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Comment Re:Surge suppressor (Score 1) 303

Sorry for the poor wording. Secondary protectors are placed near the equipment to be protected to suppress over voltages and only if there is a primary protector where the wiring enters the building. The secondary protector might be exposed to a power cross that gets past the primary. As such, the current must be limited to what the inside wiring can safely manage. This is usually done with some type of fuse or current limiting device. This limits current to ground for voltages that exceed the clamping voltage of the surge protection. Typically, this will open the input signal leads to stop the current to ground and take the device out of service. There may be some type of indicator to show a fault is present. Once open, if the power cross is still present, the input wiring might still be at a dangerous potential. Compliance with wiring insulation and clearance standards hopefully prevents contact. The fusing should keep the inside wire from burning and isolate the equipment.

Comment Re:Surge suppressor (Score 1) 303

You can put a PoE power injector and fiber adapter in a NEMA box next to the WiFi. That would require AC power at or near the antenna (more money) but it keeps the surge out of the data side.

BTW, We had a lightning hit that split a big tree maybe 30m from the building. I just about jumped out of my shoes. The VoIP phones rebooted but the switch supplying PoE took the hit without a reboot. I'm glad there was secondary protection on the POTS gateway.

Comment Re:Surge suppressor (Score 1) 303

You can install secondary protectors near the equipment. These usually have a fused ground connection. This is to stop currents that might exceed the inside wiring limits if the fault passes the primary protector. Otherwise the inside wiring might start a fire. It's still best to go with fiber for external devices like a roof mounted WiFi adapter.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830

Some things will never change. We won't renumber street addresses or move survey markers. Others things could change over night. If there was an additional 1% federal tax on gasoline sold by the gallon, people would be tripping over each other setting pumps to Liters. It's all about finding a reason for the average person to care.

Comment Re:TIL about wiretapping without wires (Score 1) 104

Maybe it's time for the operators to be licensed with mandatory education (it is a transmitter after all). The device shouldn't operate unless the operator enters their license number and the court document number authorizing the interception. A third party should audit the operational log.

Comment Re:Tried and gave up (Score 4, Interesting) 248

I had a high end system with lots of keypads and dimmer switches. I removed it after finding out that the dimmer switches didn't get along with any LED bulbs. The only feature I really was happy with was "all lights on" triggered by the fire alarm. The furnace blower rotor locked at 2AM on a cold New Years day. It was nice to have all the lights on when I started searching for the source of the smoke.

Comment Re:The "It's not working" attack (Score 1) 149

Mail servers can be configured to not offer login unless starttls is used. That should prevent a plain text connection. That still leaves open the issue of mitm with certificates that the client shouldn't trust. Are there any email clients that lock starttls to a specific certificate or warn that the certificate suddenly changed?

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