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Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 570

There are limits to being reasonable. Consider a pilot that is a flat-earth-believer, and refuses to fly certain routes because he believes the 'edge' is there. Similar to these nurses, it is perfectly reasonable to question the professionality of a person if such a person ignores basic scientific facts in their duties.

Comment Re: No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 680

While the point you're making is correct, AGW is not 'the most single most tested scientific theory in the history of science'. This honour remains and probably will remain for the forseeable future in the domain of physics with either quantum physics and/or the Standard Model (probably the latter) of which billions of tests are done every single day.

Comment Re:Get ready... (Score 2) 410

Really not sure how you got upvoted for brownnosing Tim Crook.

Your analogy is completely wrong as well. This would be more like a tenant who has made a special 'deal' with his landlord to pay a double figure rent while everyone around him in the same building is paying thee digit rents.

Then the Housing committee drops by and declares the arrangement illegal.

Nothing wrong with that, its called obeying the legal system.

The last line about political crap and collectivist bureaucracy is just hilarious ^^

Comment Re:So, who do they support for president? (Score 1) 102

The voting preference of some tech CEO's does really say almost nothing about the likeliness that some candidate is not going to follow up on their campaign promises. You pretend it is a logical truth, but it is nothing more then poor reasoning, basically simplifying everyones political views being 100% dependant on ones living conditions, which is insanely shortsighted.
Some of those extremely rich people have publicly called for increased taxing, and I personally know some wealthy people that support such a change as well. Political views can definitely be different from ones personal circumstanes

Comment Re:American people should have a voice (Score 1) 629

This stuff where parties (especially Republicans) are trying to interpretet the constitution and any other government regulations into their own fantasy land are completely detremental to the democratic foundation of your country.

They do this stuff in African dictatorships but you would not expect something like this from a nation that thinks of itself as the democratic example to the rest of the world.

Where is your common sense?

Comment Re: Predictive power (Score 1) 146

Singularities only rise from General Relativity, which is precisely why scientists are looking for a better theory to describe the inner workings of a black hole. I don't think any physicist specialized in BH's expects singularities to be the actual way nature works, there is simply just nothing to describe it though.

The whole rebirthing idea peopler try to create based around black holes (whether the new universe is either inside the black or like you state after evaporation of the black hole) has no evidence and not even any clues leading to have to consider the option seriously. Basically it is another version of turtles all the way down. For one thing, your black hole would have to survive its internal creation of spacetime (which would logically lead to a nullification of the gravitic forces creating the black hole in the first place). Secondly, it does nothing to explain how the information can leak back into 'our universe'. It is also useful to note that our observable universe had to start from a singular starting point in order to explain its smoothness, but that does not necessarily mean the origin of our Universe as a whole had to start from a point (in which case it would simply much much bigger then we can observe).

Submission + - Gravitational Waves Discovered at Long Last (

An anonymous reader writes: Ripples in space-time caused by the violent mergers of black holes have been detected, 100 years after these “gravitational waves” were predicted by Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity and half a century after physicists set out to look for them.

The landmark discovery was reported today by the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Advanced LIGO) team, confirming months of rumors that have surrounded the group’s analysis of its first round of data. Astrophysicists say the detection of gravitational waves opens up a new window on the universe, revealing faraway events that can’t be seen by optical telescopes, but whose faint tremors can be felt, even heard, across the cosmos.

“We have detected gravitational waves. We did it!” announced David Reitze, executive director of the 1,000-member team, at a National Science Foundation press conference today in Washington, D.C.

Comment Re:I liked it more before.... (Score 2) 233

of course supporting your tribal group is acting in your own best interest

That is a nice statement but individuals, even atheistic ones, sometimes do things for the benefit of their tribal group when it involves a certain death, instant or not. Soldiers, policemen, heroes, etc. The person itself cannot benefit anymore of these 'nice' things but still they will do whatever they think is the right thing. Your statement subsequently cannot cover everyone and every action, and therefor your subsequent statement that people refuse to think seems a bit ironic.

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