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Hacker dubbed "Rawshark" causes political mayhem in New Zealand

Anonymous Coward writes | yesterday


An anonymous reader writes "New Zealand is facing its weirdest election ever with a hacker calling himself "Rawshark" progressively dumping emails hacked from a controversial blogger. This weekend, revelations forced the resignation of one Government minister and nobody knows what will drop next.

Emails revealed that the blogger, called "Whale Oil", was in contact with both a government minister in charge of New Zealand's white collar crime investigations unit and with a PR man acting for a founder of a failed finance company then under investigation."

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Stars Exposed in Massive Nude Photo Leak

PapayaSF (721268) writes | 42 minutes ago


PapayaSF (721268) writes "Nude celebrities, bitcoins, and Apple: it's a story seemingly designed to stir up the entire internet. Scores of private photos of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have been leaked (allegedly from Apple's iCloud), and posted on 4chan in exchange for bitcoins. A list of 100+ names has appeared, but pictures have not yet appeared for many names on the list (including Kate Bosworth, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Kaley Cuoco). Victoria Justice claims the photos of her are fake. Twitter accounts are being shut down. The story is still developing, so grab your popcorn."

How to maintain the rights for students because of summer jobs

barbaraa (3801847) writes | 49 minutes ago


barbaraa (3801847) writes "Summer vacation is coming, many students use holiday to play summer employment. For students, this is a good exercise and can this help students to gain some social experience. Also this can hone the will, which is very helpful for future employment. However, quite a few students had infringed. If you have deceived, don't pay what should infringement rights? Don’t be remote controlled. Let's learn the legal knowledge about summer jobs.

According to about carrying out the opinions on some issues of labor law the People's Republic of China" and work-study students spare time, not be treated as employment, labor relations has not been established, can not sign labor contract. Summer student works part-time labor services, belongs to the labor relations, is not protected by the labor contract law.

Play summer jobs to maintain the rights of students, before a summer jobs to first understand legal formal work unit, also want to understand the relevant laws and regulations, be prepared to face the emergency, learn to identify. Before working with the unit after reaching a negotiated consensus, conclude a contract, fixed by contract rights and obligations, the oral agreement is unable to recognise.

Once appear accident, don't rush, you must learn to calm processing, use the right way to solve problems, including the government departments, the teacher for help, if necessary can ask lawyer for legal aid, learn to use legal weapons to protect themselves.

When students think labor rights are violated, should be to the labor inspection agency complaints, complaints when fill in the complaint form, and submit relevant information: id photocopy, and prove that worked in the unit of material, such as contracts, job card, working clothes, have signed and sealed by the unit entry table, etc. Labor inspection institutions after investigation to understand, if both parties have no direct evidence in writing, the unit and does not admit students work there before, in the presence of labor dispute cases in labor arbitration, confirm the labor relations.

For the need of social practice, minors under 16 years old also need to add some social knowledge, learn some work skills, the regulations banning the use of child labor on students' work-study such provision: schools and other institutions of education and vocational training institutions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state minors under 16 years old to not affect their personal safety and health of body and mind education, vocational skills training labor practice, do not belong to the use of child labor.

But the labor must first for the purpose of education practice or vocational skills training, simply to increase the income for the purpose cannot be regarded as a social practice. The second must be by schools and other institutions of education and vocational training institutions in a unified manner. Finally, this must be a minor Labour can, do not affect their personal safety and health of body and mind, not to high altitude, downhole, radioactive, some high risk, such as high toxic, flammable and explosive and strong the manual labor.

Banning the use of child labor provisions on the use of child labor phenomenon developed severe punishment measures: for job placement service to minors under 16 years old, every introduce a person to 5000 yuan; Unit of choose and employ persons to use child labor, in accordance with the standards of 5000 yuan per month per child labor to give punishment; Unit of choose and employ persons is ordered by the administrative department for labor security will exceed the time limit still not of child labor to make corrections within a time limit of their parents or other guardians, fine double standards, and revocation of the business license; The child back to the original settlement to their parents or other guardians required for transportation and accommodation costs, all by unit of choose and employ persons. If unit of choose and employ persons is the state organs, public institutions, directly responsible person in charge and other directly responsible personnel will be demoted or removed."

