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7 secrets of permanent fat loss and fitness book download

Anonymous Coward writes | 23 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "Short Description about Books: I've used in excess of twenty three thousand dollars of my own cash taking in what lives up to expectations, what doesn't work, and generally imperatively --what works while being simple to follow and with the least amount of time commitment.

It is these specific secrets and techniques that helped me shed over 42 pounds of unwanted fat and drop 10 inches off my waist, And it is this information that led me to creating these 7 Secrets Of Permanent Fat Loss And Fitness for you."

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Sophisticated iOS malware targets Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters

Anonymous Coward writes | about half an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "A sophisticated iOS malware named Xsser affecting the operating systems of iPhones and iPads have popped up, targeting Hong Kong protesters. Cyber-security firm Lacoon Mobile Security has said the iOS virus, capable of stealing all the personal details from the Apple devices including contacts, passwords, and photographs, was inadvertently identified during an investigation on Android equipment for spywares.
The firm squarely pointed fingers at the Chinese administration, saying such a cross-platform attack involving both iOS and Android indicates that it is launched by a "very large organisation or nation state"."

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Argentine Tango Dance in Ohio | Rebecca Dance Academy

susankelly693 (3657501) writes | about half an hour ago


susankelly693 (3657501) writes "Rebecca Tango dance academy is Provide new course designed in four self contained sessions comprising all the ‘basic’ tango vocabulary, its embrace prospects (open-close), musical context (slow to quick orquestas) and all social dance navigation skills.If you get to learn Argentine Tango and many more dance classes contact Rebecca and call US 216-393-7769"
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Tetris to be Made into a Live Action Film

SchrodingerZ (2576405) writes | 1 hour ago


SchrodingerZ (2576405) writes "Threshold Entertainment has announced that it will be producing a live action film based on the Russian stacking game Tetris. Designed in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris has sold over 35 million copies worldwide. Threshold CEO Larry Kasanoff promises "a very big, epic sci-fi movie," explaining "this isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page. We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes." Kasanoff is known for his work with the video game films 'Mortal Kombat', and 'Mortal Kombat: Annihilation,' collectively grossing $105 million in revenue. The studio is planning "a story behind ‘Tetris’ which makes it a much more imaginative thing,” though no directors nor cast have been connected to the film. Threshold Entertainement teased the idea, saying "What you [will] see in ‘Tetris’ is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance.""
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Calling Mr Orwell, rejigged executive order makes collecting data not collecting

sandbagger (654585) writes | yesterday


sandbagger (654585) writes "' is often the case that one can be led astray by relying on the generic or commonly understood definition of a particular word.' Specifically words offering constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure. TechDirt looks at the redefinition of the term collection as redefined by Executive Order 12333 to allow basically every information dragnet, provided no-one looks at it. "Collection" is now defined as "collection plus action." According to this document, ot still isn't collected, even if its been gathered, packaged and sent to a "supervisory authority." No collection happens until examination. It's Schroedinger's data, neither collected nor uncollected until the "box" has been opened. This leads to the question of aging off collected data/communications: if certain (non) collections haven't been examined at the end of the 5-year storage limit, are they allowed to be retained simply because they haven't officially been collected yet? Does the timer start when the "box" is opened or when the "box" is filled?"
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DIY Open Source Smart Watch Launches

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "An Open Source project called TinyScreen has just launched which lets you create your own wearable devices like smart watches using a miniature Arduino hardware system with a color OLED screen. The hardware includes support for Bluetooth Low Energy connections to smart phones along with iOS and Android apps, and is small enough to create a set of smart glasses."

Bill Gates Still Cuckoo for Common Core

theodp (442580) writes | 2 hours ago


theodp (442580) writes "So, what's the dumbest f-ing idea Bill Gates has heard lately? Opposition to Common Core academic standards, apparently. Setting national standards for what students should know at various grades is a "very basic idea," argued Gates at a POLITICO event. "Should Georgia have a different railroad width than anybody else? Should they teach multiplication in a different way? Oh, that's brilliant. Who came up with that idea?" Gates said, adding that he thought of Common Core as "a technocratic issue," akin to making sure all states use the same type of electrical outlet. At the event, Gates also gave a shout-out to his partner-in-Common-Core-crime, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan. In a nice Common Core tie-in, 49-year-old Duncan complained last December that he "didn't have the opportunity to learn computer skills" at the University of Chicago Lab Schools (tuition, $29,424), while 58-year-old Gates did get the chance to acquire coding skills at Lakeside School (tuition, $29,800). Duncan subsequently noted he is finally learning to code with his children (perhaps with BillG as their iF-fy teacher!). By the way, in June the Washington Post reported that "Bill and Melinda Gates, [President] Obama and Arne Duncan are parents of school-age children, although none of those children attend schools that use the Common Core standards. Still, Gates said he wants his children to know a 'superset' of the Common Core standards — everything in the standards and beyond.""

