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Choose an Affordable Solar Panel System

davidrich (3888973) writes | about half an hour ago


davidrich (3888973) writes "Building a home is terribly big-ticket. Except for the labor prices, one amongst the most important the price of building materials has more established the roof. Building materials are designed to last for a protracted time and to face up to the weather, which implies that they're of a prime quality and have a tendency to be terribly big-ticket. However, there are ways in which to seek out reasonable materials to create your dream home.

Prefabricated Building Materials, or prefabs, are structures that are created in factories that may be put in throughout the development of a home. A number of these structures embrace ready-made rooms, kitchens, bogs and alternative home structures. In creating prefabs, the makers confirm that they're inbuilt a homogenous and precise manner, with a guarantee that they're prime quality as a result of the measurements are created in an exceedingly works setting wherever accuracy and consistency are high priorities. Additionally, only if they're factory-made, the costs are less. For little more cash, you'll even have ready-made materials custom created, giving your home a lot of distinctive look.

The 2003 the Northeast blackout affected forty five million individuals in eight United States of America states. Those mistreatment different sources of energy like star panels were ready to enjoy their independence from the grid. No food going dangerous in refrigerators, no sitting in the dark for them. The Council on Foreign Relations, a suppose tank, has reported that electricity consumption and production have systematically expanded , leading to an increased burden on a system not designed for such an oversized load, that means that several individuals are turning to star panels for security furthermore as monetary and environmental reasons.

Solar power could be a "green" and renewable power and does not emit harmful CO2, which suggests it is a good way to cut back your carbon footprint. Near 3000 pounds of CO2 per annum may be saved by a typical home solar power system, which works dead set about 30 tons over its lifetime. These clean, inexperienced technologies are the core of consecutive technological revolution, consistent with Tony Juniper, Friends of the world director.

The use of alternative energy drastically reduces electricity prices, and this can be one in all the foremost common reasons for selecting it. Federal and state governments supply star incentives that facilitate to offset the initial expenses of a Solar Panel system. The 2005 Energy Policy Act provides 2 ways in which to tend a solar power step-down from the central. Solar power rebates are offered by quite five hundredth people states.

Any additional electricity you produce mistreatment your star panels, if you are hooked up to the grid, are procured by the utility company. Accounting for a solar power system's electricity production and sanctioning utilities to get excess energy from owners, web metering is allowed in thirty states. The foremost oftentimes used choice could be a single, reversible meter. As a solar power system produces electricity, the kilowatts are used initial to satisfy on-site energy demand. Excess electricity is then fed into the grid, turning the electrical meter backwards, rather than being hold on in a very battery. The house owner is attributable for the additional kilowatts at the finish of every metering amount.

Excess electricity may be hold on to be used on days that are overcast."

Asymmetric Email encryption, simply explained

Anonymous Coward writes | about half an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "Do you think email encryption is technical and expensive ? You are probably miss informed. Here is a nice infography explaining how asymmetric email encryption works. Asking privacy online, especially with emails is important. Now you have no excuses to jump in the water."
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Microsoft now Makes Money from Surface Line, Q1 Sales Reach Almost $1 Billion

SmartAboutThings (1951032) writes | about half an hour ago


SmartAboutThings (1951032) writes "Microsoft has recently published its Q1 fiscal 2015 earnings report, disclosing that it has made $4.5 billion in net income on $23.20 billion in revenue. According to the report, revenue has increased by $4.67 billion, compared to $18.53 billion from the same period last year. However, net income has decreased 14 percent compared to last year’s $5.24 billion mainly because of the $1.14 billion cost associated with the integration and restructuring expenses related to the Nokia acquisition.

But what's finally good news for the company is that the Surface gross margin was positive this quarter, which means the company finally starts making money on Surface sales. Microsoft didn’t yet reveal Surface sales, but we know that Surface revenue was $908 million this quarter, up a massive 127 percent from the $400 million this time last year. However, if we assume that the average spent amount on the purchase of this year’s Surface Pro 3 was around $1000, then we have less than 1 million units sold, which isn’t that impressive, but it’s a good start."

Paidtwenty five hundred dollars because

jamalsiddi (3888997) writes | 38 minutes ago


jamalsiddi (3888997) writes "Paidtwenty five hundred dollars because someone convinced damn that it cost twenty five hundreddollars to build a word press first site for him I that whatever for okay and so I i said let's take a look andmake sure it's being backed up I am I'm not gonna go I never go inthere in touch anything but I wanted I'm admin access so I could see what kinda plugins they were using thatkind of thing and he said oh I don't happen our the I web developer said that's verydangerous to give you some sense yeah it lookslike and share this with a straight face check if they could lose their job hashit it with a client or a lesser Fulham yeah so up it's very dangerous you knowwhat I see the point but give me a break Isaid in the end this is your property not the property are someone who has I am a website that's hosted in is Ste based to not even get me started these days if you're not hosting with a majorhosting company you are putting everything you have injeopardy and I don't care how smart that personis whether or not his backup is his brother-in-law in Victoria first I bought you do not have the samekind of redundancy that host monster how skater even dat daddy thing she not at least they have backup they've got ."

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Technology Hub

Anonymous Coward writes | 38 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "Technology Hub of Latest Technology, Chip-sets and Tricks and Useful Knowledge For Windows Users and Bloggers ."
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Salmonella in Minnesota linked to raw chicken

Brendavitek (3888959) writes | 49 minutes ago


Brendavitek (3888959) writes "The salmonella risk was much more common until 2008, when packaging was improved to clarify that these contained raw meat, the Health Department said Thursday.

