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Comment Re: News Flash! (Score 2) 474

That phrase isn't about someone stepping in front of a bullet for you within your lifetime, you're not thinking far back enough.
Consider any exploration your ancestors benefited from, anyone who fought to protect your way of life in a war, or going back far enough simply working out what was food and what was poison by trail and error. Your existence has been possible from the sacrifices of others risking their lives for land, food, knowledge, freedom..

Comment Re:"very reminiscent of previous Doom titles" (Score 1) 142

They've been very clear that it doesn't use regenerating health in video interviews, they don't like it, they went for pickups instead, the alphas and betas didn't use regenerating health, and the single player footage that's been on twitch and youtube just days before release has clearly shown it's not in use too.

Comment Actually healthier or too clean? (Score 2, Interesting) 274

Will it really be healthier? or will it's lab grown nature actually be terrible for us in the long run, I'm thinking along the lines of the bacterial diversification we are finding we need in our gut to be truly healthy, or the way we're finding growing up in overly clean environments compromises our immune systems.
I think growing meat is a great step forward, but I'm not free of concern.

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