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How patent trolls destroy innovation

walterbyrd (182728) writes | yesterday


walterbyrd (182728) writes "A new study by researchers at Harvard and the University of Texas provides some insight on this question. Drawing from data on litigation, R&D spending, and patent citations, the researchers find that firms that are forced to pay NPEs (either because they lost a lawsuit or settled out of court) dramatically reduce R&D spending: losing firms spent $211 million less on R&D, on average, than firms that won a lawsuit against a troll.

"After losing to NPEs, firms significantly reduce R&D spending — both projects inside the firm and acquiring innovative R&D outside the firm," the authors write. "Our evidence suggests that it really is the NPE litigation event that causes this decrease in innovation."

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Best Switches in India,USB Charger,Travel Adaptor,Wireless music system,Wireless

goldmedalindia (3789153) writes | 20 minutes ago


goldmedalindia (3789153) writes "At Goldmedal, we pride ourselves in creating products that make a difference. Difference, not just for the sake of creating something new. But because we feel there are better ways of doing things.

The launch of the Curve modular range, for example, liberated homes and offices from the dull, monotonous world of fixed switches and cover plates. A true innovation for the times, Curve changed the way consumers looked at switches and switching functions.

Like Curve, the new Nixon range of modular products is a leap ahead in terms of style and functionality. From emergency lights to entertainment players to USB chargers to gas detectors and more, Goldmedal is busy questioning existing ideas about the functionalities within a switch plate.

The journey and the results so far have been amazing. We welcome you to explore the world we are discovering each day.

To ensure that all the products are manufactured along internationally recognized standards, Goldmedal continuously evolves its manufacturing and design processes. The company has received the coveted ISO 9001:2000 certification from BVQI-London (Bureau Veritas Quality International) for various processes including design. The company has also been verified by ANAB-USA (National Accreditation Board), ANSI-ASQ (American National Standards Institute and American Society of Quality), and certifications by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the CE (European Standards Conformity), and the IEC6691 (International Electro-technical Commission) for manufacturing processes.

The Company has its corporate office and manufacturing unit in Mumbai."

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We are the best old computer buyer in Delhi

Anonymous Coward writes | about half an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "We want you to be happy with your sale so we're committed to giving you all the tools to make the right decision with minimum fuss.
We buy nearly any type of electronic and computer scrap (E-Scrap) ranging from circuit boards, to whole computers and servers, to individual components. We will pay you highest amount for the precious material that we recycle and refine from your scrap."

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Dallas Cowboys Jersey ,Miles Austin Jersey.

craigsevy (3791461) writes | 40 minutes ago


craigsevy (3791461) writes "JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville Jaguars coach Gus Bradley stated last 7 days that rookie quarterback Blake Bortles was ultimately likely to have reps together with the first-team offense, each in exercise and through a preseason recreation.

It desires for being performed this 7 days.

Right after back-to-back extraordinary performances in opposition to Tampa Bay and Chicago, Bortles may very well be over the verge of adjusting the franchise's brain about heading with veteran Chad Henne as being the starter. The only real strategy to know obviously that it will be a good idea to reverse system and plug Bortles in immediately will be to see how he handles himself using the first-team offense whilst taking part in from a first-team protection.

Bortles done 11 of 17 passes for one hundred sixty yards inside the Jaguars' 20-19 reduction to Chicago on Thursday evening which is 18-for-28 for 277 yards in two preseason online games. Bortles has appeared poised and confident, has designed some tricky throws and not locked on to his main receiver. Nevertheless, all of that work has include the second-team offense towards second-team defenses, which would not provide a correct photograph of just how completely ready Bortles should be to engage in instantly.

Why don't you?

Blaine Gabbert went 35-for-70 for 365 yards and one particular touchdown with a single interception in his 4 preseason online games to be a rookie in 2011. Reliable, although not excellent, quantities, but it really was more than enough to persuade the coaching workers that it could get by with Luke McCown and Gabbert as being the two quarterbacks. Then Gabbert went out and threw 12 touchdown passes, eleven interceptions and guided the Jaguars to some 5-11 record. They scored over 20 factors within a match only once.

That's to not indicate a comparison concerning Bortles and Gabbert. Bortles has looked much better than Gabbert did being a rookie while in the preseason, but it really is very clear that the match is played at a distinctive speed in the normal season when the first-teamers are on the subject to the total game. This is why Bortles demands first-team reps."

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even as we to become

ualupx (3791445) writes | about an hour ago


ualupx (3791445) writes "A lot of folks fully feel feelings of fascination when confronted with the potential of mystic visions, psychic intuition and heightened psychological performance. When meditators sometimes claim these kinds of upgrades, these opinions really should not be the main reason for method. The purpose of relaxation would be to bring about us into ourselves.

happier, realize and healthier far better self-recognition, the remaining added benefits of introspection set out to conform to organically — advanced brain performing, much higher ip address intuition together with bigger having access to unconscious abilities and resources, even as we to become healthier. Deep breathing will not be function in the meaning you must "drive" yourself to concentrate utterly for long time frames. If we consciously try to prevent thinking, it's going to have a negative impact on the meditation.

