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giày nam

Diệu Hoa (3623329) writes | 1 minute ago


Diệu Hoa (3623329) writes "Giày nam cùng vi s mi, qun âu, qun bò, áo phông hay nhng b suit quyn r thì ôi giày nam là mt item không th thiu trong vic hoàn thin phong cách ca các quý ông. Khi mi xut hin, giày nam còn n gin v kiu dáng và mu mã thì hin nay, các mu giày nam p 2014 c thit k mang phong cách hin i và ngày càng a dng, mang ti cho bn nhiu s la chn khác nhau. Ti Shop Giày Nam Tt có rt nhiu các mu giày nam cao cp khác nhau nh giày li,giày da,giày vi,giày th thao,giày cao c,giày công s vv..., phong phú c v cht lng, màu sc và thit k ti t các thng hiu giày hàng u trên th gii. Hãy cùng tham kho và la chn cho mình mt ôi phù hp vi style ca bn nhé."
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What's happened to xkcd?

Anonymous Coward writes | 6 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "Since Friday, April 18, xkcd.com is unreachable."

Meet With A Financial Institution To Establish A Commercial Line Of Credit And S

heribertoktqz (3577763) writes | 6 minutes ago


heribertoktqz (3577763) writes "It gives the D-U-N-S number that allows the user your DUNS number and a federal tax ID number when seeking approval. Building homes for individuals and families can not only be a way to make as you'd like--and request a construction loan for a spec home. The purpose of the loan is not just to finance build, but also how to deal with employees, scheduling, building to code and working with subcontractors. Benefits of Checking Your Report Checking your credit report annually capital, so it's in your best interest to explore this opportunity. The Business Information Report BIR gives in-depth information on who owns the business, their experience, background, why financing is needed, how long it is likely to be needed for and how risky the business venture is."
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Nfic role in the study of the regulation of self ligating bracket

sinoortho (3618251) writes | 43 minutes ago


sinoortho (3618251) writes "Tooth development is a complex form of epithelial, mesenchymal interactions in the process, is a typical model of self-ligating bracketsdevelopmental biology of organ formation. Has been confirmed that a number of important signaling pathways involved in the regulation of early tooth development, including nuclear factor I inter (nuclear factor I, NFI) family members C (Nfic) present in root
  Orthodontics Elastics development during the dental papilla mesenchymal cells, play an important role in the formation of the root dentin article on the recent regulation of root development on Nfic of progress cases reviewed."

Healthcare.gov enrollees vulnerable after cybersecurity breach - (multiple names

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | 2 hours ago


(multiple names)

Healthcare.gov enrollees vulnerable after cybersecurity breach
(multiple names)
A cybersecurity scare is affecting people who signed up for an insurance plan on Healthcare.gov. Healthcare.gov enrollees vulnerable after cybersecurity breach. Taylor Higgins. About Taylor. CREATED 5:13 PM. TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A cybersecurity scare...
Heartbleed review flags health care siteThe Australian
Trustlook Releases Android Antivirus Application With Heartbleed ProtectionThe Droid Guy
Heartbleed causes HealthCare.gov to change users' passwordsCNN (blog)
Opposing Views-Digital Trends-WEAR
all 292 news articles

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$42,000 Prosthetic Hand Outperformed by $50 3D Printed Hand

Anonymous Coward writes | 5 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "A man named Jose Delgado was so used to using a $42,000 myoelectric prosthetic hand for the last year that he didn't realize that there were other options out there. Although Delgado, born without a left hand, was able to obtain the hand via his insurance, he found that a 3D printed "Cyborg Beast," open source hand ,which costs just $50 to print, actually was more comfortable and performed better than the device which costs 840 times as much money."
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Biofuels from corn crop can generate more greenhouse gases than gasoline

Chipmunk100 (3619141) writes | 6 hours ago


Chipmunk100 (3619141) writes "Using corn crop residue to make ethanol and other biofuels reduces soil carbon and can generate more greenhouse gases than gasoline, according to a study published today in the journal Nature Climate Change. The findings by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln team of researchers cast doubt on whether corn residue can be used to meet federal mandates to ramp up ethanol production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions."
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Los Angeles Science Teacher suspended over student science fair projects

Anonymous Coward writes | 6 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes ""A high school science teacher at Grand Arts High School in Los Angeles was suspended from the classroom in February, after two of his science fair students turned in projects deemed dangerous by the administrators. " "One project was a marshmallow shooter—which uses air pressure to launch projectiles. The other was an AA battery-powered coil gun—which uses electromagnetism to launch small objects. Similar projects have been honored in past LA County Science Fairs and even demonstrated at the White House.""
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Gödel v. Nakamoto: Is Bitcoin Hopelessly Unstable?

