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Comment Crazy "Curiosity" Landing worked.. Schiaparelli ?? (Score 1) 184

When I saw the video of the "7 minutes of Terror" and the crazy landing system for Curiosity, I thought, "Seriously, all of these mechanisms are required?".

Then I saw the Schiaparelli, landing, and I thought, "can the do this successfully in what appeared to be a more 'straight-forward' approach?"

We now, it appears, know why Curiosity had the landing system designed the way they did. Only thing crazier, would be to put balloons around a lander and let it bounce to a landing. Could you even imaging such a thing?

Comment App (free maps) for offline nav; or Google (Score 1) 310

Google maps navigation does a good job in general when I have cell coverage.

For offline maps navigation I use free open source app with free maps and updates. It does a good job, not great.

I used to navigate around Mt. Rainier (caching supplies for Wonderland Trail). Most of the areas out there had no cell coverage. has a database of places so you can search where you want to go. Definitely with the money (free and no ads).

Comment Started IMAP w/Thunderbird to archive Yahoo mail (Score 1) 205

A few months ago, even before the announcements of the security breaches, I decided enough was enough with Yahoo mail (such as awful advertising like auto play videos and the like).

I have archived off all my emails by setting up Thunderbird with Yahoo IMAP access. Deleted my account last week. Although, I found out that it's not actually deleted. It is simply deactivated. They say that the deletion 'may' occur in three months. The delay, I guess, will give the NSA plenty of time to go through all my emails (a good number of Newegg, Amazon, etc. Newsletters)

Back in 1999 I like Yahoo mail, and years earlier, I liked Yahoo back when they were the "Google" of Internet searching.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Comment Ireland should pay, not Apple (Score 1) 564

If the EC thinks Apple waddled through the labyrinth of loopholes, in order to minimize their tax bill, but did nothing illegal, sorry, but send the bill to Ireland.

If apple bribed officials, or cheated, of course they should pay. That does not look like the case however.

I am definitely not an Apple fan-boy, but if a company successfully navigated the laws, legitimately, then I see no reason to hand them a bill for more money.

Comment The end begins.... (Score 1) 367

Self-driving vehicles is the wooden peg removed from the Jenga economy.

First tier jobs lost (not in order) ...
car for hire drivers
bus drivers
RR engineer (train driver)
Truck drivers
Delivery drivers

2nd tier jobs lost
nail and hair salons
coffee shops

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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