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Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 90

But they do. This is true now and was true before. State supports development of some silly thing like pyramids or suez canal, investors pile up the finances in hope of profit all gain. The same happened with pyramids and the same happened with railways (with exception of Brits who developed rail but have no rail service to speak of and benefit from). Any big industrial development has been based on state induced investment that usually failed and became a fertile ground for others.
The only problem with that is when the state gives the inventions for free without conditions attached - see all the medical research done for government money and sold for lots of green stuff by private companies.

Comment Re:Corporate Fraud (Score 1) 151

If this is a subsidiary of t-mobile in Germany then no ,they cannot or rather they can but then they would be violating the law and possibly get punished by German authorities. Siemens had that problem already. Not all industries are so loved by German government as the banks and car makers.

Comment Re: fingerprints (Score 1) 64

Who might have thought. For generations authoritarians were using brute violence to ensure that the citizens do not stand a chance to say NO and if they try that they will be punished. Now people using their gadgets and services provide the means of control without even thinking about that. Chances are that the powers that be can use coercion but they do not have to and still get their objectives. The flickering of violence at the edges of society can be easily pacified. As with infectious disease prevention is a key.

Comment Re: As it should be (Score 1) 230

I think hope for silver app fixing it all for you is slightly exaggerated. Sure we will have relatively safe assisted driving sooner or later. Whether this will make driving cheaper is as good a question as the one about fatalities. I am not even arguing for human drivers being better. What I have problems with is the idiocy of 'new technology fixing it all and once for all and being available tomorrow. I also have serious problems with motivation for doing these silver apps in case of number of serious players in this field.
Otherwise you can also save some lives by forcing people to actually walk at least short distances - this of course will cause a short spike of heart failure related deaths for real fat blobs the rest will survive and be healthier. Maybe even start realizing that human race is not a race after all.

Comment Re:It's a nice start. (Score 1) 296

Contraceptives for MENA and rest of Africa is probably much more effective. Besides it can be started now as the technology for effective contraceptives is quite well known. If we really were to start now then by the time they fix the car and its engines problem the effect in terms of CO2 would be much bigger and without major damage that production and disposal of batteries will cause. So by all means ban the bloody sods with combustion engines but start delivering humanitarian aid only with contraceptives mixed in.

Comment Re:So the bureaucrats have solved all the problems (Score 1) 296

South west of the republic look significantly different from the middle west and from the east. There are differences in wealth and demographics. These regions look like they were 3 different countries. Besides a use case for a single person looks significantly different than a person with a child or many children. There is no public transport that can help here even if you live in a city. Unless of course you can hire help (which would deal with the problem with own transportation).
As a counter proposal I would suggest to include the contraceptives to each batch of humanitarian aid especially to MENA countries. This will have bigger impact.

Comment Re: What a joke (Score 1, Insightful) 296

Citizen I warn you not to use abusive and divisive language again! The official term for rape by newcomers is intercultural exchange. Alternatively you can refer to this process as an enriching of the culture of the host country with diverse and colorful habits from afar.
If we catch you doing your hate-speech again a reeducation center will be the least that you can expect.

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