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Comment Re:Bogus claim (Score 1) 631

I personally have no doubts that there was a Jewish middle eastern dude named Jesus of Nazareth that went around and taught some good things. It's all over history. Where the GP gets off thinking there was no "Jesus the man," I don't know.
HOWEVER....I just have a hard time believing all the myths, such as that he was the son of a God, even though I was raised on them. If you don't think the Koran is fiction, what are your thoughts on the Bhagavad Gita? Egyptian Old Kingdom pyramid texts or other books? The myriad other religious texts I haven't studied?
If none of these are fiction because of logical argument territory, how can you reconcile that?
To be clear, I'm not trying to troll; you seem like a more well rounded Christian than most I've talked to and I would like to hear your thoughts.

Comment Re:Easier for denialists (Score 1) 895

You left out the time factor here. Don't forget that for the last (what? 3000 years or so?) people have been farming A) rice, and B) cattle. Both of these are immense methane producers. Granted CH4 oxidizes fairly quickly in the atmosphere, but the fact remains that we have been pumping one of the worse greenhouse gases into the air for thousands of years.

Comment Re:escalators too (Score 1) 698

You seem to be confusing people being "more polite" with people being pansies. It seems to me that many are just afraid of any kind of social interaction. I really have no hesitation to just ask people if I can get by them, and in my (admittedly short) 20 years of experience I've never had a problem. Most of them were American, and most of them weren't morbidly obese. Not exactly sure where you hang out if that is the only interaction you've had with Americans.

Comment Re:Reverse optical psychology (Score 1) 142

You seem to have the wrong idea about what has been found. They have not found *life* in space but organic molecules commonly referred to as the "building blocks of life." This really is not a new development- we've found I want to say 92 (don't quote me on that number) amino acids in the middle of chondritic meteorites. To get life you essentially need to stick a bunch of these precursors in a bag (we use lipids on Earth) and get them to metabolize and replicate.

Comment Re:Cryo has got to be the most brilliant scam ever (Score 1) 375

Since it looks like the other comments haven't covered this and I can't stand for you to not understand this... "I reverse entropy every time I turn on my air conditioner." No, you don't. You are creating more heat outside your house than you are sucking out of the air inside your house. You are not magically making the universe colder by using an AC unit.

Comment Re:Plants eventually die (Score 4, Informative) 211

Close. Most coal came from the Carboniferous period where there was an explosion of plants, many of them in boggy areas. When plants die in bogs they fall in the water and bacteria can NOT decompose them. This is why the carbon was sequestered and turned into coal.
Today, there is very little chance of this happening, especially at a plant in Japan. In all likelihood these flowers will decompose when they die and release all their nitrogen oxides back to the environment.

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