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Why Use VPN to Unblock Sites in the Middle East

Anonymous Coward writes | 14 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "Middle East is one huge region that is currently implementing very strict Internet censorship. In case you are not aware, Skype has been available in UAE only in 2013. As of posting, Oman is blocking many VOIP services including Skype and Viber is banned in Saudi Arabia. But then, all websites that contain illegal gambling, illegal drugs, pornographic material, gay and lesbian content, dating services, sexual health resources, hate to religion, and political criticisms are definitely ban in the Middle East. So, if you feel like you need to unblock sites in the region, don’t hesitate to use VPN (Virtual Private Network).

When it comes to unblocking sites in the Middle East, many people choose VPN over other methods such as proxy sites. But this is not surprising to know, simply because VPNs are faster and more secure than proxies. In addition, a lot of school and universities are now blocking many proxy sites. But best of all, your traffic with VPN servers is encrypted. This means only a computer with the right decoder can be able to read the data and use it, thus protecting the files on your computers, including emails. With this process, no third party (not even the governments in the Middle East) can intercept them.

Simultaneously, VPN service providers allow you to browse the Internet anonymously. Note that Internet police in the Middle East are closely monitoring all the online activities of their residents. With a VPN, your real address will be replaced with a new IP address provided to you by your VPN service provider. And because your geo-location is also hidden, local authorities will see you logging in as someone outside the region, say US or Canada, depending on the node assigned to you. A good VPN company can immediately provide you another IP address in case your first VPN IP address will be blocked.

If you’re going to choose between a free VPN and a paid service, the free service is very tempting. Who would not want to enjoy a VPN service without paying anything? But before you do, prepare yourself being bombarded with tons of unrelated ads. You cannot avoid them because this is how free VPN service providers make money. Plus of course, you cannot expect an excellent customer support that you did not pay for. On the other hand, paid VPNs provide faster and consistent Internet connection. In addition, many VPN service providers offer very low service fees. We at Sahrzad are one of them.

Sahrzad VPN has served many clients who were satisfied with our service, and dubbed us as an expert in Internet freedom. We are admired for protecting the privacy of our customers. We don’t log their personal information and online activities. But besides security, we also guarantee first class VPN services, which come along with an incomparable customer service. If you want to check if we are true with our words, you can try our free one-day trial without any obligation. If you are satisfied, then you continue enjoying our service by picking one of our affordable VPN plans.


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What your seat in the classroom tells about you

Galgotias (3691521) writes | about half an hour ago


Galgotias (3691521) writes "Do you know that the seat you choose to sit in the class says a lot about you? Read on to know...
Front row

As it is often said, front benchers are the most studious kind of students. Their main focus is to learn and study. They take their college very seriously and will not appreciate anybody distracting them from their goal. They want to ignore any nonsense happening around them. Such students also want to seek full attention of their professors. The feeling of a teacher talking only to them makes them content and happy. This also helps them to stay awake during all lectures, no matter how boring they are. They are the classmates whose notes are always the most-wanted entity round the year.
In the seat closest to the door

No prizes to guess the intention of such students. They are the one to breakaway as soon as the clock says time is over, irrespective of the teacher has finished the lecture or not. This signifies that such a student might struggle with commitment.

Close to the seats of your friends

You are the happiest person in the class because you have friends around you. You are the one who the friend in need is a friend indeed. In times when the pockets are empty and raining outside, your place is the one turning out be the friends-adda! It's ok to you if the grade at the end of the semester turns out to be B+.
Somewhere in the middle

You take the seat whichever is left, you don't care. You don't believe in showing off, rather might have some identity crisis. You want get lost in the crowd so that nobody points at you. You might have been keeping yourself busy with too many activities in college — joining clubs and societies or various kinds. In some cases, you might be having not-so-cool friends. Such students might enjoy their college life but have a struggle full life ahead.

Paying attention is class is far-far away from you! During the lecture, you just keep looking at the watch for your time to come. You are often found napping in class and are woken up by the teachers' chalk-shot. The teacher gets satisfied with only your presence in the class knowing about your last night's party. You talk to those innocent yet studious ones in class so at the time of need, you get some help with project completion. However, after many years you are the one who turn out to be having a dream-career."

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The seas: A good investment opportunity?

Pacific Tycoon (3032533) writes | about an hour ago


Pacific Tycoon (3032533) writes "The oceans of the world have always been considered to be essential to trade of any kind. Since time immemorial, the oceans have provided traders and businessmen from around the world the opportunity to become seafarers, giving them the chance of travelling to different parts of the world to sell their goods. Even now, the seas are essential to trade and this dominance will not go away in a long time."
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Power of Mobility

Anonymous Coward writes | about an hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "The main advantage of the power of mobility is that it has broken the shackles of tyranny of time and place that has tormented us for so long. You no longer need to visit a library to read Charles Dickens."
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Bentham Science Publisher

sally07 (3745755) writes | 1 hour ago


sally07 (3745755) writes "Bentham Science — International Publisher of Journals and Books.

Bentham Science — Our business is publishing. Throughout the world, A major STM publisher of online and print journals, and related print/online book series, Bentham Science answers the information needs of scientists in the fields of pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical, engineering, technology, computer and social sciences, we are Publishers of Excellence."

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Buy remote control helicopter in Sydney

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "A multirotor helicopter that is controlled and throttled by four rotors is known as a Quad rotor helicopter otherwise called Quadcopter. These quad copters are named rotorcraft as the lift is, no doubt produced by the four sets of airfoils at each one corner. This quad copter has two sets of indistinguishable altered pitch propellers, 2 clockwise & 2 counter clockwise by the utilization of varieties in the RPM of propellers pilot can control the lift or throttle of the quad copter.

