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Comment Re:inverse foreign law legislature (Score 1) 199

Citizens in those countries were, at least, as free as you were. Otherwise explain vietnam drafts.

Also US may not be the bad guys, but having "bad guys" as enemies doesn't make you part of the good guys.

Explain bombing the shit out of violent dictator on country A while having good relations with neighbor violent dictator in country B (Gadafi vs al-Ásad)
Explain supporting de facto governments in LATAM.
Explain Cuba.

Comment Re:Lots of love today... (Score 1) 93

Imagine that you're playing basketball for the presidency, and Trump wins by 2 points, but he has more triples during the match.

After the match you say, Hilary scored more shots than Trump.

Everybody sane argues that they were playing basketball to decide, and that the winner is decided by points not shots scored. In an alternate reality where the game is decided by shots, Both teams would have played different and you don't know who would have won.

You called that people Fuckface, and shout that the game is rigged.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 2) 978

That's the alt-right point, Non-Hispanic Whites are 61.8% of the population, they're not an overwhelming majority and "they may be outbred" faster than new immigrants can be assimilated.
By 2040 they will stop being majority using official projections http://www.census.gov/populati...
The argument is that if there can be a gay pride, and a black pride, there must also exist a white pride and people being ashamed of being whites should go fuck themselves. The argument is consistent.

Disclaimer: Mexican, not living in US, not Nazi apologist.

Comment Re:I don't get it ? (Score 1) 56

Whatsapp makes no sense on US where SMS have been free for multiple years. That's not the case in most of the rest of the world.
The convenience of having all the account details hidden from the user by creating usernames from phone numbers made it gain traction over username oriented messengers.
At the time ios and blackberry alternatives are platform specific, it's not clear for most android users that their android device is linked to a google account, sometimes autocreated so google talk never worked even if it was preinstalled. Skype mobile was shit, MSN messenger was dead and Facebook requires to "friend" your contacts so was never a viable SMS replacement.
I too thought that whatsapp was a bad choice and tried to resist on google talk, that was jabber compatible. Then they fucked it up with hangouts so I gave up and accepted the defacto standard messaging platform.

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