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Top 10 Quotes in success

waeleldeeb (3696809) writes | 19 minutes ago


waeleldeeb (3696809) writes "Usually all of us think that succeed and wants it already by several methods, including the acquisition of expertise and new skills in many areas such as learning e-commerce or how e-marketing or also the way profit from the Internet and more and more areas other successful and you are now my friends are some important tips which will return you benefit in your daily life and practical .. namely:

1 success for those who have shown courage Vhola Standing on top of the mountain did not descending from the sky, but there are controls in setting goals change direction and proper preparation and hard work and learning from mistakes and failures.

2 The difference between the successful and the other is not a lack of strength or knowledge but rather a lack of willpower, everything worth getting it must pay the price of Labour patience love and sacrifice is a professional person who is doing everything he can accept and change the current situation for the better.

3 self-confidence and you believe in your ability to change and challenged the risks that seem beyond the scope of current ability and infuses it only will know the true meaning of success.

4 road to success goes to the top and do not waste your time to look at what he has done precious Valahjar to be friction to shine."

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New 3D mini games

trieu.iv (3744557) writes | about half an hour ago


trieu.iv (3744557) writes " brings you only the best free online Unity3D games. A 3D game is a game having 3 dimensional graphics environment and that gives the most realistic gaming experience for gamers. The first 3D games appeared in the 1980’s and the first was Battlezone, an arcade game from Atari released in November of 1980. Play the most popular 3D games in like The Champions 3D, Smart Dicer, Formula Racer 2012, European Soccer and many more and live the 3D games playing experience to the maximum!"
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"Nano-Pixels" Hold Huge Potential For Flexible, Low-Power, High-Res Screens

Zothecula (1870348) writes | 2 days ago


Zothecula (1870348) writes "The Retina displays featured on Apple's iPhone 4 and 5 models pack a pixel density of 326 ppi, with individual pixels measuring 78 micrometers. That might seem plenty good enough given the average human eye is unable to differentiate between the individual pixels, but scientists in the UK have now developed technology that could lead to extremely high-resolution displays that put such pixel densities to shame."
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New Candy Crush Tips and Tricks: 10 New Tips to Unlock New Stage

Anonymous Coward writes | about an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "Candy Crush The Most Downloaded App in 2013-14. Candy Crush remains a success overshadows anyone: some pay from time to time to take aid and other neurons are squeezed to get to the end without paying for a life, but one way or another every day millions of people engage the King game.We can not tell you how to pass each levels Candy Crush, but there are some tricks you can keep in mind to go forward. We will review a set of guidelines that will be useful. Lucky break candy! Here we're going to show top 10 tips After getting huge response of our last post Did you check these TOP Tricks Forever For Candy Crush Saga?"
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Tollywood News | Telugu Cinema News

shenkarraja (3709999) writes | about an hour ago


shenkarraja (3709999) writes "Director Teja Tollywood News isn't the one who is able to simply direct a film better but also can fool people definitely better shows Kamal haasan in his record.Telugu Cinema News says Kamal stated there are no such things happening as Teja said in immediate past occasions to press and possibly shot on Teja for his major lie to media.

Although everybody are hectic in tollywood news discussing about Teja’s comeback as being a manager and the way effectively he selected that an open statement is made by offer Kamal haasan. He said in telugu cinema news,he didn't signal any Telugu film yet, talks are getting on but he is not signing any Telugu movie. It will be under my own production residence if I do then explains Kamal haasan. This record from Kamala haasan bumps Teja and marketing who considered in his terms, some of marketing people tried to make contact with Teja but he's not available at present."

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Reasons and Features that make Windows Phone appealing

NewsyThings (3744513) writes | 2 hours ago


NewsyThings (3744513) writes "Ever since Microsoft came up with its Windows Phone 8 a couple of years ago, the smart phone platform of the multi-billion dollar company has increased and the resulting effect on its market share is notable and conspicuous. With refreshed vigor, it is now reaching a larger consumer base on a global scale. Possibly calling this a paradigm shift would be an exaggeration but the result is quite evident and for everyone to witness. A major part of this rise in sales can be rightly attribute to affordable gadgets like Nokia Lumia 520 which are delivering exciting results across emerging gadget markets."
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A Video Game That Helps Cure Cancer

SlappingOysters (1344355) writes | 4 hours ago


SlappingOysters (1344355) writes "Guerilla Tea Games and Cancer Research UK have partnered on the creation of Play to Cure: Genes in Space, a game that actively helps scientists in their battle to find a cure for cancer. Grab It has the story about how the studio has converted the genetic data that needs to be trawled through by hand for imperfections into a space shooter, where players can knock months off the process by blasting away at asteroids. Episode 5 of the Grab It game discovery iPad app features the full exclusive interview on the game's creation, with behind the scenes images and video."

TLS Hardening

Anonymous Coward writes | 5 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "The TLS protocol guard our security for many protocols, and as such it has been subject to many attacks lately. The most heard of is Heartbleed, but let us not forget CRIME, BREACH, BEAST, Lucky 13, RC4 attacks, broken CA validation, broken revocation checks, and so on. Are you sure you spared everything you can?

