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Download iOS 8 and install iOS 8

Anonymous Coward writes | 5 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "OS 8 released recently with varities of awesome features with it. iOS 8 released for all Apple iDevices and so all the iPhone , iPad and iPod users will be able to download cydia with iOS 8 in the near future. Cydia with iOS 8 will provide you unlimited apps and then you will be able to enjoy with iOS 8 cydia apps and tweaks.But are worrying with pending iOS 8 download and install. Don’t be worry"
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Axis Capital Group, Singapore Review

annegoodpaster (3861963) writes | 6 minutes ago


annegoodpaster (3861963) writes "

In 2013, I purchased a 2012 new freightliner classic with a c-15 acert engine from Axis Capital Group, Singapore. The truck was transported all the way to Jakarta Indonesia, it ran ok for two years with the exception of both turbos blowing about once a year which I know now is an over pressuring issue these engines have, noticed as well in repeated air compressor failures. This truck was brought to the dealership; it was purchased at every third week for an expensive oil change and complete inspection, "all documented".

My complaints started beginning year three the unit gave a dirty oil sample; this was questioned but disregarded by mechanics as an oversensitive sample machine. Truck then blew both turbos, this was covered under warranty and diagnosed as the culprit for oil sample. Three days later truck began to smoke considerably, brought unit back in and told engine was dusted due to a faulty CGI pipe which was a freightliner part not covered by their engine or exhaust warranty. The pipe had a hole and had taken in dirt which first caused turbo failure and the engine failure.

$40000 on my dime and two months down time due to a strike at AXIS and I was running again, personal expense to me was $100000 with down time and repair. OK much smarter now, I put extended warranty on the engine, began replacing CGI pipe every 7 months and fabricated a shield for the CGI pipe as Freightliner advised if I attempted to relocate pipe to a better place warranty would be invalidated. The Unit went back to First truck every third week for the next year with specific instructions to oil sample every change and inspect all aspects of CGI pipe every service, again this Is documented.

Almost a year to the day the truck gave a dirty oil sample, I followed this up with mechanics at Freightliner and advised I thought I was getting dirt in air system again, they advised this was not the case and all was fine. Two more turbos 8 days later and again I insisted there was something wrong, again advised all piping checked, air pressure tested and passed. Back to work. 4 days later truck began to smoke and knock.

Floated on my dime back to First truck Edmonton where it was diagnosed that I had "dusted" my engine again due to a faulty CGI pipe, cat was not covering the engine again and freightliner even though the pipe was under warranty, would not cover it because it had been rubbing against the fabricated shield they had been instructed to inspect, and on the customer report passed on a bi-weekly basis.

No action had been taken legally on my part, it's because again I was on the hook for engine replacement and down time now totaling approx. $240000 in two years. The only avenue I can take is give a warning to all possible about one or two truck operators in the province, Unless you have very significant buying power, your warranty is not worth the paper it’s printed on, if anyone feels this is slanderous in any way please take me to court, as legal aid will be the only way I am able to represent myself against one of the biggest players in the trucking game today.

Link to Original Source Blame Tech Diversity on Education Pipeline, Not Hiring Discrimination

theodp (442580) writes | 22 minutes ago


theodp (442580) writes ""The biggest reason for a lack of diversity in tech," writes's Hadi Partovi in a featured Re/code story, "isn't discrimination in hiring or retention. It’s the education pipeline" ( just disclosed "we have no African Americans or Hispanics on our team of 30"). Supporting his argument, Partovi added: "In 2013, not one female student took the AP computer science exam in Mississippi" (left unsaid is that only one male student took the exam in Mississippi). Microsoft earlier vilified the CS education pipeline in its U.S. Talent Strategy as it sought "targeted, short-term, high-skilled immigration reforms" from lawmakers. And Facebook COO and "Lean In" author Sheryl Sandberg recently suggested the pipeline is to blame for Facebook's lack of keg stand diversity (actual Facebook diversity 'disclosure'). "Girls are at 18% of computer science college majors," Sandberg told USA Today in August. "We can't go much above 18% in our coders [Facebook has 7,185 total employees] if there's only 18% coming into the workplace.""

Denmark Scientists invented a New Material which can suck and release Oxygen

Brian Conrad (3818221) writes | 42 minutes ago


Brian Conrad (3818221) writes "Now you suddenly needed to vacuum all the oxygen from a room which caught fire and all you have to do is to place the "unnamed" material in the room and it will suck all the oxygen. Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have synthesized crystalline materials that can bind and store oxygen in high concentrations. Just one spoon of the substance is enough to absorb all the oxygen in a room. The stored oxygen can be released again when and where it is needed."
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Monocular Compound

Hoanmm (3805371) writes | 1 hour ago


Hoanmm (3805371) writes "There are four levels of magnification offered with this microscope: 40X, 100X, 400X and 1000X. These levels ensure that it is an ideal tool students and teachers. It’s also very useful for vets to test animal waste. This selection helps to ensure that students in biological and pharmaceutical disciplines may have no problems as the magnification is optimum for their needs. Various levels of magnification means that the students may use it based on the requirements. It has been well-designed as most individuals will rarely have to go beyond a 1000X magnification."
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Will Security Kill TheCloud?

laurenellis (3859935) writes | 1 hour ago


laurenellis (3859935) writes "Hardware such as thumb drives, cell phones, laptops and even computers are becoming outdated in terms of their utility as data storage devices. They are easily lost, stolen or prone to damage by viruses or even physical destruction by an unfortunate fire or an accidental dunk in a swimming pool. The cloud has done away with this type of concern today, but what about cloud security?"
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One F!T Day 9 (Friday)

macphailmarketta (3816551) writes | 1 hour ago


macphailmarketta (3816551) writes "About One F!T:
One F!t is tailored specially for today's busy professionals who work in excess of 8 hour days and simply don't have the time to go to the gym to exercise. This program is also great for people just getting into physical fitness as it is a basic course. The course takes place 3 days a week for 3 weeks; each workout day will not waste you more than 10 minutes--saving you a lot of time. No weights required, all body weight exercises. When your body gets stronger you can skip the rest day and do the workouts 5 days in a row. Be sure to give your body enough time to recuperate as to avoid injury.

