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Irate NSA Staffer Doesn't Like Being Filmed in Public, for Some Reason

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "The Intercept writes "The NSA sent someone bearing the nametag “Neal Z.” to the University of New Mexico’s Engineering and Science Career Fair today, in the hopes of recruiting young computer geniuses to help manage the yottabytes of data it is collecting about you. But instead of eager young applicants, Mr. Z. encountered University of New Mexico alumnus Andy Beale and student Sean Potter, who took the rare opportunity of being in the room with a genuine NSA agent to ask him about his employer’s illegal collection of metadata on all Americans. Mr. Z. did not like that one bit.""

Wish to Know How Has Immigration Benefited Australia

Anonymous Coward writes | 12 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "The world famous immigration destination of Australia has a very long history of immigration. A study reports that the nation is made up of inhabitants from almost every country on the earth creating a multi cultural society with diverse linguistic, social and cultural abilities. Today, one in ..."
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Emogif- Respond With a Gifs for Text

emogif (3825595) writes | 12 minutes ago


emogif (3825595) writes "Emogif- Respond With a Gifs for Text

Emogif app refers emotional gif, it is the newest and funnest way to respond with a gifs for text. This app gives you 65 emotional categories. Once you decide what emotion you want to evoke, copy one of the 400 different gifs or short video clips and paste them into the conversation. All files are categorized based on emotional responses. Emogif is the most comprehensive and organized collection of Best Gifs for Emotions (happy, angry, sad) in the history of the world. Emogif will add a new dynamic to your conversations. Be the first to respond with an emogif and see the responses you get. It is fast and it is fun! Be the first of your friends to respond with a gif.

You can download Emogif App for free


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Top 10 Android Apps for Smartphone's

MjBlast (3557347) writes | 14 minutes ago


MjBlast (3557347) writes "Android phones are the most popular among all age group as there is an ease with which they can be operated and also have a huge app library. There are so many apps in the Google Store that MJBlast has compiled a list of top 10 free apps that should be downloaded in Android phones in order to make the life smoother and the smartphone smarter."
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NASA Inspector General lobs big rocks at agency's asteroid hunting program

coondoggie (973519) writes | 12 hours ago


coondoggie (973519) writes "Lack of money, management structure and staff are hampering NASA’s ability to effectively identify and track comets, meteorites and asteroids that might threaten Earth. The space agency’s Inspector General, Paul Martin, issued a scathing report this week that said while NASA’s Near Earth Object program has done substantial work in identifying the sometimes massive rocks hurtling around the planet it is substantially behind in its goal of cataloging 90% of those 140 meters in diameter by 2020, among other issues."
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basic manual testing,manual and automated testing

Anonymous Coward writes | about half an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "Manual testing is the process of manually testing the quality of software product. Asoftware product is said to be quality if it satisfies the client requirements, and get ready within the budget and in time. It requires a tester to play the role of an end user, and use most of all features of the application to ensure correct behavior by communicating with developers. To ensure completeness of testing, the tester often follows a written test plan that leads them through a set of important test cases. A key step in the process is,testing the software for correct behavior prior to release to end users by differentiating the expected and actual results."
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Swedish underground forum Flashback is down, counterattack from Researchgruppen?

Glam Casvaluir (3831567) writes | 45 minutes ago


Glam Casvaluir (3831567) writes "Some speculate it is an counterattack from the left-wing extremist group Researchgruppen who lately got their database service Piscatus hacked and published to the public on the Sedish election day. There is a underground digital war going on in Sweden with the culprit on the election day, and this is the latest act. The liberal forum Flashback is one of the most popular Forum for Sweden, and all writers there are anonymous."
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Never Think That You Have Learnt Everything About This Script Technically, Funda

blaine.corey5335 (3409863) writes | 1 hour ago


blaine.corey5335 (3409863) writes "Learning about position trading strategies is key to particular scrip at any point is driven by demand and supply. It's impossible to predict what will happen beyond a few years, but if you purchase properties that are in stabilized period, you can safely assume that there will be no further fall. 5200 dollars per sterling pound, Bank A would receive its £2 million on the next Tuesday and at Euro crisis may never see an end in the immediate future. The stock market is always looking out at least six to nine months into the future, which you may lose an opportunity to sell your scrip that day. The information provided through Morning Star is more analytical in nature and focused on the more sophisticated investor however looking through the app and react to market changes during the day compared to sleeping less than 5 hours a day."
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Dna Gel Electrophoresis

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "For more details on Northern Blot Test, DNA Gel Electrophoresis, Capillary Electrophoresis DNA and DNA Electrophoresis Lab, please don't hesitate to contact us."
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