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Why Children's Writers Are Special

maaillustrations (3819857) writes | 2 minutes ago


maaillustrations (3819857) writes "In this illustrations you are a children’s writer. You will never win the Nobel Prize or Pulitzer. You name will never figure on all the right lists in the literary world. You will never be taken seriously by fellow-writers. And your work will never get the accolades it deserves. But what you will have is the deep, complete, lifelong love of your readers; an abiding affection not dimmed by the passage of time. And that is the greatest success any writer can hope to have.Writers come and writers go, but nobody is ever loved as wholeheartedly and unconditionally as those who touched readers’ hearts in childhood. Only children can fling open their hearts to without reserve to literary characters. A fitting tribute to those special writers who entice children into worlds where endless possibilities lurk around every turn in the story."
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Reasons for increasing divorce rates

Anonymous Coward writes | 9 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "Divorces are on a rise these days more then ever before. The mutual consent between the couples is declining that’s why such a situation arises. People who are compatible with each other lead a good married life which is hassle free but those couples who are not compatible and keep fighting assume that divorce is the easiest way to escape. There might be many reasons for a divorce to happen but the most common reasons are, loyalty, education, infidelity, no understanding etc. if you are finding complications between you and your wife then it should be resolved by talking and finding out the reason for it. If it fails then you can seek help of a good lawyer. In this article we will talk about the reasons for the increasing divorce rate.

Gray is divorced: A reason might be a huge age gap, when two people have a huge age gap, then definitely their mindset is likely to be different. They won’t have a mutual consent on many things and this can lead to divorce. Gray divorce is used for those males that have grey hair and are undergoing a divorce. These males are basically 55 years and above and their physical performance will be lacking which might lead to an unhappy married life and this will eventually lead to a divorce.

Increased divorce rates: these days you will see an increase in the divorce rate as society is changing and it has become more progressive that’s why women are given the freedom to do anything and if it’s a failed marriage then they have the option to opt out which was not present in the past, as the women had to compromise no matter how terrible her marriage was, she was looked down by the society if she left her husband. With changing times things have changed. One more reason is an ego clash, which leads to separation. More often financial instability can also be a cause, if the husband is not able to provide his wife with enough financial banking then it might lead to breakups.

Divorces also depend on education; illiterate people are more likely to undergo a divorce than educated people. Even age is an important consideration, if people marry at a young age then they do not have the maturity and that might lead to divorce.

These are important facts relating to increased divorce rates. For any help of the lawyer people tend to consider Legal consultancy services India, that has many lawyers listed on the portal and a person can choose a lawyer best suited for him.

e-court is a budding legal consultancy online, which is a recent find but has the best to offer to the mankind. Contact e-court now to seek help of the top lawyers."

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Spy Bluetooth tabiz

spyindiaseo1 (3825867) writes | 10 minutes ago


spyindiaseo1 (3825867) writes "Spy Bluetooth tabiz is a wireless device designed to establish hands free communication. It consists of a tabiz and an earpiece set powered by high quality built in rechargeable battery. Its spy earpiece allows you to hear everything that your partner tells you. It can work with any cell phone that has a Bluetooth function."
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How to Pay Service Tax - An Overview

Anonymous Coward writes | 21 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "The service tax amnesty scheme was launched in the budget of 2013-14 by P Chidambaram, who was the then finance minister of India. It was aimed at attracting long time tax evaders and encouraged them with special policies that waived off their interest amount on dues."
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Know how a private detective is helpful to you ?

Mathew David (3436009) writes | 22 minutes ago


Mathew David (3436009) writes "There are many cases, which points towards the rising needs of having a private detective. There are many areas of work in the busy life, which is mainly taken up by them due to their nature of gravity and seriousness of work. The utmost remains the security, which comes as the one of the most important need and ultimate demand of the people to live a safe life. The detective comes as the most imperative source to have the vital protection of your premise and installation. He has been so much observant that he can precisely watch an action and activity made by suspected person at a point of time. His sharper skills and intelligence is widely used by firms, businesses and organizations in order to stay safe and protected in all malicious environments. That’s why they are considered to be highly demanding entity at the present times."
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support for brother printer

cntactforhelp (3691581) writes | about half an hour ago


cntactforhelp (3691581) writes "If you need Brother tech support person so call now our customer support person and find quickly resolution your printer problem because vansskavv is largest tech support company also we are provide all printer support service ,ithasits problemsbutwecanignorethoseproblemsandlook fortheadvantages-it fasttobrother printersupportoperate,bodyhasasolidbuilt,and suittothesmallpocketsizeandoperationisvery easy"
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Why Online Advertisement ?

Shibam Sarbswa (3805361) writes | about half an hour ago


Shibam Sarbswa (3805361) writes "If you’ve been slow on the uptake when it comes to online advertising, you should begin ramping up your efforts. Online ad spend has seen consistent growth and is projected to overtake print, states a recent IAB report. If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with online advertising, it’s time to do so. If you’re of the belief that advertising online is wasting your ad budget, think again. These are 9 reasons you should be advertising online:"
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First bird flu case since 2011 in Japan

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "Japan’s Agricultural Ministry confirmed finding two chickens tested positive for avian influenza at a farm where more than 1,000 chickens had died, marking the nation’s first case of bird flu since 2011."
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Checking in and out: What Foursquare's Changes Tell Us about Gamification

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Remember Foursquare?

