocean. And those are the US English versions. In Missouri, we refer to 1,500 feet tall hills as mountains...

It's cultural bias to some degree, it's differentiation as well. It could also be respectful or derogatory (racism for example), depending on implicit meanings.

And from a US perspective, people in Russia that go into space are Cosmonauts, so there's a third English example for people that go to space.

Comment Stranger Things - Nuff Said (Score 1) 181

Season two is in production.

And their kids offerings are great (I watch Phineas and Ferb with and without the kids, it's very well written).

Anyway, we binge watched the first season of Stranger Things and it was awesome (Goonies melded with ET melded with The Bodyguard melded with the Force from Star Wars - freaking incredible). And there's another dimension.

Comment Re:Serious question (Score 1) 689

Quote: Sometimes it's hard to be sure, and besides, it's rarely true anarchy anyway since there are existing power structures that can step in. For example, it's no accident that Egypt ended up with an Islamic government, the religious groups were the only ones that had been allowed to meet and organise because political assemblies had been banned for years. All other groups had to start from tiny secret cells or from zero while the people in the religious political groups had been meeting for years.

This is also very similar to the reason we are stuck in the two party system in the United States. While third parties aren't banned and don't have to operate in secret, they have to play a game heavily rigged by the two major parties (a great example, who gets to participate in Presidential Debates?). The major parties are entrenched and have massive momentum.

But this election cycle will help to weaken both parties, the situation has basically reached insanity at this point.

Comment Re:Common Core Makes This Worse (Score 1) 228

Early school years are mostly memorization, with some understanding. Understanding should be the focus in later years, after a solid foundation is established.

My kids are in first grade, and I'm very surprised by the level of home work they have (French immersion school, homework in English).

You mentioned Advanced CS students, I would like to change the topic to early grade school students:

Memorization: Words and numbers, the basic tool kit - not a small set of tools either.

Understanding: Story structure, addition/subtraction (math in general). These also hinge on memorization, a concept forgotten is not useful (for me, calculus, and the statistics and actuarial risk concepts based on calculus - which I no longer remember, my forgetting was actually on purpose...).

I appreciate the comment but wanted to bring the conversation down to the... level of the submission.

Comment This weekend, advertising in the US (Score 1) 86

During American football (background noise for me, I call it handegg).

I was thinking, rather than advertising the features of the phone, they should push it as an "exciting" purchase, with the key question being: Will it explode?

One would think, after a total recall, that all product related activities would stop immediately. I understand advertising contracts and such, but swap out the content with a warning and notice of the recall, rather than continuing to push the product.

Comment Makes sense given the movie's plot (Score 1) 241

This makes sense, especially seen as an attempt to prevent the movie from becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is about the final days of the desktop OS "transformation", with Microsoft Windows permanently losing the desktop war to Linux.

The last Windows users move to the moon and are banished from Earth, effectively becoming "extinct" from Earth's perspective.

So, in order to ensure this doesn't happen, they associate Linux distros with the movie, utilizing the DMCA as a preventative tool.

Wasn't a very good, or convincing movie though.

Comment Re: And the crowd goes mild!!! (Score 1) 226

I can't think of an industry that has such wild changes in capital investments and wild contractions of the same assets.

When oil was $140+ shale and old wells were very profitable and built or started back up en mass.

Now at sub $50, all of that investment is shut down. It's still mostly available later, but the investments are expensive (and companies pay much higher interest rates than the government).

Coal companies are bankrupting as well, and they have always provided the fuel for the cheapest energy (natural gas is a big problem for them).

Coal Problems:

Interesting dynamics.

Submission + - DEA regularly mines Americans' travel records to seize millions in cash (

turp182 writes: FTA:
Federal drug agents regularly mine Americans’ travel information to profile people who might be ferrying money for narcotics traffickers — though they almost never use what they learn to make arrests or build criminal cases.

Instead, that targeting has helped the Drug Enforcement Administration seize a small fortune in cash.

Comment Re:I guess Law are useless then (Score 1) 95

You should also consider the flip side. Law enforcement and the private prison complex are another corollary from prohibition, and they are big money.

There's a lot of money to be made on either side of the fence with prohibition.

I would argue that both sides are cartels, and both sides seem to enjoy the war, it is very profitable.

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