“The problem arises when consumers don’t realize that they are handling and preparing a raw product,” said Dr. Carrie Rigdon, an investigator for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Dairy and Food Inspection Division."

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Testimonial: chronic chlamydia prostatitis is cured by Diuretic and Anti-inflamm

xinyeda123 (3856589) writes | 1 hour ago


xinyeda123 (3856589) writes "Name: Mr. Liu
Gender: male
Address: Liaoning province
Symptoms: frequent urination, burning and itches on urethral orifice, abdominal distension
Diagnosis: chronic chlamydia prostatitis
Tests: urine test, DRE, transrectal ultrasound

Medical history: Two years ago, Mr. Liu experienced burning and itches on urethral orifice after a circumcision surgery. After diagnosis, he was told that he had affected the Fungi. However, the itches still existed after treatment. Then, He was told to take urine test, DRE and transrectal ultrasound, and the outcome was chronic chlamydia prostatitis. Before taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, he has tried so many methods but all failed.

Consulting time: 2013-01-03
Treating courses: five-month treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

After two-month treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, Mr. Liu told Dr. Lee that although the itches and burning on urethral orifice still existed, the frequent urination and abdominal distension were relieved a lot. But he also told Dr. Lee that he could not urinate easily after intercourse, which was newly appeared. Then, Dr. Lee told him to take it easy and keep taking the herbal pill, because the newly appeared symptom probably is caused by oppressed urethra.

Mr. Liu told Dr. Lee that he had had minor improvements almost every other day since he started taking it. And now the frequent urination and abdominal distension are gone. As for the itches and burning on urethral orifice, it appeared occasional, especially after intercourse. Then, Mr. Liu was told to keep taking the herbal pill. What’s more, he was also told to reduce the intercourse times, in case of long-term prostate congestion.

After four-month treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, Mr. Liu told Dr. Lee that the itches and burning on urethral orifice had played with him. It went away and completely disappeared for 3 — 4 days and then came back for 2 -3 days. Dr. Lee asked Mr. Liu to wash penis before sex and urinate after sex. Moreover, Dr. Lee also told Mr. Liu to accept checkups after finished this month treatment.

7 days later after drug withdrawal, tests like urine test, DRE and transrectal ultrasound were normal. Symptoms like frequent urination, burning and itch on urethral orifice, abdominal distension were gone too. Mr. Liu was free from the chronic chlamydia prostatitis radically."

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Incapacitating Chemical Agents: Coming Soon to Local Law Enforcement?

Lasrick (2629253) writes | yesterday


Lasrick (2629253) writes "To this day, Russian authorities refuse to disclose the incapacitating chemical agent (ICA) they employed in their attempt, 12 years ago, to save 900 hostages held in a theater by Chechen fighters. Malcom Dando elaborates on a new report that Russia, China, Israel, and a slew of other countries are continuing research into ICAs, and the apparent indifference of the international community into such research. Proponenets of ICAs have long promoted their use in a variety of scenarios, including that of law enforcement, because in theory these chemicals incapacitate without permanent disability. Critics, however, point out that these weapons rely on exact dosage to prevent fatality, and that the ability to 'deliver the right agent to the right people in the right dose without exposing the wrong people, or delivering the wrong dose' is a near-impossible expectation. ICAs represent the further misuse and militarization of the life sciences and a weakening of the taboo against the weaponization of toxic substances, and the idea that they could be used in law enforcement situations is a disturbing one."
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Apple Pay glitch has some users charged twice

hcs_$reboot (1536101) writes | 1 hour ago


hcs_$reboot (1536101) writes "Some Apple Pay users were charged twice by Bank of America for purchases they made. The problem is due to a bug in the processing between Bank of America and at least one of the payment networks involved with the Apple Pay service. “We apologize for the inconvenient and are correcting this issue immediately and all duplicates will be refunded” said Tara Burke, spokeswomen for Bank of America.

Some funny people might be asking if that isn't the norm to pay double for something Apple. But to be fair, the Apple Pay service, beside that glitch — which appears _not_ to be on Apple side — is working great so far."

HR seeks out families' support

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Unhappy that families of their employees were counseling them to strike a work-life balance, HR at some of the biggest companies have decided to attack the root cause. With cloying charm HR departments now invite families to address the question "What is going on in the office that my daughter is working so late?" "On 'family day', Deutsche Bank-India throws open its office doors. "We have seen employees and their families click photographs at their work stations. Children like to sit at their parent's desk and understand what their parents accomplish on a day-to-day basis," says a spokesperson."
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JBlocks .

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "JBlocks — an extremely addicting time killer! Three difficulty levels, brand new in-game extras and a global leaderboard, Jblocks will challenge dexterity and speed on your quest to save the world from Neptune’s wrath !"
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Amazon to open data centre in Germany

ihtoit (3393327) writes | 3 hours ago


ihtoit (3393327) writes "News from the London Financial Times: Amazon will offer its corporate customers the option of running internet services and holding data in Germany as it addresses concerns from European businesses about the threat of online spying in the US.
The retailer’s cloud computing arm has unveiled plans to build centres in Frankfurt as businesses and governments in continental Europe have shown increasing alarm at revelations of widespread internet surveillance, exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden."

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