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sharepoint 2013 apps development

Anonymous Coward writes | just now


An anonymous reader writes "Sharepoint 2013 apps developmen supports users through intuitive tools and solutions that enable them to choose how and when they upgrade and that provide programmatic access to centrally managed compliance policies. These tools and solutions help to ensure consistency and open collaboration, while allowing IT to focus on innovation."
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The debate ends - Siphons work due to gravity and not atmospheric pressure

knwny (2940129) writes | 15 minutes ago


knwny (2940129) writes "Peeved by the widespread misconception that siphons work because of atmospheric pressure, physics lecturer Dr. Stephen Hughes, wrote a mail to the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary(OED) pointing out the error. To back his claim, Dr.Hughes tested a siphon inside a hypobaric chamber to check if changes in atmospheric pressure had any effect on the siphon and demonstrated that gravity and not atmospheric pressure was the driving principle. The paper detailing his experiment was published in Nature. The OED spokesperson responded saying that his suggestions would be taken into account during the next rewrite."
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FTC Approves Tesla's Direct Sales Model

cartechboy (2660665) writes | 9 hours ago


cartechboy (2660665) writes "We've all read about Tesla and the ongoing battles its having with different dealer associations. Basically, dealer associations aren't too pleased about the Silicon Valley startup's direct sales model. Today the FTC has had made a statement on the matter and it's actually in favor of Tesla's direct sales model. "In this case and others, many state and local regulators have eliminated the direct purchasing option for consumers, by taking steps to protect existing middlemen from new competition. We believe this is bad policy for a number of reasons," wrote Andy Gavil, Debbie Feinstein, and Marty Gaynor in the FTC's "Who decides how consumers should shop?" posting to the Competition Matters blog. The FTC appears to take issue not with those laws, but with how they're being used, and with the direct-sales bans being passed in several states. Now the only real question is how long will it be before Tesla prevails in all states?"

Globe valve exporters-Touching new heights in global platform

gmengg (2992631) writes | about half an hour ago


gmengg (2992631) writes "Technology has offered valuable contributions to the industrial environment. Globe valves are one such product in the market which has significantly made a difference to the functioning and controlling of liquids and gases of varying nature. In recent times there has been an increase in demand for the globe valves which has in turn increased the popularity of the globe valve exporters in the global market."
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Durable, Wearable Video Recording Devices

AcesDnied (2542270) writes | 47 minutes ago


AcesDnied (2542270) writes "I'm curious as to what kind of video equipment people are using in semi hazardous (at least to electronic equipment) environments.

I'm a computer tech by day, but I'm also an apprentice at a metal shop, learning how to do metal shaping and metal finishing. I'd like to record some of the stuff I'm learning to do, so I can post it on our website or YouTube. The only problem is most of the time hot metal sparks and fine stone / metal dust are flying or floating through the air.

I've had a few people suggest a GoPro camera over Google Glass because of price. I'm wondering what other recording devices might be out there, and what kind of adaptations could be made to accommodate the equipment to provide the most longevity out of what you guys might have to suggest."

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technology news

Anonymous Coward writes | about an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "T3 Middle East offers the latest news and reviews related to electronic products released in the Middle East"
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Omni tech support offers the finest computer tech support

