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Comment Re:The benefits of Single Payer (Score 1) 112

There are two major problems with this post:

The first is that you talk about "paying" for healthcare in the US, as if any normal person care just cough up $200,000 when they have a car accident.

The second is

nobody should be prevented (as is done in Canada) from buying healthcare out of pocket.

Which is just bullshit. There is plenty of private healthcare in Canada, if you're one of those people who can shell out $200,000 out of this month's salary, you are welcome to give it to a private hospital.

Here's a list I found.

Comment Re:Single payer healthcare worse, not better (Score 2) 112

I can't read that either, I'm also not in the US either, maybe that's what's happening.

I did check who owns that site though, turns out it's WebMD. Where does WebMD's advertising come from? The big drug companies. Who hates single payer health care the most? Big drug companies.

SuperKendall has spent his life drinking the kool aid, that won't change. People in the US are bombarded with all sorts of propaganda, and the amazingly profitable health companies are pretty good at it.

I'm also not keen on Insurance companies holding the government to ransom.

Those of us who live in a country where getting ill won't bankrupt you know how good we have it.

Comment Sounds Nice (Score 1) 77

These chips sound great.

I have just finished building a pfSense firewall/proxy/router etc based on a PC Engines APU SOC. This has 4 AMD cores and 4 GB of RAM and is plenty powerful enough for what I need.

I guess 16 cores with all those extra bells and whistles would be nice for bigger customers than mine, but to be honest, the box I put together is plenty good enough, and the price was right.

Maybe the SME type market is not where Intel wants to play.

Comment Re:whose fraud??? (Score 1) 188

In the US, the golden rule applies. He with the gold makes the rules.

Quite true, but luckily for Kim he's spending his time and money in New Zealand courts. Also luckily for Kim, New Zealand judges tend to be a pretty independent lot, and while I'm sure the US is putting huge pressure on the New Zealand Government, the judiciary here are quite capable of telling the Government to mind their own business.

As an aside, I have seen this in person. At a social function years ago, a District Court judge (I think, certainly a judge of one type or another) called the former Prime Minister who was also a guest a "backstabbing cunt" and threatened to break his nose.

They were seperated and the judge was poured into a taxi. No-one seemed to know what the fight was about, but there was a fair bit of anger involved.

Comment Re:disconcerting (Score 1) 74

Have a look at this then.

There's a graphic that attempts to explain why there are lots of whale strandings at Farewell Spit and while it's fair to say that we don't know why it happens, the explaination sounds likely to me.

This has been pretty big news here in New Zealand for the last few days, and I heard the Department of Conservation guy on the radio this morning say that the whales that swam off the beach had been moved by volunteers during the previous high tide, so I don't think it's such a mystery.

Looks like he has been misquoted.

Comment Re: Makes sense. (Score 2) 109

Small beer, which is generally low alcohol was brewed regularly (daily?) particularly in the Middle Ages, because, as you assert, people had no knowledge of sanitation, but they did know they would get sick if they drank the water, but not if it was fermented first, so it was the drink for working people in many places.

I did read that the only time the British Army refused to march during the Peninsula Campaign was when they didn't get their beer ration, but I can't find a link now, so maybe the story is apocryphal.

Comment Re: Alternative to ban (Score 4, Interesting) 233

The example I was thinking of is a former colleague of mine who was hired to be a designer, but was way too flaky and stupid to ever really make a go of it.

The fact that she was absolutely gorgeous meant that she was employed for a lot longer than she should have been by my boss, (a man who should have known better).

I saw her a couple of years ago, she's in her early forties now (I think) and did the smart thing when she was fired from designing. She worked as a booth babe for just long enough to catch a rich fellow at some event, marry him and have a child.

She is now happily divorced with no need to ever work again.

Comment Re:Real answer... (Score 2, Insightful) 128

Yup, VR is pointless and dead.

Some PlayStation people were demoing their take on VR at a local Mall before Christmas, and they really did it well, with a huge trailer and lots of music.

The real attraction was the fact that the people doing the demos were all hot young girls with big boobs and tight tee shirts. It was very busy, but I don't suppose they sold a single unit.

Comment Re: Well, damn (Score 1) 335

I think the comparisons people are making between Trump and Hitler is because the "America First" attitude starts out as something like "We are going to put the interests of our own people before the interests of foreigners" which doesn't sound too bad.

Unfortunately when things start going wrong, interest rates creep up, or inflation gets out of hand or unemployment goes up then there is a convenient scapegoat right there, and history shows us that violence is not too far away.

I still have some faith in the checks and balances of the US political system. The President is not a dictator, and there are too many powerful people who stand to lose too much if Trump gets out of control.

I suspect at some point some major players will sit Donald down and give him a very stern talking to if they think things are getting out of hand.

Comment Re:With an small download cap! (Score 1) 147

I'm just commenting to back you up. We had a data cap, but then my kids got older and started streaming video, playing games, and whatnot, and the data cap was a giant pain in the backside.

I'm getting 38 mbps on VDSL, which I'm reasonably happy with, but we do have fibre in our street, so I will look into that.

The problem is having a shared driveway, I have to get all the neighbors to agree to letting the installers have access which might be hard.

The other point I wanted on make is the standard of expertise of the installers varies wildly. The original muppets who attempted to install the fibre in our street succeeded only in rupturing the water pipe, sending a spray of water about 5 metres in the air until the water guys came and fixed it. I believe they were sacked, as the next lot looked a bit more professional and must have got things working.

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