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Comment proprietary Sony? (Score 1) 41

Proprietary format? For Sony, this was their Memory stick, but this story is about them coming out w/ an SD card, which would then have to mean a card compliant w/ the SD standard. Also, I think it will be a while before you can have TB capacities on thumb drives., let alone micro SDs

Comment Re:Micro SD format? (Score 1) 41

Actually, seeing SD and Sony brings to mind a question - did they discontinue the memory stick? Yeah, I've lived under a rock as far as Sony goes, but I really haven't been following them. I remember back in the day when every Sony camera or camcorder had a memory stick

Comment Re:Next up (Score 1) 72

Profits would be one - and the main - thing definitely, but it would also give Apple a simpler ecosystem to maintain. It would be them doing what Microsoft tried in Windows 8, but better: merge the OS X and iOS code bases to the binary level, and eliminate the need for fat binaries. It would also make available to the Mac just about every app that's available for iOS. While some of them - such as Vonage or Lyft - maybe unsuitable for Macs, others, such as WhatsApp, could be very useful - enabling people at home to type their messages in the comfort of their laptop instead of struggling w/ their Mac keyboards

Comment Re:Next up (Score 1) 72

Apple switching to 16-cores A16M ARM processors for their new Macs.

This would make a lot of sense. Is the A16M from their A line of CPUs? They might as well use the same CPU in their Macs as they use in iPhones, so that their Macs can leverage iPhone apps. There is no compelling reason for Macs to be x64 (the way there is for Windows)

Comment Re:Too many cores. (Score 1) 72

16 is about 12 too many. Most people can't wrap their brains around more than two, and most applications don't lend themselves to massive parallelization.

The thing I'm not getting is: is the Atom supposed to be a low power chip, or a low cost chip? I don't see how either of them is satisfied by blowing things up to 16 cores.

Comment Re: Trump on Sweden (Score 1) 402

I'm saying that the original was probably true, when the cops didn't anticipate the coverage that their interview would receive. But once it got shown on a channel and got echoed by the US president, thereby causing Sweden's Prime Minister to take notice, they went into a CYA mode. Ironically, today, there was a riot in Stockholm by immigrants, thereby making the cases of Ami Horowitz and ultimately Trump

Comment Re:Trump on Sweden (Score 1) 402

This was addressed in that discussion w/ Ami Horowitz. Previously, the Swedish government did maintain statistics on immigrant crimes, but since they did not like what the data showed, they stopped collecting it. The last time that they did collect it, it did show a co-relation b/w increased (Muslim) immigration and crime. Ironically, today, there was a riot in Stockholm w/ Muslim immigrants even while the Swedish Prime Minister was at pains to deny it: they couldn't even hold it in to even try to prove Trump a liar

Comment Re:Trump on Sweden (Score 1) 402

In a broad sense, you are right. However, the underlying subject here was Syrian immigration specifically, or immigration from Muslim countries in general. The main issue being the refugees from Syria, who after being admitted to Germany, got to scatter all over Europe, including Sweden. Some of the cities being described, like Malmo, have the no-go zones, which was part of what was being discussed.

Yeah, if you introduce millions of, say, Buddhists from places like Tibet, Bhutan and Myanmar, you may well get a society w/ reduced crime rates. Particularly when you filter them by educational and language skills. Statistically, that's not the bulk of what Sweden has been facing, which is what is being discussed here.

Comment Re:Lifestyles of the Poor but Interesting (Score 1) 143

That makes sense, seeing how one has to struggle to make ends meet even after getting a full education and doing everything right. On top of that, unlike in the past, when marriage was a selfless commitment b/w 2 people, today, financial failure of one spouse is enough to end the marriage. If that's the environment one faces, why would one be remotely interested in bringing into the world people that they'll love, but whose struggle will be even uglier? Humans going extinct would be a better idea as we all automate ourselves out of all jobs

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