As a substitute, if we be sacrificed in decided or confusion, we purely acknowledge some of those intellect and after which lightly give back the attention to a subject associated with the meditation. Perform this as often as diversion or thought takes place. Sooner or later, your head is calmer and discursive decided actually starts to time-consuming. Comprehension on your own is not going to reinvent how we live. Meditation is likely to help us by giving us larger perspectives and increasing clarity of thought. But eventhough our sensation of interior advice can develop into more potent, unless we Behave on that suggestions, we will certainly not show itself modifications we unquestionably want within activities.

This doesn't just lead to we need to get it done in this exterior society, here is an example, getting an open conversation employing a colleague or paying off a monthly bill. Furthermore, it means we must actually request the help of the unconscious inside the persistent and clear way. When you accomplish that, once i educate in "Tricks of Relaxation, Energy levels and Manifestation," you locate all by yourself magnetically taken to your dreams by having an irresistible impulse. When you have crafted your request, it's essential that you enable go. Don't be worried about HOW you're going to get that which you definitely want inside your life. Having to discover how can hinder the entire process of allowing it to be show itself from your outer planet. Discover how to have confidence in unconscious."

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China-based hacker stole crucial data from MH370 investigators

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "An expert hacker, allegedly from China, has stolen crucial data from the computers of the investigators probing the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370's disappearance the day after the airliner went missing. The sophisticated hackers are believed to have sent malicious executable files morphed as news articles to several officials in various law enforcement agencies on 9 March, shortly after the jetliner went missing."
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Full Version PC Games

allgamestop (3789127) writes | 1 hour ago


allgamestop (3789127) writes "FIFA 13 is a football game which has been developed by EA Sports and released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
The game features licensed teams from all over the world and licensed players as well. The game modes include ‘Kick off’, Manager mode, Player manager mode and FIFA Ultimate Team. In the manager mode, the player can manage a club team and handle all its transfers, budget and squad. The teams can also be modified and club transfers and international selections can be made to keep the squads updated. In Ultimate Team, players from all over the world can play online and fight for credits and prizes"

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Robot helicopter lifts robot reconnaissance vehicle

garymortimer (1882326) writes | 1 hour ago


garymortimer (1882326) writes "Lockheed Martin, in collaboration with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), successfully conducted a fully autonomous resupply, reconnaissance, surveillance and target-acquisition demonstration using its Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) unmanned ground vehicle, K-MAX unmanned helicopter and Gyrocam optical sensor."
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Wheel Damage Adding Up Quickly For Curiosity

Anonymous Coward writes | 6 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "The folks in charge of the Mars Science Laboratory, a.k.a. Curiosity, have been trying to solve an increasingly urgent problem: what to do about unexpected wheel damage. The team knew from the start that wear and tear on the wheels would slowly accumulate, but they've been surprised at how quickly the wheels have degraded over the past year. Emily Lakdawalla at the Planetary Society Weblog has posted a detailed report on the team's conclusions as to what's causing the damage and how they can mitigate it going forward. Quoting: "The tears result from fatigue. You know how if you bend a metal paper clip back and forth repeatedly, it eventually snaps? Well, when the wheels are driving over a very hard rock surface — one with no sand — the thin skin of the wheels repeatedly bends. The wheels were designed to bend quite a lot, and return to their original shape. But the repeated bending and straightening is fatiguing the skin, causing it to fracture in a brittle way. The bending doesn't happen (or doesn't happen as much) if the ground gives way under the rover's weight, as it does if it's got the slightest coating of sand on top of rock. It only happens when the ground is utterly impervious to the rover's weight — hard bedrock. The stresses from metal fatigue are highest near the tips of the chevron features, and indeed a lot of tears seem to initiate close to the chevron features.""
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6 Days After My Previous Journal Entry, I Was Dead

saskboy (600063) writes | 2 hours ago

User Journal 0

...But I was revived. I had a cardiac arrest on July 1st almost exactly 6 days after 'returning' to /.

I'm doing fine now, thanks to the first responders, police, and paramedics who were doing CPR in minutes and got my heart started again with an AED. I avoided brain damage, which wasn't apparent when I first woke up days later with the memory of a goldfish. "Oh look, a castle!" (for those who know that joke.) I now have an ICD, making me a legit cyborg.

Solar plant sets birds on fire as they fly overhead

Elledan (582730) writes | yesterday


Elledan (582730) writes "Federal investigators in California have requested that BrightSource — owner of thermal solar plants — halt the construction of more, even bigger plants until the impact of these plants on wildlife has been further investigated. The BrightSource solar plant in the Mojave Desert which was investigated reportedly kills between 1,000 and 28,000 birds a year with the concentrated solar energy from its 300,000 mirrors, charring and incinerating feathers of passing birds. This isn't the first report of negative environmental impact by this type of solar plant either."
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Your Phone Can Be Snooped On Via Gyroscope

stephendavion (2872091) writes | 3 hours ago


stephendavion (2872091) writes "Researchers will demonstrate the process used to spy on smartphones using gyroscopes at Usenix Security event on August 22, 2014. Researchers from Stanford and a defence research group at Rafael will demonstrate a way to spy on smartphones using gyroscopes at Usenix Security event on August 22, 2014. According to the 'Gyrophone: Recognizing Speech From Gyroscope Signals' study, the gyroscopes integrated into smartphones were sensitive enough to enable some sound waves to be picked up, transforming them into crude microphones."

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