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Comment Re:Emails (Score 1) 893

Yes, I also remember almost every comment critical of Trump, including mine, being systematically modded into oblivion. It did not matter that many added to the conversation in a level-headed way. It was the first time I ever found myself surprised by the readership here, and that says a lot. Perhaps I will see you in the land of trolls over this even now.

Comment Porteus Linux (Score 1) 145

I am a long time Slackware lover. I first installed it in 1994 on a 486 DX50, had no real idea what Linux was yet and after finally getting X to startx, TWM loaded and I gave a up for a couple months. Anyway, if you are a Slackware fan, give Porteus a try. It's a lightweight Slack derivate meant for portability via USB stick buts it's easy to lay down on an SSD. It works really well.

Comment Re:Speculation Speculation Speculation (Score 1) 78

I hate to reply to myself, but someone will bring up Chromebook competition. As a pathological nerd who has been running Linux since 1996, and is currently running a host of other operating systems (FreeBSD, OS2\Warp, etc...). My Windows 10 computer has become my daily driver since I purchased it a month or two ago. My Windows 10 computer? It is a 10 inch tablet with a paltry quad-core Cherry Trail and 4 whole gigs of ram. It is magnetically connected to a really slick keyboard\trackpad dock. It has one USB-C port and two USB-2 ports. It is also surprising fast with many applications running. This is a full fledged Windows 10 computer. Total cost? $250. That is well in line with the capability limited ChromeBooks. Admittedly, Bash on Windows goes a long way with me.

Comment Speculation Speculation Speculation (Score 1) 78

There is a lot of speculation about the purpose of this implementation of Windows 10. Everyone says they have the answers and they are all inconsistent with one another. Now I will speculate. I do not think Microsoft is so stupid as to try and release this on the masses. Not even in developing countries. My take is that this is for the enterprise. Well, not precisely. If you have ever seen a Windows computer, or administrated them in a call center environment, they are locked down as fuck. That and similar happens to be a massive market. If you can remove much of the lock down administration required, that would be golden. I don't see this making sense in any other capacity. The truth is, Microsoft has been smartening up as of late, so....

Comment KDE Alpha (Score 1) 89

Does anyone remember when the stated goal of at least the earliest KDE alpha had the stated goal of being a perfect Windows 95 clone? Looking around, this fact seems to have been erased from history.

Comment Been taking it for a spin (Score 1) 26

I was hoping to like it, I really was. One thing is for sure, I am not their target audience. Everything I can do with it that I need to I can do between Onenote and Onedrive, with much greater ease. The interface itself seems very cumbersome, unfinished, and unpolished. They want to charge for this? I can see plainly that they are trying to do innovative stuff to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, but this has all the hallmarks of way to many developers with way to many managers looking over their shoulders.

It sounded cool, and I wanted and even tried to like it. Ultimately this falls flat on it face IMHO.

I played around with the team sharing features, I can see where that could quickly snowball into a cluster fuck.

Sorry Dropbox, back to the drawing board with you and best of luck. Oh and if you take another swipe? Have the ability to toggle off completely the whole team thing you are trying to do. Some of us would benefit great without it.

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