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Comment Re:What about signed code? (Score 3, Informative) 127

Perhaps you could have just read the documentation?

Supported Algorithms
By default, the jarsigner command signs a JAR file using one of the following algorithms:

Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) with the SHA1 digest algorithm

RSA algorithm with the SHA256 digest algorithm

Elliptic Curve (EC) cryptography algorithm with the SHA256 with Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA).

If the signer's public and private keys are DSA keys, then jarsigner signs the JAR file with the SHA1withDSA algorithm. If the signer's keys are RSA keys, then jarsigner attempts to sign the JAR file with the SHA256withRSA algorithm. If the signer's keys are EC keys, then jarsigner signs the JAR file with the SHA256withECDSA algorithm.

These default signature algorithms can be overridden using the -sigalg option

Comment Re: Am I supposed to hate this or not? (Score 1) 292

yeah, because natural DNA mutations are safe? Like you know, cancer.

There's also all the hereditary diseases floating around in the human gene pool because modern medicine allows those people to grow up and breed.
Just because you let sexual reproduction take its course, doesn't mean the offspring won't be genetically defective.

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