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Comment Non story (Score 3, Insightful) 26

1. Needs a malicious hypervisor. If you trust your critical data/systems on a VM that us under a hypervisor you do not control, well you deserve what is coming to you. This is no different than someone having physical access to your hardware, all bets are off.

2. Regular consumers are not going to care about this or have to worry about it.

If the price/performance of this family pans out as promised, it will get foothold in the server market and HPC market. Both will find ways to secure against this -or own their own metal-. Plus there are plenty of uses that run bare metal.

Are we sure this wasn't an Intel funded FUD study?

Comment Re:Great that they can control your property (Score 1) 179

This is not the same in the slightest. While I agree that we need to pay close attention to property rights for consumers, this case makes sense.

A vendor was selling illegal copies of the works digitally on amazon. The looked as if they had been canned in from paper copies, and the seller did not have rights.

Amazon pulled the digital copies - from users - AND REFUNDED. Consumers were then free to pick up a real, verified, licensed copy.

This was not censorship on Amazon's part, and in some ways was protecting the consumer from an inferior, potentially edited copy.

Comment Re:I do not! (Score 4, Insightful) 573

Conservatism, by it's very definition is to be conservative, to resist change. The primary motivation to resist change is fear of what change may bring. Elicit that fear in others and you have power over them. Both parties wield fear in this way to (only slightly) differing ends.

Guess what though... change is inevitable.. all things change both physical and societal. Entropy always increases, and entropy is change.

Comment Re:Wish they'd looked into this sooner (Score 1) 77

I do not regret listening to Good Mourning/Black Friday at full blast. Even if it caused damage. I am in my 40s now, and just this year I was at shows for GnR, Sabbath, Tool, Alice in Chains,Mastodon, and Gojira, all ranging from loud to very loud. All with no hearing protection. I still hear well enough, and will enjoy it while it lasts. I was gifted with exceptional hearing range though, and can still hear much higher frequencies than others my age (but not like when I was younger).

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 367

See the Mythbusters episode. The vehicle will float for a bit. As the cabin fills and it sinks it is still -floating- and close to the surface. If you conserve energy and take the last breath of air as the car fills, you can open the door and won't be that far under. Hopefully you can swim and it is not a swift current. That would be more troublesome. As one who used to kayak and raft whitewater, you can lose your orientation very quickly when submerged in a turbulent current.

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