Giddon (3623111) writes | 7 hours ago


Giddon (3623111) writes "urt Gödel second incompleteness theorem states that however internally consistent a system may be, it cannot determine its validity in the set of which it is a subset. Gödel thereby resolved Bertrand Russell’s famous paradox about sets that contain or don’t contain themselves. Applied to bitcoin Gödel says: regardless of how elegant, fair, and balanced the internal money system is within the bitcoin protocol, it cannot determine a substantiated, fair, and consistent exchange rate with a currency defined in the superset of human affairs, of which bitcoin is a part. Refining the bitcoin protocol will not remedy this shortfall. Dollars and Euros, by contrast, share the same subset of human affairs, and can vie for a fair exchange rate. Both currencies represent actual human utility.

Bitcoin enthusiasts are enamored with the elegance of the bitcoin system, much as Monopoly enthusiasts marvel at the fair rates for purchase and rent of properties within the Monopoly subset (see how long Monopoly endures!). However, much as Monopoly money will be exchanged against dollars at any arbitrary rate, reflecting how desirous people are to win a Monopoly game, so bitcoins will exchange against dollars in completely arbitrary fashion, creating a “drunkard walk” situation, namely: accelerated depreciation is unavoidable.

The only way to remedy this inherent instability is to use Archimedes plan for “an anchor point outside earth” in order to “leverage the entire earth”: The bitcoin protocol must be re-anchored on a fixed price digital currency (see bitmint.com/bitcoin.htm), for the beauty of bitcoin to shine with its inherent beauty."

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Professional Journaling/Notes Software

netdicted (2883657) writes | yesterday


netdicted (2883657) writes "At the very outset of my career the importance of keeping a daily journal of activities and notes was clearly evident. Over the years I’ve always had a college ruled composition notebook nearby to jot down important ideas, instructions, tasks, etc. Putting away the rock and chisel was not optional when the volumes grew beyond my mental capacity to successfully index the contents. Over the years I’ve tried countless apps to keep a digital journal and failed miserably.

In my mind the ideal app or solution is a single file or cloud app where I can organize personal notes on projects, configurations, insights, ideas, etc.. as well as noting major activities or occurrences of the day. My original journals saved me on a number of occasions. Unfortunately my tenacity for keeping one has suffered from a fruitless search for a suitable solution. Currently I’m experimenting with Evernote [http://evernote.com/] and Tiddlywiki [http://.tiddlywiki.com/]. They approach the problem from two different angles.

What do you use?"

In a Hole, Golf Courses Experiment With 15-inch Holes

Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes | 9 hours ago


Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "According to the National Golf Foundation, golf has lost five million players in the last decade with 20 percent of the existing 25 million golfers apt to quit in the next few years. Now Bill Pennington writes that golf courses across the country are experimenting with 15 inch golf holes the size of pizzas to stop people from quitting the game. “We’ve got to stop scaring people away from golf by telling them that there is only one way to play the game and it includes these specific guidelines,” says Ted Bishop, president of the PGA of America. “We’ve got to offer more forms of golf for people to try. We have to do something to get them into the fold, and then maybe they’ll have this idea it’s supposed to be fun.” A 15-inch-hole event was held at the Reynolds Plantation resort last week featuring top professional golfers Sergio García and Justin Rose, the defending United States Open champion. “A 15-inch hole could help junior golfers, beginning golfers and older golfers score better, play faster and like golf more,” says García, who shot a six-under-par 30 for nine holes in the exhibition. Another alternative is foot golf, in which players kick a soccer ball from the tee to an oversize hole, counting their kicks. Still it is no surprise that not everyone agrees with the burgeoning alternative movement to make golf more user-friendly. “I don’t want to rig the game and cheapen it,” says Curtis Strange, a two-time United States Open champion and an analyst for ESPN. “I don’t like any of that stuff. And it’s not going to happen either. It’s all talk.”"

