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Peek .

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "Peek! is revolutionary new photo sharing and word guessing game ."
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Let's Bowl 2

Anonymous Coward writes | 15 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "Let’s Bowl 2 is now FREE! We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To d0wnl0ad the free app Lets Bowl 2: Free Multiplayer Bowling by SideBUMP Studios, get iTunes now."
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Veep Joe Biden Briefs U.S. Governors on H-1B Visas, IT, and Coding

theodp (442580) writes | 20 minutes ago


theodp (442580) writes "Back in 2012, Computerworld blasted Vice President Joe Biden for his ignorance of the H-1B temporary work visa program. But Joe's got his H-1B story and he's sticking to it, characterizing the visa program earlier this month in a speech to the National Governors Association as "apprenticeships" of sorts that companies provide to foreign workers to expand the Information Technology industry only after proving there are no qualified Americans to fill the jobs. Biden said he also learned from his talks with tech's top CEOs that 200,000 of the jobs that companies provide each year to highly-skilled H-1B visa holders could in fact be done by Americans with no more than a two-year community college degree."

Neerus - Indian Ethnic Wear

neerus (3698311) writes | about half an hour ago


neerus (3698311) writes "Neerus is a treasure house of Fashion, for the best Women Ethnic Wear collections. Neerus showcases exquisite bridal finery, formals, office outfits, and much more.

Sarees,Lehangas/Ghagras,Suits,Mix n Match,Kids Wear ,Fashion Acccesories, Leggings and jeggings, Blouses,Tunics, Gown, Ready to wear"

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Watch Video about Wordpress by

Anonymous Coward writes | about half an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "WordPress is extremely popular and it comes with a wide range of options, choosing the right theme can seem a tad overwhelming to start with; take a breath move back a little bit jot down your priorities and break down your task at hand."
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Peek .

Anonymous Coward writes | about half an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "Peek! is revolutionary new photo sharing and word guessing game."
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Aerial Platform

Anonymous Coward writes | about half an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "We are providing the best used machinery shop in Singapore; buy the top quality Aerial Platform used machinery at affordable price. For more detail visit at website:"
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Build your muscle with suppleent

haileykhloe (3762555) writes | about half an hour ago


haileykhloe (3762555) writes "Go on all day but have I think first for us is my family my friends because it’s it's very differ call when you're when entering he shows a minnow only do you have to be disciplined with all your workouts with or your preparation or mules everything but you know you're gay you get very movie homes in love you have to put up to decide if we want to thank you he's put up with me but arm you know mock my mom would cook me separate meal we had heroes you know that everyone else you know those things that you really appreciate because it hope you go a long way so yeah I just everyone who's been in my life has supported me so much on this and think that you check I couldn't do it Outback sport I is huge because I messages from people all the time saying my family doesn't support me think that I'm crazy they saying that I'm not experiencing life because I’m not getting dessert well yeah I think these different.
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Ebola outbreak continues to expand

symbolset (646467) writes | about an hour ago


symbolset (646467) writes "In the realm of "stuff that matters", the current outbreak of the world's second deadliest disease continues to expand. 63 new cases are reported in the last week, and suspected cases far afield of the hot zone are reported.

Many reports of a lack of personal protective equipment and medical professionals abandoning their posts are in recent reports. The local populace is developing processes to prevent containment.

Ebola remains the second deadliest infection only because rabies victims have only one survivor reported after onset of symptoms, ever."

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What happens when the Universe's largest objects meet their twins?

StartsWithABang (3485481) writes | 2 hours ago


StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "You can imagine all sorts of objects in the Universe, from the very low mass like meteoroids to planets, stars, and even incredibly dense ones like white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes. But what happens to these different classes of object when you allow them to merge with another object that could pass for its identical twin? The answers are varied and spectacular and show us all sorts of things about the Universe, from blue stragglers to supernovae to gamma-ray bursts and more!"

