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Comment Re:"People without an account" (Score 2) 25

It's all a bit muddy, but as far as I understand it, the law does not disallow non-users to access Facebook.

I think it's like this: the privacy commission thinks (and I agree) that Facebook should not be allowed to track non-users: they have never agreed to it. Instead of stopping the tracking, Facebook denies access to non-users.

Also, that is not about all of the site, and certainly not about registration pages. IIRC it's about Facebook pages of companies, organisations, events and stuff. These days, it seems, there are quite a lot of organisations that don't have a proper website of their own, just a Facebook page (which is mostly pretty uninformative, but that's besides the point).

Comment Re:utterly pointless and ineffective (Score 1) 556

Yes, I have, a few times; the last time was only a few months ago.

No problem at all, at least until the time comes to add credit. I'm not sure, but it's very well possible that you're going to need to register with the provider and/or pay with a credit card for that. Or simply buy a new pre-paid SIM card.

Comment Re:"The code comes out cleaner"? (Score 1) 497

I get what you mean, but I think PEP8 is a bad example for your point. I think it's well thought out, places high value on readabilty, and doesn't advocate too strict application of its rules: it discusses when it can be appropriate to to break a guideline.

In particular, your point about lining up colons in a dictionary definition doesn't stand. PEP8 doesn't want you to do that. See the last item in 'Pet Peeves'; PEP8 says


x = 1
y = 2
long_variable = 3


x = 1
y = 2
long_variable = 3

Comment Re:This is why I like Python so I can use OOP or n (Score 1) 303

I wouldn't even call Java object oriented, rather class oriented. It forces you to put everything in a class. Most of the time when I see Java code, there's a whole bunch of classes with nothing but static functions in them.

Python is in a sense much more object oriented than Java: everything is an object. Modules are objects, functions are objects, classes are objects.

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