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How To Hire A Flooring Contractor in Ottawa

Anonymous Coward writes | just now


An anonymous reader writes "The first step in hiring the right flooring contractor is to ask friends and relatives in Ottawa for recommendations and then you would write down the names, numbers and addresses of the flooring contractors. When you meet with each contractor find out how long theyhave been in business, what types of flooring theyspecialize in. You"
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Prime Ticket | The new up and rising ticket company?

Anonymous Coward writes | 3 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "I've been surfing the internet for hours searching for cheap/discounted tickets to the Leeds festival because, honestly some of these prices are excessive and scare me! So after a bit of research and all that I've come across a company called — Prime Ticket.

They're a company situated in London and have recently decided to move their company to the online world. Although I'm still uncertain. Truthfully that's because I'm now switching where I buy my tickets from to them.
Just thought everyone should know rather than being ripped off, by unsafe and expensive ticket companies!

If anyone needs the site's it's here — Prime-ticket"

Stackato PaaS Now Provides Free 20GB Cluster For Apps

Anonymous Coward writes | 12 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "Thought I'd post about a new release Stackato 3.4 by ActiveState. Here are just some of the release highlights: Stackato 20GB Cluster that enables access to build a Stackato Cluster for free with 20GB of memory available for use in a production environment or internally. There is also application rollback and versioning to equip developers to revert to a prior version when needed. Stackato 3.4 also has a Cloud Foundry Upstream Merge with updates that include gnatsd, services v2, buildpack management, buildpack caching and more. The rest of the features are listed [here] ( along with download information and how users can request and [install a free license key] ( for up to 20GB RAM from within Stackato."

Google Mystery Barge Sold For Scrap

Anonymous Coward writes | about half an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "The barge, sitting in Portland's harbor, was originally intended as a showroom for Glass and other gadgets has been sold and will be dismantled and sold for scrap.

Given Glass' perception problem of only being a toy for the tech 1%, it seems Google is getting away from promoting it in private, invite only events on the mystery boats."

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Tired on using new Tools That do not help more then the old ones ?

rrconan (1082759) writes | 44 minutes ago


rrconan (1082759) writes "I always got a feeling that I'm getting old due to a constant need to learn a new tool to do the same job and at the end got the impression that nothing changes, no real benefits and the only result is a lot of time wasted with the tool instead of doing the job. Now I know I'm not alone and what I though as "getting old" was really "getting smart" ."
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Austrian law student takes Facebook to court; asks others to join in

hypnosec (2231454) writes | about an hour ago


hypnosec (2231454) writes "Max Schrems, an Austrian law student, on Friday called out billions of Facebook users to support him by joining a class-action lawsuit against Facebook for violating users’ privacy laws. Schrems has filed a law suit at Vienna's commercial court and has also invited others to join the action at using their Facebook login. According to campaign, the Austrian law allows for a group of people to assign their claims to a single person in this case, Schrems, who can sue on their behalf and redistribute any damages awarded. In such a case, legal proceedings are then run as a class action. Schrems is claiming 500 Euros ($670) per user from Facebook in damages for allegedly violating data privacy policies, including its participation in the US National Security Agency’s Prism surveillance programme aimed at accessing the personal data of Facebook and other web services users, its graph search feature, use of “big data” systems for spying on users as well as company’s non-compliance with EU privacy law."
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AMD Launches New Higher-End Kaveri APUs A10-7800 And A6-7400K