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Free of All Signs of Aging And Bright!

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "I was very shocked at my wrinkles and was looking for a permanent solution for my problem. Though I never thought that the solution so simple and without surgery. Revimax work great solution for young skin highlight."
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imparmod (3800295) writes | 1 hour ago


imparmod (3800295) writes "The end of a rather short era of recognition for on-line authors has arrived. Google webmaster analyst John Mueller recently proclaimed on his Google+ page that they need determined to drag the plug on Google Authorship.

The announcement came as a shock to several individuals within the on-line promoting community. In fact, many all right best-known SEO consultants solely yesterday talked regarding Author Rank and the way necessary they suppose it\'ll be within the way forward for search. it\'s stunned U.S. too, given however so much Google are pushing their social network and therefore the fringe feature it includes.

In his announcement, Mueller detected 2 main reasons that actuated Google to now not show authorship ends up in Google Search and to prevent trailing information from content victimization the rel=author markup:

  Not many authors and webmasters implemented it.

A study by Stone Temple Consulting, that was highlighted in an exceedingly recent article, shows that only a few individuals truly participated in Authorship throughout its three-year run. several of these World Health Organization did not participate were n\'t thus tech-savvy web site homeowners and authors World Health Organization thought implementing the markup was too sophisticated. people who did try and implement the Authorship mark-up on their sites typically did not have intercourse properly, so that they were n’t ready to get pleasure from the advantages.

During his study of Forbe’s list fifty Most influential Social Media Marketers, Mark Trap-hagen discovered that solely half-hour of the influence had enforced Authorship, whereas thirty fourth didn’t. However, those within the latter cluster were still obtaining an upscale piece author result. This reality gave individuals the concept that putting in place the rel=author markup was n’t very necessary, a minimum of on Associate in Nursing directly noticeable level. What that will hint to, however, is that Google should be taking signals aside from Authorship under consideration once deciding that pages to award wealthy snippets to. Obviously, this makes U.S. check regarding Author-Rank. It’s too early to completely dismiss the notion, albeit our previous theories centered around rel=author.

  It did not prove to be as useful to users as they had hoped.

Google has invariably been committed to rising user expertise and search quality. they\'d at the start hoped Authorship would facilitate them come through those goals, but sadly, it did n’t. As Mueller same in his announcement: “Unfortunately, we have conjointly ascertained that this data [Authorship] is n’t as helpful to our users as we’d hoped, and may even distract from those results.”

The last a part of that statement comes as a surprise to those people World Health Organization invariably thought Authorship snippets brought higher click-through rates to look results. Certainly, I even have old some glorious CTRs from my diary posts that featured my name and film on the piece. am i able to currently attribute it to alternative factors like click-able titles? solely time can tell.

Mueller conjointly same in an exceedingly personal speech communication with Trap-hagen that Google’s information discovered that users were n\'t obtaining enough price from Authorship snippets. tho\' he did n’t elaborate on what he meant by “value”, it’s cheap to suppose that this might mean user behavior on an exploration page was n’t littered with the presence of author wealthy snippets.

The simple answer? No, not likely. Nothing is ever fastened and final within the on-line world, particularly wherever Google square measure involved. Besides, Google has same many times within the past that it’s committed to understanding and valuing author authority. they\'ll have stopped their tries at Authorship nowadays, however that does n’t mean they’ll throw the conception out utterly. the concept of characteristic authoritative and credible authors may be a smart one. It’s simply that the recent tries at realizing that idea that did n’t very calculate, close to they\'re leading U.S. to believe.

As Google becomes higher at linguistics search, we will expect that they\'ll return up with new ways that to spot extremely credible authors. Recent talks of Google’s information Vault project supports the thought that Google is occupation this direction.

So do you have to take away the authorship mark-up from your internet pages? Mueller says he sees no purpose in doing thus. “Leaving it\'s fine, it won’t cause issues (and maybe your users appreciate having the ability to seek out out additional regarding you thru your profile too).”