International Space Station gets Easter delivery of food, supplies - Reuters

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | 9 hours ago



International Space Station gets Easter delivery of food, supplies
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., April 20 - A Space Exploration Technologies' cargo ship made an Easter Sunday delivery of food, science experiments and supplies to the crew living aboard the International Space Station. Station commander Koichi Wakata used...
SpaceX cargo ship attached to space stationCBS News
Easter morning delivery for space stationFond du Lac Reporter
Easter Delivery At The International Space Station: SpaceX Dragon Brings 2.5 ... International Business Times
KWTX-(multiple names)-TIME
all 606 news articles

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Google aiding CCHR, a Scientology front group that believes psychiatrists caused

Anonymous Coward writes | 9 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a Scientology front group, has received a "grant from Google in the amount of $10,000 per month worth of Pay Per Click Advertising to be used in our Orange County anti-psych campaigns". CCHR believes that ALL psychiatrists are evil. They believe that psychiatrists were behind the holocaust, and these shadow men were never brought to justice. CCHR also believes that psychiatrists were behind the 911 attacks. Scientologists believe that psychiatrists have always been evil, and their treachery goes back 75 million years when the psychiatrists assisted XENU in killing countless alien life forms. Thanks Google! We may be able to stop these evil Psychs once and for all!"
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Rarity Increases the Attractiveness of Facial Hair

jones_supa (887896) writes | 10 hours ago


jones_supa (887896) writes "'All you need is talent or facial hair.' Adding to that a new study suggests that a lot of attractiveness of facial hair comes from its rarity. Female guppies prefer male guppies that look unusual compared to others, rather than guppies that share common features. This helps keep looks and genes variable, a distinct advantage for the species. Zinnia Janif and colleagues at UNSW wanted to see if humans displayed similar negative frequency-dependent selection. The researchers recruited over 1,400 heterosexual women and 200 heterosexual men for their study. Participants viewed 24 average male faces with varying degrees of growth. In some conditions, the four beard lengths were evenly distributed among the photos. In some, either the clean-shaven condition or the fully bearded condition was rare. The participants rated the attractiveness of the faces. The scientists found that neither the clean-shaven nor the fully bearded faces were very attractive when the facial hair types were evenly distributed. But when the clean-shaven faces or the bearded faces were the rare beards in the bunch, the participants, both men and women, rated them as significantly more attractive. The results suggest that humans do indeed use negative frequency-dependent selection when judging the attractiveness of facial hair, with a rarer look becoming slightly more attractive merely because it is rare."

Why Tesla Really Needs a Gigafactory

Hodejo1 (1252120) writes | 13 hours ago


Hodejo1 (1252120) writes "Tesla has already put over 25,000 cars on the road with more to come and, presumably, most will still be running well past the 8-year battery warranty. What would happen if it is time to replace the battery pack on an old Model S or X and the cost is $25K? Simple, it would destroy the resale value of said cars, which would negatively affect the lease value of new Tesla automobiles. That’s a big part of the real reason why Tesla is building its own battery factory. They not only need to ensure enough supply for new cars, but they have to dramatically bring down the price of the replacement batteries low enough so owners of otherwise perfectly running old Teslas don’t just junk them. The Tesla Roadster was not a mass produced vehicle, so the cost of replacing its battery is $40K. The economies of scale of a gigafactory alone will drop battery costs dramatically. Heavy research could drop it further over the next decade or so. The good news is that if they do it right Tesla will have the replacement battery business to itself — without a gigafactory of their own non-OEM battery suppliers won’t be able to compete — which will bring more profits rather than headaches."
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Obama Delays Decision on Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes | yesterday


Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "The Christian Science Monitor reports that once again, the Obama administration has pushed back a final decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline possibly delaying the final determination until after the November midterm elections. In announcing the delay, the State Department cited a Nebraska Supreme Court case that could affect the route of the pipeline that may not be decided until next year, as well as additional time needed to review 2.5 million public comments on the project. Both supporters and opponents of the pipeline criticized the delay as a political ploy. Democratic incumbents from oil-rich states have urged President Obama to approve the pipeline but approving the pipeline before the election could staunch the flow of money from liberal donors and fund-raisers who oppose the project. The Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell said in a statement that “at a time of high unemployment in the Obama economy, it’s a shame that the administration has delayed the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline for years.” Activists say its construction could devastate the environment, but several State Department reviews have concluded that the pipeline would be safe and was unlikely to significantly increase the rate of carbon pollution in the atmosphere. Even if the pipeline was canceled, it said, the oil sands crude was likely to be extracted and brought to market by other means, such as rail, and then processed and burned."

Nike dismisses rumors of FuelBand shut down - Gant Daily

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | yesterday


Times of India

Nike dismisses rumors of FuelBand shut down
Gant Daily
San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – According to several reports on Friday, Nike ordered layoffs to its FuelBand department. The reports signaled the end of Nike's fitness wearable market. Or so many thought. Re/code recently reported that Nike will still...
Nike fires majority of FuelBand team as it prepares to ditch wearablesBusiness Standard
Nike has reportedly fired 70-80% of its FuelBand teamTopNews United States
Nike lays off majority of FuelBand team as it mulls exit from wearable hardware ... Techie News
Atlanta Journal Constitution-ZDNet
all 82 news articles

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