Malware program targets Hong Kong protesters using Apple devices

mpicpp (3454017) writes | 3 hours ago


mpicpp (3454017) writes "A malware program that targets Hong Kong activists using Apple devices has trademarks of being developed by a nation-state, possibly China, according to a security company.

Lacoon Mobile Security of San Francisco wrote on its blog on Tuesday that the malware, called Xsser mRAT, is the “first and most advanced, fully operational Chinese iOS trojan found to date.”

The Apple malware is related to a malicious Android one found last month that advertised itself as a way for activists to coordinate protests, Lacoon wrote.

Hong Kong has seen massive demonstrations after China moved to only allow candidates it approves to run in the election of the territory’s chief executive in 2017. Activists charge China reneged on a promise of an election without restrictions.

It’s not usual to see malware emerge that has been customized to capitalize on current events, and security experts have long documented programs suspected to have been created to monitor dissidents and activists.

Xsser mRAT can steal SMS messages, call logs, location data, photos, address books, data from the Chinese messaging application Tencent and passwords from the iOS keychain, Lacoon wrote.

“Although it shows initial signs of being a targeted attack on Chinese protesters, the full extent of how Xsser mRAT is being used is anyone’s guess,” the company wrote. “It can cross borders easily, and is possibly being operated by a Chinese-speaking entity to spy on individuals, foreign companies or even entire governments.”"

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Antarctica Has Lost Enough Ice to Cause Measurable Shift in Gravity

Anonymous Coward writes | 9 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Contrary to what we all learned in high school physics, gravity is not constant. It actually shows slight variations on different parts of the Earth's surface, and the variations correlate with the density of the material on that surface. The European Space Agency (ESA) has been measuring gravity for four years, mapping these variations and recording the changes those variations have undergone. Its data indicates "a significant decrease [in gravity] in the region of Antarctica where land ice is melting fastest". Further analysis is, of course, planned so that the whole of Antarctica can be taken into account and "the clearest picture yet of the pace of global warming" can be determined on that continent."

Something keeps coming and going in a sea on Titan

schwit1 (797399) writes | 9 hours ago


schwit1 (797399) writes "Cassini images taken in 2007, 2013, and 2014 of one of Titan’s largest hydrocarbon seas find that a mysterious feature there keeps appearing and disappearing.

The mysterious feature, which appears bright in radar images against the dark background of the liquid sea, was first spotted during Cassini’s July 2013 Titan flyby. Previous observations showed no sign of bright features in that part of Ligeia Mare. Scientists were perplexed to find the feature had vanished when they looked again, over several months, with low-resolution radar and Cassini’s infrared imager. This led some team members to suggest it might have been a transient feature. But during Cassini’s flyby on August 21, 2014, the feature was again visible, and its appearance had changed during the 11 months since it was last seen.

Scientists on the radar team are confident that the feature is not an artifact, or flaw, in their data, which would have been one of the simplest explanations. They also do not see evidence that its appearance results from evaporation in the sea, as the overall shoreline of Ligeia Mare has not changed noticeably. The team has suggested the feature could be surface waves, rising bubbles, floating solids, solids suspended just below the surface, or perhaps something more exotic.

That the seasons are slowly changing on Titan is probably contributing to the transient nature of this feature."

Are the world's religions ready for ET?

Science_afficionado (932920) writes | 9 hours ago


Science_afficionado (932920) writes "At the current rate of discovery, astronomers will have identified more than a million exoplanets by the year 2045. That means, if life is at all common in the Milky Way, astronomers will soon detect it. Realization that the nature of the debate about life on other worlds is about to fundamentally change lead Vanderbilt astronomer David Weintraub to begin thinking seriously about how people will react to such a discovery. He realized that people's reactions will be heavily influenced by their religious beliefs, so he decided to find out what theologians and leaders from the world's major religions have to say about the matter. The result is a book titled "Religions and Extraterrestrial Life" published by Springer this month. He discovered that from Baptists to Buddhists, from Catholics to Mormons, from Islam to the Anglican Communion religious views differ widely."
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