Best of all, One F!T is completely free. Physical fitness is a life-time marathon, not a 60-120 day sprint.

One F!T can't promise you a certain body type in X amount of days. But if you stick with it, even on days when you don't want to, it will give you the self confidence and motivation to tackle the more challenging workout programs out there. Remember starting something new is always tough but be persistent and you'll soon overcome the initial hump. Good luck! You can do it!"

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UK government switches vehicle taxation over to beta system, which breaks

Anonymous Coward writes | yesterday


An anonymous reader writes "When you pay the tax on a road vehicle in the UK, you used to get a paper "tax disk" to affix to the inside of your car windshield. However the relevant records are documented electronically anyway, inspiring the government to replace the paper system with a purely online one. Unfortunately said system was still in beta when it launched today and predictably, it has broken under user demand. No alternative system is available. (The licencing agency actually ran out of the paper disks more than a month ago, and has been printing them out on normal office paper and asking vehicle owners to cut out the circle themselves.) The initiative is part of a larger "digital-first", restructuring of how the government provides services aimed at "meeting user needs"."

Command Injection Security Issue in WIndows

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Windows Command Shell allows environment variables to contain an “&” (ampersand) character, such as: SET A=T1^&T2
When assigning (e.g. Set B=%A%) or displaying (e.g. echo %A%) this environment variable, everything after the “&” character is interpreted as a new command and executed. So, in our example, if T2 is in the system’s PATH (or a built-in command, obviously), it gets executed.

On file-servers, this behavior can be turned into an exploit when system-administrators run command-shell scripts (a.k.a. "batchfiles", .cmd or .bat files) that use the %CD% environment variable. Examples of such system-administration command-shell scripts can be found all over the web (see link below for more info).
It is possible for a low-privileged user to create a directory called “T&program”. When a vulnerable command-shell script encounters this directory, it will execute an application (or batchfile) called program.exe (or program.cmd). Since these command-shell scripts typically run under elevated privileges, the user's program gets executed using the same privileges and would allow the user to take control of the server.
Putting quotes around the variables does not fully solve the issue; for example: SET B=T”&Calc& will execute calc.exe when assigned as follows: SET “C=%B%”. This does not apply to %CD% though, since directory names cannot contain quotes.
Any scripts running on file servers (and possibly others as well) should be examined and fixed as soon as possible
  More info at http://www.thesecurityfactory...."

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Apple might lose Siri's core tech to Samsung

Anonymous Coward writes | 3 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "We all know Apple bought Siri in 2010, but what many didn't know is its core technology is owned by Nuance, maker of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Well, it seems Samsung is looking to buy Nuance, and if it does, what are the chances it will cut off the Nuance core from Apple? About as likely as the sun rising in the east."

Bangladesh considers building world's 5th-largest data center in earthquake zone

Anonymous Coward writes | yesterday


An anonymous reader writes "From the article: "The Bangladesh Ministry of Information is considering the establishment of a Tier 4 data centre in Kaliakair, in the Gazipur region, an ambitious build which would constitute the fifth largest data centre in the world, if completed. And if it survives – the site mooted for the project is prone to earthquakes.

"Earthquake activity in the environs is discouraging, with one nearby earthquake seven months ago in Ranir Bazar (3.8), and no less than ten within the same tectonic zone over the last three years, the largest of which measured 4.5 on the Richter scale.""

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Xen Cloud Fix Shows the Right Way To Patch Open-Source Flaws

darthcamaro (735685) writes | 4 hours ago


darthcamaro (735685) writes "Amazon, Rackspace and IBM have all patched their public clouds over the last several days due to a vulnerability in the Xen hypervisor. According to a new report, the Xen project was first advised of the issue two weeks ago, but instead of the knee jerk type reactions we've seen with Heartbleed and now Shellshock, the Xen project privately fixed the bug and waited until all the major Xen deployment were patched before any details were released. Isn't this the way that all open-source projects should fix security issues?"
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35000 Walrus Come Ashore In Alaska

the eric conspiracy (20178) writes | 6 hours ago


the eric conspiracy (20178) writes "Lack of sea ice in the Arctic has forced record numbers of walrus to come ashore in Alaska. The walrus, looking for a place to rest have come ashore in Point Lay Alaska. The walrus normally rest on floating ice.

'We are witnessing a slow-motion catastrophe in the Arctic,' Lou Leonard, vice president for climate change at the World Wildlife Fund, said in a statement that was reported by CNN. 'As this ice dwindles, the Arctic will experience some of the most dramatic changes our generation has ever witnessed. This loss will impact the annual migration of wildlife through the region, threaten the long-term health of walrus and polar bear populations, and change the lives of those who rely on the Arctic ecosystem for their way of life.'"

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