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Comment Replaced - no, made unnecessary - yes (Score 1) 351

Software development of the kind I do is too unpredictable and custom to be replaced by robots as-is. On the other hand, perhaps in the age of robots the actual objectives of my work will become unnecessary, if business and IT are conducted in a more organized, planned and logical fashion.
So my job could not be *replaced* but it could surely be made redundant.

Comment Irony (Score 2) 834

I happen to visit a forum of US immigrants of certain Eastern-European origin. Most are in IT jobs, and came here by way of H1B visa (though significant portion have been sponsored for a permanent residency by now). They are largely vehemently pro-Trump, islamophobic (and generally harbor great dislike and disdain for all "brown people", be that middle-easterners, hispanics or asians). I find the current situation not a little ironic - in a way wouldn't it be poetic justice if they were hit by the very policies they so feverishly support?

Not that I specifically wish this upon anyone or their family, but if the choice must be made - these people surely deserve it more than refugees from war-torn countries.

Comment Are they trying to? (Score 4, Interesting) 219

I am not sure they are really trying too hard in the first place. I speak Mandarin (have been studying for many years), have a good resume and appropriate technical background, and spent substantial time in China to have a general idea of how things are - yet I have never been able to attract interest of any Chinese company. Given what I know about their local tech workforce, that's not at all surprising. They have excellent pool of well qualified candidates.

That's not to say that article does not bring good points - internet use in China is encumbered and painful. But that's has little to do with "attracting tech talent".

Comment Neither? (Score 1) 341

I don't go to theaters and I don't really value early access. The movie will be just the same in a few months. If anything, it allows some time for things to shake out, and some sort of opinion on the movie to be established, so when the time comes - I can judge whether it is worth watching.

I did notice that quite a few local theaters shut down in the last several years. The remaining ones lean heavily on 3D.

The one theater that not only did not shut down, but renovated and expanded recently exists solely to screen older movies (those that are out of major theaters recently or, sometimes, much older but popular films) and has really cheap ticket prices ($10 standard price and discounts for some movies/times).

I think ultimately going to the movie *is* about the experience. That experience is more about sitting in a large darkened room in a cushy chair (eating popcorn if that's your thing), than seeing the latest release.

Comment Different business models (Score 1) 220

There is a crucial difference here - all of Spotify users are there for the music, while only a (small) percentage of Youtube users are using it to listen to music. If we take the actual count of users who use Youtube to listen to the music, the royalty per year would be quite a bit more. Of course MPAA is probably next in line for the handout, so Youtube should be careful there.

Comment Pop goes the crapweasel (Score 1) 445

Now that Trump won the election, Assange is no longer needed. Notice how the stream of "revelations" suddenly dried up. He has nothing more to offer, and he probably knows too much.

Now he's a liability. Everyone wants him gone - Trump camp, Clinton camp, the Russians, you name it.

He may expect to be paid back handsomely, but if you ever watched any movies, you know what happens to his character. I suspect he will be disposed off quietly (which, given the kind of crapweasel he proven himself to be, is not going to make many people sad) IMHO

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