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Comment Re: I hate bad journalism like this... (Score 1) 404

There might not be international regulations in place for the high seas but I would guess that banning the selling, using and even carrying of that fuel inside the territorial waters of the countries where the ship is expected to land would solve that problem quickly. Some ships can't enter EU waters because they carry some products, I guess if the cruisers can only land on 3rd world countries the demand would go down. I guess we are starting to get to the scale where small affordable nuclear reactors would start to make sense in this kind of application if they can be made safe.

Comment That list... (Score 3, Insightful) 81

It seems to include some organizations that are not terrorist per se. OK, maybe we consider every ministry of Iran a terrorist organization but it is abit selfserving. Same with North Korean Atomic autorithy. Sure, they are "bad" but not terrorist organizations. Central Bank of Iraq is in there because it somehow financed terrorism... I bet that some American banks are involved with CIA operations too and they are not listed as terrorism organizations. I guess "Terrorism" is on the eyes of the beholder...

Comment Got a broken kink too (Score 1) 100

what is funny is that it appears the second link on this post is wrong too. from homepage returns 404 "glitch has something to do with Universal Links" => from comments it appends the same link multiple times and opens the comments page etc

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