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Submission + - Unesco probing Star Wars filming in Ireland (

wijnands writes: Star Wars crews have started filming on the small Irish Island of Skellig Michael. This island, listed as a Unesco world heritage site, features the remains of a 6th century monastery as well as breeding populations of puffins , manx shearwaters, storm petrels, guillemots and kittiwakes.
Currently the Irish navy has deployed one vessel to maintain a 2 mile exclusion zone around the island. Unesco is now concerned about what is going on the island, which is only visited 13 times a year by tourist groups, and has asked the Irish government for an explantion.

Comment Badly informed (Score 1) 784

I don't know what you are blabbering about but all countries in Western Europe have free speech codified. Getting a search warrant here is more difficult as is showing up at someone's door with a SWAT team. And yes we're allowed to defend ourselves but not to the extent of having enough guns to fight a minor war Also we don't refuse people because of a medical history. Probably because we actually welcome visitors.

Comment Re:You'd rather kill them with coal? (Score 1) 142

I'd rather you'd keep your playground attitude of name calling to yourself. Nuclear energy is, theoretically, clean and safe. However in practice it's proven to be far less so. An coal pollution will be greatly reduced in a few hunderd years. Radiation tends to stick around for a much longer time. If we go into "I'd rather" mode. I'd rather see we stabilize our population growth and start taking our energy production seriously whereby effect on the planet is leading over quick profit. Let's see about hydrogen production that doesn't cost more energy than it delivers. Get battery technology sorted, see if we can do a good fuel cell but also see about cracking the fusion reactor puzzle.

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