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Comment That is How the Law is Supposed to Work (Score 1) 236

I am fairly certain that you are supposed to comply with a search warrant. When you have a search warrant, they can unlock or get you to unlock a safe, as long as unlocking that safe does not require you to communicate anything, since they cannot force your compliance in anything related to speech/communication.

A fingerprint/finger is a physical object, a key, and not communication.

Comment Re:Why? (Score -1, Troll) 483

I call Bullshit Because I have owned half a dozen windows PCs, and so far have zero tech support cost. I call bullshit because I have worked in tech support and people do not have problems with windows. You get a hard drive failure every so often, they need to be restarted sometimes, but most of the time you just need to teach the user about how to use some program like word or how to insert a % sign in a html document. A big problem with Macs is teaching people how to use them and do basic things that they already know how to do for windows. Try to install a printer driver on a MAC, and suddenly you have your entire IT department crowding around the one computer trying to figure out how to do anything at all. I have worked in two companies where we got a shipment of Macs while I was working there. And each time not everything just worked. And when this happens you had a room full of tech support people staring at a Mac with no idea of how to fix it.

Comment Re:Both countries have content regulations (Score 1) 92

I would be extremely surprised if Canada accounted for as much as 1% of IMDB's top 250. We have produced some good films, but the amount of watchable Canadian Films is minuscule compared to America. The UK is the only country that does OK in comparison to America. Most other countries produce very little that has any Western appeal. Hollywood has gotten very bland, but they still have the shear quantity.

Comment Re:Give Out an Official Recording (Score 1) 550

This is about more than just, "am I negatively effected by other recorders". I think the biggest issue here is, "is watching the show through your tablet as you record as entertaining as just watching the show"? I think the answer is absolutely no. The biggest reason to figure out some way to get people to put down their phones is to get them to actually watch and enjoy the show.

Comment Give Out an Official Recording (Score 1) 550

In this day and age, with cheap cameras and practically free storage, performers should record everything, and they should give out the recordings to their audiences. Every joke Dave Chappelle ever makes is going to be on YouTube, their is nothing he can do about that. If he is unwilling for the public to hear something he says, then he probably should not say it in front of an audience of several hundred.

Comment Re:Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 3, Insightful) 269

>Wikileaks has ALWAYS had an agenda

Don't they just leak anything and everything they can get their hands on? And do not themselves get the leaks, just publish them? I don't think they are hacking Hillary campaign leaders themselves, or turning down juicy leaks from Trump.

Comment Re:Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 1) 269

Not everyone has the same number or size of skeletons in the closet. It is just possible that Trump is not a multiple felon, or alternatively that he was competent at getting rid of the evidence. There is no reason that Hillary or Podesta could not of deleted all of this incriminating evidence from their own devices long before anyone hacked them.

Comment Hating Old People (Score 0) 162

Personally, I doubt this has anything to do with if old people have the skills for the job, but a cultural one. Did you see the backlash from Brexit? The youth of today do not believe anyone over 29 should be allowed to vote as old people simply do not believe in the same things that the youth do. Perhaps if these 40-somethings went to the interview in a "*uck Trump" or "Black Lives Matter" t-shirt they might stand a better chance. But baring some form of virtue signaling the 20-something interviewee is likely to think that you look too much like the old fella that he stole a Trump 2016 yard sign from the day before.

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