rainsmellblog (3630713) writes | about an hour ago


rainsmellblog (3630713) writes "You could utilize an infection scanner reputable anti-virus software program to detect viruses make up and execute various other hazards. They could be easily taken out whenever you want.
Handbook removal of bug
It is easy to do manually getting rid of viruses. Below are some reliable ways that you can do:
One. Remove data from the infection.
Delete the unneeded kept on your PC windows registry entrances.
C Remove all questionable programs from the Add / Remove Programs.
This means you can prevent your computer healthy and balanced and improve your life without big financial investments.
There are so numerous business providing different support services for desktop computer or laptop at competitive prices. Support the PC might provide the responses to all the problems connected with technology. With years of encounter in info modern technology administration issues, may recommend methods that you can make the ideal usage of modern technology items ken.
Microsoft's new project could lead to additional complication, according to experts. Lots of folks think that it is higher time for Microsoft to quit producing tablets running Windows RT http://www.omnitechsupport.com....
Well, if you intend to purchase a tablet, Microsoft Surface, see to it that you call Microsoft Product Support and check out the distinctions thoroughly just before buying.
New Windows Update 8.1 is quicker to begin, and it wakes up from hibernation rapidly. You need to adore this attribute, considering that it is a lot a lot more advanced in comparison to its previous variations. You can even sync feature documents in Windows 8.1 and all documents are instantly harmonized to the online storage space Skydive.
If you have additional questions about the new update, you can call the helpline Microsoft and delete your concerns on the new features of Windows 8.1.
The website is the only one revealed in measured merchants relative to the picture of the shop and items, to the customer must correspond. Is the Windows design, material and rate fact to interact? You seductive, amazing or based upon psychological stimulus via stimulation, or calling forth of the 5 detects. The most effective home windows could produce great enthusiasm and are the topic of conversation. Add to the application of the pedestrian shopping encounter fun, while interactions services and products.
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With years of encounter in information technology management concerns, might suggest methods that you can make the ideal usage of modern technology products ken. Microsoft's new task might lead to even more confusion, according to experts. Lots of individuals assume that it is higher time for Microsoft to stop generating tablet computers running Windows RT. New Windows Update 8.1 is quicker to begin, and it wakes up from hibernation swiftly. It could be seasonal and festive highlights of the year as spring season, summertime, New Year moving toward, Denali, Valentine's Day, Mama's Day, etc. combine Various other times, leaning may be based on colors, products or social."

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facebook.com/aquino.cole – One of Zuckerbergs greatest creations!

alonjamece (3630637) writes | about an hour ago


alonjamece (3630637) writes "Six days after the site launched, three Harvard seniors (Cameron Winklevoss,Tyler Winklevoss, andDivya Narendra) accused Zuckerberg of intentionally misleading them into believing he would help them build a social network calledHarvardConnection.com. They claimed he was instead using their ideas to build a competing product.The three complained toThe Harvard Crimsonand the newspaper began an investigation. They later filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg, subsequently settling in 2008for 1.2 millionshares(worth $300 million at Facebook'sIPO)."
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twitter.com/AQUINOCOLE – What do you like to tweet about?

caloxies (3630625) writes | 1 hour ago


caloxies (3630625) writes "Twitteris an onlinesocial networkingandmicrobloggingservice that enables users to send and read short 140-charactertext messages, called"tweets". Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Users access Twitter through the website interface,SMS, or mobile deviceapp.Twitter Inc. is based inSan Franciscoand has offices inNew York City,Boston,San AntonioandDetroit."
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iPad "Mom" Tattoo, Good or Bad Idea?

theodp (442580) writes | 1 hour ago


theodp (442580) writes "On Tuesday, in an Earth Day commercial narrated by CEO Tim Cook, Apple pledged "to do everything we can to keep our products out of landfills." So it's kind of surprising that on Thursday, Apple sent out a Mother's Day e-mail blast encouraging shoppers to permanently personalize their Apple products with engraved messages — e.g. Property of Mom. (Hands off, Dad.). "With free custom engraving," Apple suggested, "Mom will love her iPad even more." Perhaps, but will others want it as much when Mom is ready to dump it? You probably think it'd be crazy to tattoo "Mom" on your arm — is it a good idea to "tattoo" it on an iPad?"

What Is A Lenovo Computer DoD?

hyacentcrens (3630479) writes | 1 hour ago


hyacentcrens (3630479) writes "If you're wondering what a Lenovo computer DoD is, let me explain! To start, Lenovo is a creator of secure computer products. These products are secure enough to be used by government agencies like the department of defense. However, these Department of Defense Lenovo computers can also be used at home or at a business. Check out lenovo.com for more information about Department of Defense Lenovo."
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