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A Secure Way to Success

rossijones (3835087) writes | 9 minutes ago


rossijones (3835087) writes "Everyone has questions when they are being asked to provide some personal financial details to a website. The fact that everyone is now happy to provide them is evidence that the Internet has become a strong marketing force where websites can guarantee security. No matter what you want to buy from an airline ticket to a new camera, furniture to a lottery ticket you can rest easy that no one is getting details of your bank account or card for unauthorised use."
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Why Banana skins are slippery wins IgNobel

gbjbaanb (229885) writes | 9 minutes ago


gbjbaanb (229885) writes "This year's Ig Nobel prize was won by Japanese researchers investigating why banana skins produced a frictionless surface compared to apple and orange peels.
(apparently "The polysaccharide follicular gels that give banana skins their slippery properties are also found in the membranes where our bones meet." so its not all fun and jollity)

Other prizes were awarded for noting that dogs only defecate when aligned with north-south magnetic fields, and that 'night owl' people are more likely to be psychopaths than early risers. Yes, that probably includes you."

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Scotland votes NO

Anonymous Coward writes | 9 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "Scotland voters decided to remain part of the United Kingdom on Friday, rejecting independence in a historic referendum.

The decision prevented a rupture of a 307-year union with England, bringing a huge sigh of relief to the British political establishment. Scots voted 55.3 percent to 44.7 percent against independence in a vote that saw an unprecedented turnout.

“Like millions of other people, I am delighted,” Prime Minister David Cameron said in a speech outside 10 Downing Street on Friday morning. “It would have broken my heart to see our United Kingdom come to an end.”

Cameron promised new powers for Scotland in the wake of the vote, but also warned that millions of voices in England must also be heard, calling for a “balanced settlement” that would deliver more power to England, Wales and Northern Ireland."

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Home Depot Says Breach Affected 56 Million Cards

wiredmikey (1824622) writes | about half an hour ago


wiredmikey (1824622) writes "Home Depot said on Thursday that a data breach affecting its stores across the United States and Canada is estimated to have exposed 56 million customer payment cards between April and September 2014. While previous reports speculated that Home Depot had been hit by a variant of the BlackPOS malware that was used against Target Corp., the malware used in the attack against Home Depot had not been seen previously in other attacks. "Criminals used unique, custom-built malware to evade detection," the company said in a statement.

The home improvement retail giant also that it has completed a “major payment security project” that provides enhanced encryption of payment card data at point of sale in its U.S. stores. The security improvements required writing tens of thousands of lines of new software code and deploying nearly 85,000 new pin pads to its stores.

According to a recent report from Trend Micro, six new pieces of point-of-sale (PoS) malware have been identified so far in 2014. Four of these six variants were discovered between June and August: Backoff, BlackPOS version 2, BrutPoS and Soraya."

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bayusuixe (3820947) writes | 41 minutes ago


bayusuixe (3820947) writes "Hello welcome to my blog, I will share about Canon Pixma MG7170 Driver for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux Download. Previously, I will first give you a little review about Canon Pixma MG7170


The new PIXMA MG7170 picture printer has pre-set up to ten widespread cloud applications for straightforward and direct access to a spread of on-line contents."

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Sybian machine

Anonymous Coward writes | 43 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "The Sybian machine is one of the most incredible sex toy for fucking sex. The shockspot is best shop for Sybian machine. To know more contact us at 877-747-9610."
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Addison's Tales: The animated musical storyworld for mobile devices

Oberon_Kanoby (3834933) writes | 1 hour ago


Oberon_Kanoby (3834933) writes "Independent production house Wivern Digital is raising funds to create what they are calling a sub-story world for tablet devices. First unveiled at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2010, their Addison's Tales concept is designed to allow readers of original fairy tales to explore the mind's of characters to learn how they learnt specific skills like music and English. Plotlines are developed to include the multi-functionality and audiovisual capabilities of tablets, so that kids aged between 6 and 12 can now engage with story characters in a world of colour, high-end animation, music, spoken word and tactile interaction. Once readers open an Addison's Tales Storyworld learning app, they can simply read or listen to find out what happens (just like a traditional cartoon, film or book) or tap certain words to go deeper into the sub-story world to learn creative and linguistic skills taught to them by the same characters from the story via interactive games.

The Indiegogo campaign began last week and the production company is underwriting the first $15,000 of the project they say was directly inspired by the singing characters in Tolkien’s The Hobbit."

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How You May Be Eating a Lot More Sugar Than You Think

colnettlisa (3565947) writes | 1 hour ago


colnettlisa (3565947) writes "When I was a kid, my mom would always tell me that if I ate too much sugar, I’d get worms. In my little mind, Halloween candy, birthday cake, and other treats were packed with little worms, and if I ate just the right amount, a big worm would form and that would be it for me. While the other kids were stuffing their faces with sweets, I was scared of worms."
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U2 and Apple collaborate on non-piratable 'interactive format for music'

Squiff (1658137) writes | 1 hour ago


Squiff (1658137) writes "U2 and Apple are apparently collaborating on a new, “interactive format for music”, due to launch in “about 18 months”. Bono spoke to Time about a new tech scheme which “can’t be pirated” and will reimagine the role of album artwork. Link to Guardian[] avoids Time[] paywall.


ObamaCare's Numbers Game

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "It seems the administration had been exaggerating the number of people enrolled in ObamaCare to the tune of about 700,000. We're shocked! Shocked!"
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Does touchscreen spoil your e-reading?

purplie (610402) writes | 2 hours ago


purplie (610402) writes "Amazon's new Kindle lineup now includes touchscreen models only. Even the low-end "basic" model has a touchscreen.

Am I the only reader who feared this? I enjoy holding my reader casually, carelessly, not having to worry about accidentally triggering a page turn, highlight, or dictionary lookup by just "holding it wrong". With a touchscreen, the necessity of holding it carefully is a distraction.

Wouldn't it make sense to include a software option to disable the touchscreen when it's not wanted?"

Ahrlac: Africa-made military plane takes flight

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Paramount Group has unveiled a military aircraft it says was the first to be fully designed and developed on African soil. The Ahrlac is a manned alternative to unmanned aerial vehicles and, with its pod design, it can be used for anything from surveillance to combat."
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