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Submission + - Indian Spammers: Not a Normal Slashdot Post

wjcofkc writes: 1.844.896.0351
This is the number to an Indian scam agency defrauding Americans and probably everyone in the western world if not that and beyond. Please descend on them with your worst. I of course do not expect this to make the front page, but if it reaches anyone at all. Please take action and fuck with them like there is no tomorrow.

Comment Haven't we covered this before? (Score 2) 144

Over the last year or two, T-Mobile has redefined and even re-labeled what their unlimited plan means. Regardless, they have always been absolutely forthcoming about detail changes. Although I can see where that might get confusing, especially for customers who renew into a new plan without realizing it. So I guess it must be a slow day at the FCC.

On a personal anecdote, I very recently ditched my business plan for AT&T after a T-Mobile business rep tried to sell off my unused lines for a full year cash up front. Same rep then managed to deactivate my primary phone. I filed a complaint and he still works there.

Comment It's new (Score 2) 163

MS has stated that this is very new and very buggy but that they are working on it. It is not yet for public consumption. MS has been embracing Open source minus the extinguish part for some time now. Linux (okay so not the kernel but still) on Windows outside of a virtual machine is everything a lot of people have wanted but never thought would happen. Go watch some of the MS demo videos. As a Linux user since 1996, I can attest that there is absolutely nothing that will make the broader Linux crowd happy. Hence, most of the Linux crowd are not actual techies.

Comment Kindle Fire Ad and Babysitting (Score 2) 84

Not long ago there were a couple of ads for the Kindle Fire where a child needed attention, so the parent, home alone, just turned on the parental controls and handed the tablet over with a sigh of relief.

I found those ads to be highly offensive. Yet I have seen that happen myself. A parent will buy one of those built like a tank sub $50 Android tablet for this reason alone. I have seen people do this to kids as young as two just to shut them up when the poor kid needs human interaction when crying. Inevitably the kid breaks it but because they are so cheap the parent just buys another if the don't already have another in waiting. I have seen this stunt language skills in children with no other sign of developmental disability.

I wonder what these kids brains are going to be wired for as adults. It's a safe bet it will be something we have never seen before. Autism move over. There is a new game in town.

Two disclaimers: I own the latest Kindle fire and love it. I have seen that very situation benefit kids with autism.

Comment Say what? Fuzzy logic and Beyond 2000. (Score 3, Funny) 76

I remember an episode of Beyond 2000 around 1992 or so. It featured a fuzzy logic system the Japanese had implemented in their own subway\tram system. Each train and each stop had the system and they were networked together so that the trains and stops could work together to maximize efficiency. I remember be amazed by it. This sounds awfully similar,

Although it could not respond to questions about a football.

To which I say: what the fuck? If I am on a rail system I want the computer to be thinking about its job, not a fucking football.

Comment Here we go again... (Score 1) 65

This solves nothing. Let's drop advanced Algebra and Trigonometry as required electives and allow students to spend their high school years studying discreet mathematics. I'm not saying advanced Algebra, Trig, and even Calculus should be omitted, but give kids a chance to learn something practical. Not to mention, discreet mathematics easily bleeds into structural linguistics. Not enough teachers to cover that much ground? That is another subject entirely.

Comment How much bandwidth do these things need? (Score 1) 164

Surely most IoT devices need very little bandwidth to call home. Let's limit that to the minimum and call it standards based. For example, if an IoT device truly only needs say 5k of bandwidth here and there, then limit it to that. Better yet, work to limit the bandwidth all IoT devices need. Real security is even better, but we all know that takes a back seat.

Comment I remember when... (Score 2, Interesting) 72

The main goal of KDE was to be a solid WIndows 95 clone. The first time I used it was version 0.6.something. I may have read about it on Chips and Dips. It was awful and development initially stalled. Today it is my favourite IDE. Although I frequently turn to OpenBox and and awesome for brain decompression.

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