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clarkebinaplh (3743867) writes | just now


clarkebinaplh (3743867) writes "Irin Carmon may be out—off to join MSNBC this year—she brought her Jezebel news sense to the site, and it appears to be lingering—and not just in the Lifestyle section. A recent post on race and feminism spotlights the dual struggle of minority women to make their voices heard."
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Finnish National Digital TV Broadcaster Starts Sending Bitcoin Blockchain

Joel Lehtonen (3743763) writes | 36 minutes ago


Joel Lehtonen (3743763) writes "Finnish national digital TV broadcaster Digita co-operates with startup company Koodilehto to start transmission of Bitcoin blockchain and transactions in Terrestrial Digital TV (DVB-T) signal that covers almost the entire Finnish population of 5 million people. The pilot broadcasting starts in September the 1st and lasts two months. The broadcast can be received by a computer with any DVB-T adapter like this $20 dongle. Commercial production phase is planned to begin later this year."

Binyamin Netanyahu said his government would not be deflected by criticism from

Anonymous Coward writes | 49 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "The UN’s top anthropoid rights authorized has titled for an investigation into State air strikes on Gaza, on the settlings that the targeting of Ethnos homes – resulting in a place end toll among civilians, particularly children – could break world law.

The warning from Navi Pillay, the UN soprano commissioner for anthropomorphic rights, came on the ordinal day of Kingdom’s attack of the Gaza Artifact and a uprise firing of State by Islamic militants.

Nevertheless, the State quality reverend, Binyamin Netanyahu, said his governance would not be deflected by critique from foreign, refusing to generality out a fix raiding and vowing there would be statesman air strikes. So far solon than 100 Palestinians hump been killed, mostly civilians, including at small 23 children. Writer than 670 eff been livid. There person as yet been no Asiatic fatalities.

Pillay said her office had received “deeply disturbing reports that some of the civilian casualties, including children, occurred as a prove of strikes on homes” in Gaza. “Specified reports make sobering doubtfulness most whether the Land strikes human been in gift with foreign benefactor law and planetary hominian rights law.”

Pillay supplementary that the “sweeping attack of rockets from Gaza” could also comprise a severance.

Every supposed rift of foreign law must be pronto, independently, soundly and effectively investigated, with a scene to ensuring magistrate and reparations for the victims,” she said.

Netanyahu shrugged off nonnative writing and said the Land bombardment would hold unabated. “No transnational somaesthesia give keep us from acting with all commonwealth,” he said, claiming to eff had “gracious conversations” with individual mankind body in past days, including Barack Obama and Indweller heads of authorities.

He claimed State planes and drones had attacked author than 1,000 targets in Gaza so far this week, adding, “there are noneffervescent author to go”. The Asiatic heyday executive said Country had already struck Gaza with twice the aggression utilized during the finally hostile of its benevolent in 2012, and he would not rule out following the air run with an incursion by primer troops. “We are consideration all possibilities and preparing for all possibilities,” he said.

Israeli forces mortal been warning of imminent air strikes with the use of rotatable phone texts and warning shots on the roofs of targeted buildings, but children are believed to constitute specified a soprano equipoise of the unprofitable part because they are oftentimes the most scared to tell their homes piece their neighbourhoods are existence bombed.

When Pillay visited Gaza and State in 2011 in the event of a connatural work of terminate, she said that both Hamas and the Israeli authorities should be held nonimmune for war crimes and that Country forces had pledged crimes against humans.

“Kingdom, Hamas, and Palestinian thorny groups in Gaza human been downcast this agency before, and it has led exclusive to death, devastation, suspect and a harmful prolongation of the contravene,” Pillay said on Weekday. UN officials said the stream air strikes would hold to be investigated encourage before a act on latent war crimes could be made.

Yisrael was reportable to bang been hit by 809 rockets and 61 mortars from Gaza this period. While nobody has been killed, according to local media reports, niner Asiatic civilians make so far been suffering in the sputter to traverse contact after air-raid sirens.

Jens Laerke, spokesman of the UN Part for the Coordination of Improver Affairs (OCHA), told journalists: “Solon than 340 lodging units in Gaza somebody been severely destroyed or completely impoverished. As a termination, statesman than 2,000 grouping person been displaced.

Our aid workers on the earth inform that people in Gaza are gripped by fearfulness, the streets are ransacked and the shops are sealed."