In 2009, Foursquare launched a location based social network that allowed you to “check-in” at various venues, turning “life into a game”. It reached 10 million users, which enabled the company to raise $ 50 M in 2011 at a valuation of $ 600 M. Foursquare was a hit.

One of the core drivers behind the craze to check-in using Foursquare and not competing services was Foursquare’s use of gamification. But that seems to have ebbed, and eventually foursquare removed much of it (although it suggested stickers a while ago The story looks at the lessons here — not everyone can be a mayor..."

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Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't

snydeq (1272828) writes | yesterday


snydeq (1272828) writes "Faster innovation, better security, new markets — the case for opening Swift might be more compelling than Apple will admit, writes Peter Wayner. 'In recent years, creators of programming languages have gone out of their way to get their code running on as many different computers as possible. This has meant open-sourcing their tools and doing everything they could to evangelize their work. Apple has never followed the same path as everyone else. The best course may be to open up Swift to everyone, but that doesn't mean Apple will. Nor should we assume that giving us something for free is in Apple's or (gasp) our best interests. The question of open-sourcing a language like Swift is trickier than it looks. Here are seven reasons why Apple should open-source Swift, followed by seven reasons why it ain't gonna happen.'"

Business competition, Korean Style

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes | 4 hours ago


Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "A spat has developed between 2 of the biggest Korean chaebols , Samsung & LG

Samsung is accusing LG's employees, one of which was a high-ranking executive, of damaging Samsung's branded washing machine in Germany

LG has retaliate with a charge that this episode is nothing but an attempt by Samsung to damage its (LG's) reputation

Prosecutors in Korea and Police in Germany are getting involved

Stay tuned ..."

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Foxconn workers come down with leukemia

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes | 4 hours ago


Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Chances are the electronic device you use, whether it be smartphones, tablets, servers, or whatever, came from a factory somewhere in China

Foxxconn (or Hon Hai) is one of the biggest electronic factory that churns out millions and millions of electronic device every single day

A recent report came out that 13 young employees of Hon Hai had developed leukemia and 5 of them died of it. Instead of helping its employees, Foxconn denied everything and has adopted heavy-handed approach by demanding news outlets to retract their report (about Hon Hai's employees came down with leukemia) or Foxconn threatening them with lawsuits

As part of their "denial campaign" the "union" representing Hon Hai's workers came out with company approved propaganda, denying the link of benzene to those employees who were infected with leukemia

All in all, the picture is not pretty. Hon Hai is doing everything to cover up the truth, while its workers are still exposed to health-damaging chemicals in their workplace"

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MIT's Cheetah Robot Runs Untethered

Anonymous Coward writes | 12 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "It's easy to make a robot walk, but hard to keep it from falling over. We've seen a number of crazy robot prototypes, but they're usually tethered and stuck on a treadmill. Now, researchers from MIT have developed an algorithm that allows their giant robot cheetah to run around outdoors at up to 10mph. They expect the robot to eventually hit speeds of 30mph. "The key to the bounding algorithm is in programming each of the robot’s legs to exert a certain amount of force in the split second during which it hits the ground, in order to maintain a given speed: In general, the faster the desired speed, the more force must be applied to propel the robot forward. ... Kim says that by adapting a force-based approach, the cheetah-bot is able to handle rougher terrain, such as bounding across a grassy field." The MIT cheetah-bot also runs on a custom electric motor, which makes it significantly quieter than gas-powered robots. "Our robot can be silent and as efficient as animals. The only things you hear are the feet hitting the ground.""
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Easy alternative to share internet

Anonymous Coward writes | 4 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "If there is a need to share your internet connection between all computers at your home or anywhere so that all the users access the internet at the same time; you can employ an Ethernet splitter to construct a set of connections where all the PC's can be linked to utilize the internet connection"
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The purpose of Educational Illustrations

maaillustrations (3819857) writes | 4 hours ago


maaillustrations (3819857) writes "This illustrations show to help the students to learn faster and enhances their understanding. Most of us might be never forget the pictorial books that we loved as children. These colourful pictorial books definitely played their role in our overall intellectual development and learning processes. There are various benefits that illustrations offer us. They help to motivate the reader, improve creativity and nurtures aesthetic appreciation. Picture illustrations express the story in a better way, both verbally and visually.In the present day world the television, internet and video games occupy the minds of young children. There is an ever-growing need to produce colourfully illustrated books which can capture the imagination of the children. Children are often attracted to brightly coloured images of simple things. Younger children like brilliant colours, tales and repetitive text that emphasizes on familiar objects. Pre-schoolers like a good rhythm and repetitive texts with colourful images. Pre-schoolers must have exposure to multiplicity of various types of books with fairy tales, nonfiction and titles that interest them."
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