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Comment The wrong argument (Score 1) 1023

I understand that this is a CEO's argument against a $15 minimum wage... but isn't it more of an argument that the price of the robot is too high?

When the price of the robot drops (as technology inevitably will), it won't matter how much you pay your employees... in terms of pure cash, the employees will be replaced regardless.

Comment Re:good (Score 2) 783

This is a fantastic point. I studied biology (specializing in genetics and evolution). But it really is no more important than chemistry, physic, algebra, etc.

It is simply because it's political that it's been dragged into the spotlight. But it was only given special attention because it is under attack. I'm sure that scientists and well reasoned people would defend physics if people were trying to pass laws requiring science teachers to teach the controversy of flying elves making things fall vs the "theory of gravity"

Comment Re:You shouldn't have to mandate this (Score 1) 783

The whole point of teaching science is to hope that people will find that things are wrong with it and improve on it.

But without a solid understanding on the scientific method, what we observe now, how we interpret that evidence and why the current body of knowledge is accepted, people cannot possibly understand WHY the science is wrong (when it's wrong) and how to fix it.

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