I say, keep it on and be proud of it. The nearer we tend to ally ourselves to Google, the better. you\'ll actually be standing in smart role if/when Google conceive to utilize another author-type metric (which would for sure use G+ in another way), that I predict won’t be too so much down the road."

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What impact Calibre's new upgrade, version 2.0 has made in the publishing indust

Leon William (3807225) writes | 1 hour ago


Leon William (3807225) writes "Calibre which was initially a conversion tool and personal library manager helped readers in converting their works to one format from another, later became an eBook formatting platform and released its 2.0 version earlier in August. It also aims to avail self publishing authors and small publishers a complete eBook editing and formatting tool kit. This thus can be a major milestone which the companies providing eBook formatting and conversion services will surely leverage."
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Jeff Koinange: Through My African Eyes

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Good journalism is about balance. Jeff Koinange, a well known award winning Kenyan Journalist experience of journalism has taught him to be strong-willed and stand up for his dreams."
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Actor Mark Gil is dead at 52

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Actor Mark Gil passed away Monday morning, according to his manager June Rufino and ex-wife, actress Bing Pimentel. He died 24 days shy of his 53rd birthday.

Family members did not immediately reveal the cause of death but vowed to issue an official statement late Monday afternoon.

Gil, whose real name was Raphael Joseph de Mesa Eigenmann, was the middle child of actors Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil, and brother to actors Michael de Mesa and Cherie Gil."

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How Far Are You Contributing Towards Waste Management

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Since the very beginning of civilization, humans have been drawing every ounce of excesses from the Earth and the Earth has not denied catering to every need or want so requested of it. However, these are the days when our planet is screaming for our help to preserve whatever little is left of the valuable resources on depletion of which, it may not be able to help humankind any more."
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Changes to higher education funding formula take effect today (AUDIO)

Taraabethr (3807087) writes | 3 hours ago


Taraabethr (3807087) writes "A new law requires state colleges and universities to set standards for student retention, graduation rates, and job placement. Ninety percent of any proposed funding increase for any given school will be based on whether the school has met its own standards.

The schools could set easily-achievable goals but the sponsor of the bill, Senator David Pearce (R-Warrensburg), doesn’t think that’s likely. “I’m very confident universities will come up with rigorous standardsThe department of higher educationwill have some input to say, ‘this really probably isn’t strong enough,’” he says."

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Apple Said to Team With Visa, MasterCard on iPhone Wallet

Anonymous Coward writes | 6 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Apple plans to its next iPhone into a mobile wallet through a partnership with major payment networks, banks and retailers, according a person familiar with the situation. The agreement includes Visa, MasterCard, and American Express and will be unveiled on Sept. 9 along with the next iPhone, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private. The new iPhone will make mobile payment easier by including a near-field communication chip for the first time, the person said. That advancement along with Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition reader that debuted on the most recent iPhone, will allow consumers to securely pay for items in a store with the touch of a finger."

New Samsung smartwatch won't need companion phone

Taraabethr (3807087) writes | 3 hours ago


Taraabethr (3807087) writes "Samsung's latest version can do more without a smartphone to go with it. LG's has a round screen. Apple is also believed to be working on its own smartwatch, and could announce it at a Sept. 9 event.

Smartwatches are another product technology companies can offer since many people already have smartphones and tablet computers. But companies have yet to make a strong case for why everyday consumers need smartwatches, especially when so far they have had little functionality without a phone nearby."

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Grand Ayatollah Issues Fatwa Stating High Speed Internet is against Sharia

Anonymous Coward writes | yesterday


An anonymous reader writes "What at first instance looks like a hoax turns out to be a real statement from Irans Ayatollah.
A Grand Ayatollah in Iran has determined that access to high-speed and 3G Internet is “against Sharia” and “against moral standards.”
This puts ofcourse the discussion about net neutrality in a different perspective. Is internet throttling by the ISP then allowed? Up till what speed then? Luckily for the Iranians, the Fatwa is not mandatory. Also: once the new network with censorship is in place, the Fatwa will most likely be removed"

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