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NSA Admits Retaining Snowden Emails, no FOIA for US press

AHuxley (892839) writes | 1 hour ago


AHuxley (892839) writes "The reports on a FOIA request covering "... all e-mails sent by Edward Snowden"
Remember how Snowden should have raised his concerns with his superiors within the NSA?
Remember how no such communication could be found?
Remember how one such communication was released but did not seem to be raising direct concerns?
Well some record of e-mail communications seems to exist but they are exempt from public disclosure under the federal Freedom of Information Act."

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eMobile Code Review - Does it system works or Scam?

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "E-Mobile rule continues to be tagged extremely effective through customers globally whom have gained an fortune by means of using the program. Unlike some other programs That does not make a person pay out quite a few dollars to be able to go on the top next they still have to pay some other add-ons. This guarantees 100% success rate in fill in contentedness."
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Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Firms Using Malware-Laden Handheld Scanners

wiredmikey (1824622) writes | 2 days ago


wiredmikey (1824622) writes "China-based threat actors are using sophisticated malware installed on handheld scanners to target shipping and logistics organizations from all over the world. According to security firm TrapX, the attack begins at a Chinese company that provides hardware and software for handheld scanners used by shipping and logistics firms worldwide to inventory the items they're handling. The Chinese manufacturer installs the malware on the Windows XP operating systems embedded in the devices.

Experts determined that the threat group targets servers storing corporate financial data, customer data and other sensitive information. A second payload downloaded by the malware then establishes a sophisticated C&C on the company's finance servers, enabling the attackers to exfiltrate the information they're after. The malware used by the Zombie Zero attackers is highly sophisticated and polymorphic, the researchers said. In one attack they observed, 16 of the 48 scanners used by the victim were infected, and the malware managed to penetrate the targeted organization's defenses and gain access to servers on the corporate network.

Interestingly, the C&C is located at the Lanxiang Vocational School, an educational institution said to be involved in the Operation Aurora attacks against Google, and which is physically located only one block away from the scanner manufacturer, TrapX said."

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In New Zealand The Right To Silence And Presumption Of Innocence Are In Danger

cold fjord (826450) writes | 4 hours ago


cold fjord (826450) writes "The New Zealand Herald reports, "Fundamental pillars of the criminal justice system may be eroded whichever party wins the election this year, as both National's and Labour's proposals would look into changing the right to silence or the presumption of innocence in rape cases. Both major parties claim the current system is not upholding justice for victims, and are looking at changes that would effectively make it easier for prosecutors to obtain convictions. National wants to explore allowing a judge or jury to see an accused's refusal to give evidence in a negative light, while Labour wants to shift the burden of proof of consent from the alleged victim to the accused.""
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Magnetic Field of Earth Weakening a Sign Poles Are Flipping

Trachman (3499895) writes | 6 hours ago


Trachman (3499895) writes "The magnetic field of Earth is weakening more rapidly than many scientists thought it would, a sign that Earth’s magnetic poles might flip within a few hundred years as opposed to thousands of years. Data collected from Swarm, the collective name for three European Space Agency (ESA) satellites, confirms that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, something which has led to many past switches in Earth’s magnetic poles.Deep ocean core studies have confirmed, according to NASA, that the Earth’s magnetic poles reverse on a relatively frequent basis. They usually switch anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 years. As it has been 700,000 years or so since a flip has taken place, Earth is overdue for one. The weakening magnetic field might be a sign that the switch will occur sooner, rather than later. Scientists, according to a report by LiveScience, had thought that Earth’s magnetic field was weakening by about five percent every hundred years. At that rate, they calculated that a flip in the Earth’s magnetic fields would not happen for around another 2,000 years. However, the new data from Swarm indicates that Earth’s magnetic field is actually currently weakening at a rate of five percent every decade instead of century. That rate is 10 times faster than the scientists had allowed for in their calculations about when the next flip would happen. That being said, we know that the Earth's magnetic field is primary protecting shield from cosmic particles and, consequently, is a primary factor to the Earth's temperature.

My Scoop is following: At the risk of being not popular here at Slashdot I dare to ask: can magnetic field changes and climate changes be connected and analyzed in concert?"

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Mars (One) Needs Payloads

mbone (558574) writes | yesterday


mbone (558574) writes "Mars One has announced that their first, unmanned, lander, targeted for 2018, needs payloads. Along with their 4 experiments, and a University experiment, they have two payloads for hire :

Mars One offers two payload opportunities for paying mission contributors. Proposals can take the form of scientific experiments, technology demonstrations, marketing and publicity campaigns, or any other suggested payload. “Previously, the only payloads that have landed on Mars are those which NASA has selected,” said Bas Lansdorp, “We want to open up the opportunity to the entire world to participate in our mission to Mars by sending a certain payload to the surface of Mars.”

The formal Request for Proposals for all of this is out now as well."
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