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Comment Re:Caring (Score 1) 105

And your 'tap on the shoulder' analogy is pretty flawed too. That's assault and likely to result in a physical response.

Not in my country, dear. We're not that fragile around here, to consider a tap on the shoulder as "assault". I mean, seriously, how fucked up IS that?

Bottom line: this guy is being a dick.

I'm not saying he isn't. I'm just saying is not really that big of a deal.

Comment Re:Misguided priorities for sure (Score 4, Insightful) 209

You misunderstood shit.
The enabled FM chip could be insanely useful in case of a major catastrophe. You would be able to listen to information and instructions on the only device you're carrying with you at all times.
It's not about you using it more often, it's about it being there hen you need it most.

Comment Re:but but but (Score 1) 557

But these are the majority of users.

No, they are not.
Macros are widely used (no matter how much some hate them) and they are the very high in the top 10 reasons the F/OSS alternatives won't work.
Formulas (not the simple type such as =SUM()) are another. While most formulas would carry across well, the odd ones which don't risk breaking stuff and making companies lose money (because they don't error out gracefully but yield bad results instead). I've seen CEILING being replaced by the equivalent of MROUND automatically while a spreadsheet was converted from Excel to Libre Office, which is BAD.

Comment Re: It's dramatic how quickly the shift happened (Score 1) 268

What does one have top do with the other?
Newspapers are dying because they are SLOW information bearers. By the time it lands in your courtyard, most stuff in it is already watched and obsolete.
Some paper zines would last for a lot longer, though. There is one in my city which would translate as "the phone ad". If you want to sell something (be it a service, an item, etc) you call a number and dictate your ad, then hang up. It's around 2 bucks or so and it gets printed in the next edition. It goes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and costs roughly a quarter.

Blogs are totally different animals, they have no resemblance to newspapers.

Comment Re:Moves data from this cluster to that cluster re (Score 1) 48

Thank you very much for the clarification.
I am a Business Intelligence Analyst and to my shame I had never heard of this solution, or maybe I had but it was so riddled with buzzwords and corporate bullshit that it became unintelligible to plebs like me.

Yes, I can see quite a few use cases for it. If they only used your words to describe it :)

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