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Comment Re:Firefox + NoScript (Score 1) 43

that's why i prefer "request policy" much more than noscript, i dont use noscript.

with "request policy" it blocks any external resources, and allows any script being loaded or run from the same domain you're visiting. malicious adds and scripts are always external, and you're safe. with many sites, like slashdot, you have external elements and scripts from a domain being used as CDN, you can whitelist it in 2 clicks, and keep the rest blocked. very easy, and maintains compatibility and security.

Comment Re:Well of Course (Score 4, Insightful) 385

well... because software is not a physical object like cars, books and records... you can not "own" it in the sense of ownership you do to physical object... but wait... all the stupid *intellectual property* laws enforced in the last few decades... claimed IP can be owned like physical property... hmm... someone is struggling with basic logic in the capitalism and mass theft department...

Comment Re:What do they have to bring to the table? (Score 1) 530

they still have a large enough fan base, people who will happily buy a new-comer if it holds an MS logo. add to this an MS branded desktop/laptop as suggested in the article, good enough integration between the 2 devices, throw in an xbox to the deal, and you have a very interesting offer.

i shudder at the idea of having MS invading yet another market, but you have to admit, if they play this right, it's a very smart idea.

Comment Re:Don't you mean... (Score 1) 91

when i boot my Windows 7 system, i either run firefox, or play one of the installed games... i dont touch IE, any of the MS games installed, hell, i never touched anything else in that system except the first day i installed it, to setup few things... but i doubt this means "windows" is irrelevant, and firefox is more important...

GNU is still the very heart of a Linux system. you might not see them, but all these cron jobs running silently in the background are bash scripts, all programs require GLibC to run, as they're linked against it, the list is quite long of programs from GNU you're not even aware of their existence, all necessary to get the system to tick, but if you're really interested, i advise you to give a scan read of the "Linux From Scratch" book, to get an idea of how deeply interconnected is GNU's relationship to Linux, and how the two are inseparable.

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