Movement of a Quadcopter is accomplished by changing the RPM of one or more rotors. Because of this development the reliable issue with the vertical flight, torque impelled control could be succeed. This outline gives us a chance to cast out the tail rotor, which is not productive in the lift. remote control helicopter Sydney are the first effective Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) rambles which deliver vertical lifts. Firstly, this model needed execution, and as the time passed the flight was more pilot situated as the automaton needed soundness and restricted control which was a huge stress.

As of late these models are extremely famous in UAV class, now these automatons use electronic control framework & electronic sensors to settle the UAV. Accordingly this quad copters change from little to gigantic sizes, yet one thing stays steady the control and mobility, which makes them great at indoor and also open air utilization.

The quadcopters have a couple of points of interest over the helicopters:

these don't require the mechanical linkages to change rotor razor sharp edges to make the fancied edge to control the development, which eventually prompts a stable configuration and less support of the UAV. The less the parts the less the likelihood of event of issues.

use of individual rotor, prompts the little measurement of the rotors, making them more steady and diminishing the active vitality being procured. This would bring about less harm in the event of any undesirable mischance. Therefore making this UAV more secure for close collaboration.

Since its first execution in 1907 by Louis Breguet it has experienced inconceivable ad lib in little scale UAV's & are continuously utilized as a part of beginner model air ship ventures. Momentum progression and exploration state that these quadcopters would be fit for cutting edge self-sufficient mission, which whatever available UAV can't perform. The utilization of Polaroids on this UAV is exceptionally successful as the flight it makes is of extremely steady nature, helps catch pictures and features with legitimate adjustment and clarity.

LEV Enterprise is an innovation organization that is continuously worked from Australia. remote control plane sydney spend significant time in a ton of specialized zones like cell telephones, rambles, electric vehicles, and so on we have a group of the best specialized masters.

LEV Enterprise

3/369 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

(02) 8971 4563"

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Amazon Reviews And Mothers-in-Law

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "You've published your book. You've sent it to many review sites and begun collecting rave quotes for promotional use. You check Amazon regularly to see whether any readers have written anything about your book. They have! Wonderful. The comments are positive. You keep checking almost everyday until--what's this?!--suddenly you find a HORRIBLE review at the top of the list. You're aghast. Your face flushes as if a subterranean volcano exploded inside of you. How dare anybody say anything negative about your masterpiece creation? What an atrocity. This is sabotage! After a few glasses of wine, you tell yourself you're a reasonable person. You realize chances are not everybody can love your book. But there are negative reviews and there are negative reviews... and this is book annihilation! This particular review seems to have been written by someone who not necessarily hates the book, but hates YOU. This happened to a friend of mine recently. A few days after her book came out in Amazon, someone wrote a mean, nasty review. The review in question was something along these lines: "This is the WORST book I've ever read in my entire life. It is filled with thousands of spelling, grammatical mistakes and clichés. Please don't waste your book on this book. You'll regret it for as long as you live..." etc, etc, etc... The review went on and on, its author clearly deranged or driven by sweet revenge. Not surprisingly, my friend later found out that it had been written by her dear mother-in-law in reaction to how my friend depicted her in the novel (Lesson: avoid using your mother-in-law as one of your characters).I know the lady in question, and while I think it's true that she has "sagging cheeks like day-old pancakes" and clammy hands like "large wobbly maggots," as my friend wrote in her novel, I believe she shouldn't have gone so berserk. I mean, there's something to be said for self control, right? If any of you is the victim of such atrocity, there's something you can do about it. Remember that Amazon wants you to sell your book almost as much as they do (they should--they take 55% off the retail price!), so all you have to do is contact them and explain them the situation. Most likely they'll remove the review. Email them at: pleeeeeease don't contact them for negative reviews that were clearly written by serious readers or reviewers, otherwise they'll think we authors are egotistical maniacs who break at the slightest lashing ... and we wouldn't want that now, would we? (it's important to keep our true nature low profiled)."
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UK Government: Scotland Could Be Base For Spaceport

Anonymous Coward writes | 7 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Scotland could take a giant leap for mankind by becoming the home of Britain’s first spaceport. UK Government ministers will announce on Tuesday eight potential sites for a base for sending rockets and tourists into orbit. RAF bases at Kinloss and Leuchars are believed to be among contenders for the spaceport, which would open in 2018 and be Britain’s answer to Cape Canaveral. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said: "I am delighted that the government is pushing forward with its ambitious plans to open a spaceport in the UK by 2018. Spaceports will be key to us opening up the final frontier of commercial space travel. Scotland has a proud association with space exploration. We celebrated Neil Armstrong's Scottish ancestry when he became the first man on the Moon and only last week an amazing Scottish company was responsible for building the UK Space Agency's first satellite. The UK space industry is one of our great success stories and I am sure there will be a role for Scotland to play in the future.""

Policing of the Future is Here Today

DavidGilbert99 (2607235) writes | 2 hours ago


DavidGilbert99 (2607235) writes "Morgan Marquis-Boire has been working to unmask the invasive cyber-spying tools from the likes of Gamma International and Hacking Team for the last few years, but in an interview with IBTimes UK, the dreadlocked former hacker says: "This is the law enforcement of the future and actually the law enforcement of the now. [Hacking Team and Gamma International]'s customer base is expanding, this capability is something which you can see as being desirable to most law enforcement agencies.""
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