MojoKid (1002251) writes | 1 hour ago


MojoKid (1002251) writes "AMD updated its family of Kaveri-based A-Series APUs for desktop systems recently, namely the A10-7800 and the A6-7400K. The A10-7800 has 12 total compute cores, 4 CPU and 8 GPU cores, with average and maximum turbo clock speeds of 3.5GHz and 3.9GHz, respectively. The A6-7400K arrives with 6 total cores (2CPU, 4 GPU) and with the same clock frequencies. All of the new Kaveri-based APUs launched have configurable TDPs, and support for AMD proprietary technologies like TrueAudio and Mantle, and they have HSA (Heterogenous System Architecture) features as well. The AMD A10-7800 APU's performance is somewhat mixed, though it is a decent performer overall. Its Steamroller-based CPU cores do not do much to make up ground versus Intel's processors, so in the more CPU-bound workloads, Intel's dual-core Core i3-4330 competes favorably to AMD's quad-cores. And in terms of IPC and single-thread performance Intel maintains a big lead. Factor graphics into the equation, however, and the tides turn completely. The GCN-based graphics engine in Kaveri is a major step-up over the previous-gen, and much more powerful than Intel's mainstream offerings. The A10-7800's power consumption characteristics are also more desirable versus the Richland-based A10-6800K."
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Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine

1sockchuck (826398) writes | 1 hour ago


1sockchuck (826398) writes "Bitcoin hardware vendor BitFury has opened a 20-megawatt data center to expand its cloud mining operations. The hashing center in the Republic of Georgia is filled with long rows of racks packed with specialized Bitcoin mining rigs powered by ASICs. It's the latest example of the Bitcoin industry's development of high-density, low-budget mining facilities optimized for rapid changes in hardware and economics. It also illustrates how ASIC makers are now expanding their focus from retail sales to their in-house operations as Bitcoin mining becomes industrialized."
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US Army to transport American Ebola victim to Atlanta hospital from Liberia

acidradio (659704) writes | 1 hour ago


acidradio (659704) writes "American air charter specialist Phoenix Air has been contracted by the US Army to haul an American physician afflicted with Ebola from Liberia to the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. This will be the first "purposeful" transport of an Ebola victim to the US. The patient will be flown in a special Gulfstream III (formerly owned by the Danish Air Force) outfitted for very specialized medical transports such as this. I dunno. I know there are brilliant doctors and scientists in Atlanta who handle highly-communicable diseases, but is this such a brilliant idea?"
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Google Chrome 64-bit available now

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "With the release of Chrome beta 64-bit, Google goes one step further by enabling web applications to use more than 4GB of RAM. Performance should also be improved.

Last line for the 64-bit version of Google Chrome browser before its official release. Indeed, on Wednesday morning, Google has delivered a beta version of Chrome 64-bit. It is downloaded on a page dedicated to the new Google browser. The Mountain View company even promises that all stored information (passwords, bookmarks, etc.) will be automatically transferred to Chrome 64-bit. The announcement of 64-bit versions of Google's browser was made last June via the Dev and Canary channels."

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Haking a Mercedes to autonomous car with a soda can

Petrut Malaescu (3748097) writes | 2 hours ago


Petrut Malaescu (3748097) writes "Last year Mercedes introduced an intelligent Lane Assist system to it's S-class which is cataloged as a Level 1 "Function-specific Automation" aka "hands and feet always on the controls", but a clever(?) driver discovered that all it takes to turn his car up a notch, is a soda can that bypasses the steering wheel sensor which detects the drivers hands. The trick was picked up by Road & Track magazine and I agree that it's not a good idea to try this on a busy highway."

"Word Record" as Single Laser and Fibre Optic Cable Delivers 43 Tbps

Mark.JUK (1222360) writes | 2 hours ago


Mark.JUK (1222360) writes "A research group working out of the Technical University of Denmark claims to have broken "another world record" in fibre optic data transfers after they were able to demonstrate speeds of 43 Terabits per second over a single laser and fibre optic cable (67km long), which is theoretically much closer to real-world connections than most other lab tests where multiple lasers and cables can be used.

Professor Leif Oxenløwe of DTU Fotonik said that his team had "used all the known, neat tricks that exist nowadays to make data in five dimensions: time, frequency, polarization, quadrature and space”. However one such "neat trick" is the decision not to use a traditional single core cable and to instead adopt a 7 core (glass threads) design from Japanese telecoms firm NNT.