In june 2014 issue of BSD magazine, Emmanuel Dreyfus publishes a helpful paper on TLS hardening (link to the standalone paper without mandatory BSD mag newsletter subscription). After introducing what a sysadmin or application developer should know about TLS, the paper looks at web server configuration, and how to cope with known attacks. The last part of the paper looks at how to harden TLS for other protocols: POP, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP, and so on."

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Source Code Leaked for Tinba Banking Trojan

msm1267 (2804139) writes | 2 days ago


msm1267 (2804139) writes "The source code for Tinba, known as the smallest banker Trojan in circulation, has been posted on an underground forum. Researchers say that the files turned out to be the source code for version one of Tinba, which was identified in 2012, and is the original, privately sold version of the crimeware kit.

Tinba performs many of the same malicious functions as other banker Trojans, injecting itself into running processes on an infected machine, including the browser and explorer.exe. The malware is designed to steal financial information, including banking credentials and credit-card data and also makes each infected computer part of a botnet. Compromised machines communicate with command-and-control servers over encrypted channels. Tinba got its name from an abbreviation of “tiny banker”, and researchers say that it’s only about 20 KB in size."

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Want To Ensure Your Personal Android Data Is Truly Wiped? Turn On Encryption

MojoKid (1002251) writes | 7 hours ago


MojoKid (1002251) writes "We've been around the block enough times to know that outside of shredding a storage medium, all data is recoverable. It's just matter of time, money, and effort. However, it was still sobering to find out exactly how much data security firm Avast was able to recover from Android devices it purchased from eBay, which included everything from naked selfies to even a completed loan application. Does this mean we shouldn't ever sell the old handset? Luckily, the answer is no. Avast's self-serving study was to promote its Anti-Theft app available on Google Play. The free app comes with a wipe feature that overwrites all files, thereby making them invisible to casual recovery methods. That's one approach. There's another solution that's incredibly easy and doesn't require downloading and installing anything. Before you sell your Android phone on eBay, Craigslist, or wherever, enable encryption and wait for it to encrypt the on board storage. After that, perform a wipe and reset as normal, which will obliterate the encryption key and ensure the data on your device can't be read. This may not work on certain devices, which will ask you to decrypt data before wiping but most should follow this convention just fine."
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New Technology Uses Cellular Towers for Super Accurate Weather Measurements

Iddo Genuth (903542) writes | 10 hours ago


Iddo Genuth (903542) writes "Israeli scientists from the Tel Aviv University perfected a method for using cell phone service towers microwave emitters to measure rain, snow and even (for the first time ) detect fog with great accuracy over vast areas in real time.

The research team members have analyzed endless amounts of raw cellular data and developed more accurate ways to measure meteorological information and added more parameters that they can now measure using their growing database. When combined with existing meteorological monitoring technologies such as radars and local ground based weather stations, the results show unprecedented level of accuracy that can give better and further weather forecast as well as special warnings about upcoming floods, fog and hail which can affect both people and crop production."

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Phillip K. Dick's "Radio Free Albemuth" movie is now available on

DarkStarZumaBeach (668886) writes | 11 hours ago


DarkStarZumaBeach (668886) writes "Another Phillip K. Dick science fiction novel is now a movie — "Radio Free Albemuth" is adapted by and directed by John Alan Simon and produced by Open Pictures.

It is appearing at select film festivals — but it is already available for Internet on-line streaming and DVD from

"Radio Free Albemuth" stars Jonathan Scarfe as "Nick Brady" — a music producer who discovers a whole new genre of music — coming from near-Earth orbit — from a voice claiming to be V.A.L.I.S. — Vast Active Living Intelligence System — purportedly floating in an alien satellite from the star system Albemuth.

The problem is that Nick and his wife Rachel (played by Kathryn Winnick) are living in a United States run by a paranoid President Ferris F. Fremont (played by Scott Wilson) who has established an oppressive FBI-enforced security regime authorized by staged attacks by a manufactured terrorist group named "ARAMCHEK."

What Nick and Rachel will discover is that there is no "Aramchek" — only a loosely knit resistance group of disorganized people — only linked by the intoxicating music of V.A.L.I.S. — especially when it is sung by the sensuous Sylvia, as played by the one and only Alanis Morissette in her first starring movie role.

And, when President Fremont discovers the music has subliminal messages recruiting more people to V.A.L.I.S., the iron glove of his political action committee, "The Friends of the American People", comes down on Nick, Rachel, and his new resistance friends.

Watch this science fiction thriller — and you will come to understand why the Hollywood studio system and the TV networks refused to distribute this film: They don't want to be another Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, while THEY do not want you to see it. EVER.

"Radio Free Albemuth" is the TRUE "Message of Hope — From the STARS ..."

Catch it while you still can ...

A special screening of Radio Free Albemuth in #Milwaukee will be on July 14, 2014, at 7 pm at the Landmark Downer with writer/director John Alan Simon and producer Elizabeth Karr.

For latest information on select screenings — see: Radio Free Albemuth on Facebook.
The Official Movie Web Site is here: Radio Free Albemuth"

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