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Comment Parallel Construction (Score 1) 80

All this behavior, the hoovering up of seemingly inconsequential data, is all about Parallel Construction. LEOs seemed to be fascinated by the technique right now. The way things work these days is: Someone reports a crime. LEOs decide who did it. Having evidence is optional at this point. They sift through all the data they have on the selected person(s) until they arrive at some reason to make life really hard for that person(s). So hard, that the accused confess and plea to the originally reported crime. Case closed.

Comment Sellers Are Confused (Score 1) 120

My thoughts have been that these marketplace sellers think they are on EBay and need to get a positive on each and every sale. Maybe they do... on EBay. But on Amazon there is plenty of opportunity to leave feed back in the reviews and buyers like me look to those reviews primarily and consult the star rating later. Not everything is EBay, thank god, and these guys need to learn the difference.

Comment Well, There's This (Score 4, Interesting) 180

While the specific plans may not be actually feasible and the budget may bloat to 20 times its original estimate, there is this:

has redefined Internet access as a so-called universal service, while removing obligations for old universal services such as payphones

Something those of us in the US would do well to emulate.

Comment One Thing Missing... (Score 5, Insightful) 639

Just like in our business, uptime is crucially important for these farmers. During the spring planting time and the fall harvest period, if that machine breaks, it needs to be RIGHT NOW. They can't wait a "few days" for the dealership mechanic to visit. And he's busy as all hell fixing our people's shit. This isn't just a bunch hay-seeds saying they want to break their knuckles for the fun of it. This is a very serious situation that can have devastating effects on the bottom line.

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