Admittedly the new fibre optic cable does not take up any more space than the standard single-core version, but it's still a new cable and thus perhaps the "world record" claims aren't quite comparing apples to apples."

Perlan ll Project Aims to Fly a Glider to the Edge of Space

Zothecula (1870348) writes | 3 hours ago


Zothecula (1870348) writes "In an ambitious attempt to break every wing-borne sustained flight height record for a manned aircraft, the Perlan ll project intends to construct and fly a glider higher than any sailplane has gone before. Riding on the colossal stratospheric air waves generated over mountains, the team plans to fly their craft to more than 90,000 ft (27,000 m), which will shatter their own existing glider altitude record of 50,671 ft (15,400 m) set by Perlan l in 2008."
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Hilton Plans Phone-based Check-in and Room Access

GTRacer (234395) writes | 3 hours ago


GTRacer (234395) writes "Forbes reports that Hilton Worldwide, international hotel operator, is rolling out smartphone-based guest tools allowing self-service check-in, access to a virtual floorplan to select a room, and (in 2015) actual door access once checked in. The author states the drive for this technology is the growing influence of the swelling ranks of Millennials, who "[...] have a very strong inclination toward automated and self-service customer service." The security risks seem obvious though "Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts [is] working on using the same, or a similar, system soon–and Four Seasons is nothing if not secure and discreet.""

Critics To FTC: Why Do You Hate In-App Purchasing Freedom?

jfruh (300774) writes | 3 hours ago


jfruh (300774) writes "The FTC has moved aggressively recently against companies that make it too easy for people — especially kids — to rack up huge charges on purchases within apps. But at a dicussion panel sponsored by free-market think tank, TechFreedom, critics pushed back. Joshua Wright, an FTC commissioner who dissented in a recent settlement with Apple, says a 15-minute open purchase window produced "obvious and intuitive consumer benefits" and that the FTC "simply substituted its own judgment for a private firm's decision as to how to design a product to satisfy as many users as possible.""

Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers

jfruh (300774) writes | 3 hours ago


jfruh (300774) writes "Investigators in a criminal case want to see some emails stored on Microsoft's servers in Ireland. Microsoft has resisted, on the grounds that U.S. law enforcement doesn't have jurisdiction there, but a New York judge ruled against them, responding to prosecutors' worries that web service providers could just move information around the world to avoid investigation. The case will be appealed."
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Competition To Crack A Virtual Terrorist HDD And Break Into CCTV Systems

Anonymous Coward writes | 4 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Sophos is calling amateur security talent to turn sleuth and to investigate confiscated crime scene computer systems belonging to a mysterious cyber terrorist group as part of a Cyber Security Challenge. The authorities found an encrypted hard drive in an abandoned warehouse in the English countryside. Players will use their technical skills and curiosity to break into the captured system and report on what new information they can ascertain. The challenge will have forensic and offensive aspects to it and be accessible to all levels. Part of the game involves also a collection of interesting Internet of Things devices."

Sony: PS4 sales down

Anonymous Coward writes | 4 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Sales of PlayStation 4 are higher than those of the competing console lounge, Xbox One, but the numbers drop.

Sony has presented the results of its first fiscal quarter. The group managed to obtain profits, thanks to its division games (and online services dedicated) which generates annual turnover equivalent to $ 2.5 billion, up 95.7%, and a profit of 43 million dollars. This increase is largely obtained through sales related to the PlayStation 4, but the numbers are not positive."

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Nasa validates 'impossible' space drive

schwit1 (797399) writes | yesterday


schwit1 (797399) writes "Nasa is a major player in space science, so when a team from the agency this week presents evidence that "impossible" microwave thrusters seem to work, something strange is definitely going on. Either the results are completely wrong, or Nasa has confirmed a major breakthrough in space propulsion.

A working microwave thruster would radically cut the cost of satellites and space stations and extend their working life, drive deep-space missions, and take astronauts to Mars in weeks rather than months. In hindsight, it may turn out to be another great British invention that someone else turned into a success."

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