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Comment Re:Yeah, but WHEN? (Score 1) 196

Nobody has claimed the really efficient stuff (>40%) is cheap.

When your input energy is free, efficiency isn't a primary concern. Efficiency of solar panels only affects the overall size of the array for a given output power rating. Roof space is free, so who cares about efficiency, except for some niche applications?

Comment Re:bastard theives (Score 2) 88

When I changed from a rented modem to my own modem with Comcast, they continued charging me for the rental.

Comcast knew that I did not have their rented modem: I could see the list of devices associated with my account and it did not include the rented modem.

I think that Comcast has deliberately set up their system so that there are billing errors like this, which typically increase revenue for Comcast. My reasoning: the same thing happened when I returned a set top box: Comcast kept charging me for it.

Comment Re:shared knowledge (Score 1) 77

Many people in the UK don't do a tax return and their tax is exactly correct at the end of the year.

This is accomplished in several ways: 1. Just like the USA, employers and other entities send data to HMRC. 2. Many allowances are limited to basic rate tax, so the amount of the allowance doesn't change based on income. 3. Interest and dividends are taxed at source. and probably the most significant difference: 4. Employers calculate tax to be deducted on a rolling basis (taking account of prior income and taxes already deducted), not as individual months. 5. Instead of a W4 which employees complete, HMRC sends the employer a tax code, which is used to calculate tax deductions, based on the employees actual circumstances.

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 5, Informative) 906

What's wrong with that? Does she want this guy immediately fired no question asked? If it really is a first offence tell him to knock it off and move on from there,

You did not read the article, did you?

It wasn't his first offence, although HR lied about this, claiming that it was.

He didn't knock it off. Also, her career at the company was affected because she made the report.

What he did should have resulted in an instant dismissal. Retaliation should have resulted in dismissals. Covering up the prior acts by the man should have resulted in dismissals in HR.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 512

A religion is not a race, and discriminating against a religion that has repeatedly attacked us and plotted to attack us ...

Let's not forget his comments about Mexicans. But more importantly, the attackers have universally been men. Perhaps we should ban men? I mean, it's not like non-muslims have done terrorist acts like the Oklahoma bombing, is it?

What you are trying to do is split hairs in order to justify supporting a bigot.

What he did was definitely profiling. His approaches were based on falsehoods. For example, the idea that we can't vet Syrian refugees -- Syrians have family booklets that give a lot of information about them and allow effective vetting.

But let's get back to his attitudes towards women. Do you support a man cheating on his wife? Do you support divorce and remarriage? Do you support disrespecting women through unwanted sexual attacks?

Why do you care that I prefer mobility without crippling debt?

My debt is not crippling. My mortgage payments are less than rent would be. I have tenants paying rent that covers more than the mortgage on the houses in which they live.

I am not the one getting my knickers in a twist over debt: you seem to be the person with an irrational aversion to debt. Your idol declares himself he king of debt, but you think that ordinary people should not use sensible amounts of debt?

I have no problem with your choices. I just note that it shows a lack of financial acumen on your part.

As for that mobility: I have worked (as in received a paycheck and paid taxes) in 4 different countries. In how many countries have you worked?

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 512

Just don't fuck up the planet for the rest of us ok?

No, because Trump is going to do that. His pick for the EPA has a history. But, then I am sure that you will just dismiss that as untrue.

Your 'disturbing facts' are more a projection of a corporation that has fed you whatever it wants in order to get the ratings it needs to charge for advertising. There might be a kernel of truth but the rest is hugely overblown. Anyone that is capable of objectively looking at what's been presented from both side of the extremes should be intelligent enough to read between the lines.

LOL. I suppose the "grab them by the pussy" video was fake? I suppose the documented cases of failure to pay his bills are fake? I suppose the cases of racism in housing were fake? I suppose that the recent racist executive order was fake?

These are not "projections". They are facts that you want to pretend don't exist. Good luck in your fantasy land.

As I said before, your financial acumen is lacking. Why would you admire someone who uses debt to invest in property, yet think that using debt to buy several houses is bad (yes, I own more than one).

You are badly in denial (and as they say, it's not just a river).

I take it that my supposition that you are religious is correct. As I suspected, you cannot reconcile your religious beliefs with your support for Trump. That's because no Christian person should support him. He isn't even sincere in his opinion on Roe vs Wade: he held a contrary opinion just a few years ago. He is just mugging for the crowd. Putting on a show for the dumb.

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