Amazon Fire Phone Reviews: Solid but Overly Ambitious,

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Amazon's Fire Phone launches later this week, and the reviews have started to come in. The hardware: "There's nothing terribly special about the Fire Phone's hardware, but there's very little to turn you off either." "The nice-looking IPS display in the Fire Phone gets bright enough for outdoor viewing, and it has nice viewing angles—a necessity for a phone that's meant to be tilted around and looked at from every which way." "An indistinct slab of glass and plastic, the Fire Phone looks more like a minimalist prototype than a finished product." Software: "Firefly can recognize lots of things, but it’s incredibly, hilariously inconsistent." "Firefly is the one Fire Phone feature you'll want on any phone you're currently using. Let's hope that it gets enough developer support that it isn't just a link to Amazon's storefronts." "First, and to be absolutely clear, Dynamic Perspective will impress you the first time you see it, and Amazon is pretty good at showing it off. ... But if there's some cool, useful functionality to be had from super-aggressive, super-accurate face tracking, the Fire Phone doesn't have it." Conclusion: "Smartphones are for work, for life. They’re not toys, they’re tools. Amazon doesn't understand that, and the Fire Phone doesn't reflect it.""
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Motley Crüe's interesting take on photography copyright

sandbagger (654585) writes | 3 hours ago


sandbagger (654585) writes "Concert photography sounds like a great job but like anything else, it's tough to make a dollar. The heavy metal band Motley Crüe's most recent photography licence appears to be making that harder. A leaked copy claims that "Licensor agrees that it shall not license any of the Materials (or shall not exploit any of the Materials) without the written consent of the Licensee which shall be withheld in Licensee’s sole discretion." Effectively, that professional photographers relinquish their copyright. This is followed by a secrecy clause that you can read more about on PetaPixel."
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Firefox 33 gets Cisco's OpenH264

NotInHere (3654617) writes | 3 hours ago


NotInHere (3654617) writes "As promised, version 33 of the Firefox browser will fetch the OpenH264 module from Cisco, which enables Firefox to decode and encode H.264 video, for both the <video> tag and WebRTC, which has a codec war on this matter. The module won't be a traditional NPAPI plugin, but a so-called Gecko Media Plugin (GMP), Mozilla's answer to the disliked Pepper API. Firefox had no cross-platform support for H.264 before."
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newGOZ Spams Again - GameOver Zeus spam observed in the wild

GarWarner (1676334) writes | 4 hours ago


GarWarner (1676334) writes "Brendan Griffin over at Malcovery has posted a new story documenting two spam campaigns seen in the wild today that use the newGOZ Command & Control infrastructure. The first spam used the subject line "Subject: Fw: Credit Applicaiton" (sic) while the second campaign of the day used the subject line "Subject: Haun Welding Invoice". (Haun Welding is a real company in Syracuse, NY, obviously not associated with the malware.)

Four Command & Control servers, all generated by the Domain Generation Algorithm previously discussed, were observed in the wild today .. all resolving to the same IP addresses.


(Square brackets added to prevent malware detectors from freaking out...)

If you have network traffic headed to any of these destinations, that would be a Very Bad Thing.

Question of the Day: The C&C's are certainly set up "Fast Flux Style" — they use a 300 second Time To Live, but have held the same IP hosts all day long. That's a change from the behavior observed July 10th by this botnet (shared here as ( ). Theories on why are welcome . . ."

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Deaf advocacy groups to Verizon: Don't kill net neutrality on our behalf

Dega704 (1454673) writes | 6 hours ago


Dega704 (1454673) writes "No company has lobbied more fiercely against network neutrality than Verizon, which filed the lawsuit that overturned the FCC's rules prohibiting ISPs from blocking and discriminating against Web content. But the absence of net neutrality rules isn't just good for Verizon—it's also good for the blind, deaf, and disabled, Verizon claims.

That's what Verizon lobbyists said in talks with congressional staffers, according to a Mother Jones report last month. "Three Hill sources tell Mother Jones that Verizon lobbyists have cited the needs of blind, deaf, and disabled people to try to convince congressional staffers and their bosses to get on board with the fast lane idea," the report said. With "fast lanes," Web services—including those designed for the blind, deaf, and disabled—could be prioritized in exchange for payment.

Now, advocacy groups for deaf people have filed comments with the FCC saying they don't agree with Verizon's position."

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