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Comment Re:Treadmill desk (Score 1) 204

I've been looking at setting up something like that as well. Though ideally mine would convert to a sitting desk as well. I've tried the standing desk thing before, but I found it difficult to play any skill-based game, such as an FPS while standing. I can't imagine walking can be any better for my accuracy.

Comment Re:How do they filter porn then? (Score 1) 345

Well porn is pretty easy to identify, and most of it is reported by users, rather than actually being screened. It's completely against the Youtube TOS, so when its found, it's quite clear that it should be removed.

Copyrighted material on the other hand, isn't immediately identifiable. If you do have some perfect algorithm to separate copyrighted work from original work, you still need to make sure the person uploading the copyrighted work doesn't have permission to do so... Then we're not even touching on e.g. using a song as background music for a video, what constitutes "fair use" etc.

Comment We Haven't Failed (Score 1) 99

They say the data helps narrow the region of the search because it excludes some of the higher energy ranges where the Higgs boson might be found

"We haven't failed a thousands times. We've just found a thousand ways NOT to make a Higgs Boson"

Comment Piracy is still the best option (Score 1) 227

the game characters wear pirate hats

So even when there is no DRM involved, pirated games are STILL better than paying....

(on a serious note, I'll try the pirated game, since it should be legal if they're the ones I'm downloading it from, right? If I like it, I'll consider buying the less-awesome version; In other words, this was a successful slashvert)

Comment Rolling (Score 1) 284

Why don't they just switch to a rolling release?

Or, better yet, have a rolling release, with major changes (e.g, desktop environment changes, like from GNOME to Unity) every 2 years, when they are doing LTS releases now. That way, we can keep the cute alliterations.

Comment Re:would have happened anyway (Score 1) 333

A change to your sleep pattern is hardly a small change biologically. We may not understand everything about sleep just yet, but we do know one thing: It's damn important.

A change in your sleep schedule changes your biological clock, which helps control many complex biological processes. Even small changes like that can confuse the body and cause it to do things wrong.

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