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How Relevant Comments By Means of Posting

azli (3762831) writes | 1 minute ago


azli (3762831) writes "How Relevant Comments By Means of Posting
How Relevant Comments By Means of Posting
These times I again divide informasi. sekarang all of us will discuss Just how Relevant comments By means of Posting. maybe you question what the function from the relevant comments? comment function to include a backlink internet site.or you do not know how to get quality back links in your new website. jadi can not inquire into the role write off granted, because it will likely be very menguntungkan. untuk get lots of comments then you ought to often comment on blog / websites comment towards post with an email that invites several anda. sebentar again pngunjung weblog we will talk about how comments tightly related to the post along with preferred by pencari. sebelumya machine you should state the meaning associated with comments. komentar relevant comments tightly related to the phase that included at least one keyword from either donor site along with backlinks from web sites purpose.
The pursuing comments relevant method:

1 Adjust comments towards content of articles / content will be written.
  Comments are good and quality is a comment that is supposed as a response or perhaps a response to the writer. If you are usually well commented was already indicating that you've read and know the main matter of submit / content are usually discussed.

2 Avoid commenting redistributed not to smelling P * rnographi. Try also commented which it could not affront blog owner not to to do mischief.

3 Tend not to leave a link in the comments. Active link in the comments sounded like imposing and incredibly disturbing because no have relevance towards content of this posting.

4 Try not commented a similar in every submit
. Massive commented in the blog in hopes of getting backlinks is also bad because it will be seen as spammy.

5. By no means commented that adverse.
  If you do not agree or hate the content associated with posts give reasonable comment, if it can be criticized as long as to not offend the creator with rude responses.

how and the way how the responses are relevant according to the search engine, relevant comments are usually comments that include at least one keyword phrase either on the site or web sites backlink providers goal and, in this tutorial video is among its base or the camp only, please watch and enjoy."

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Republicans Taking Charge of Bitcoin Campaign Donations

SonicSpike (242293) writes | 16 minutes ago


SonicSpike (242293) writes "There are now more than 30 candidates, party organizations and PACs accepting bitcoin, according to a rough count that’s partly based on data compiled by Make Your Laws, a non-partisan political action committee focused on campaign finance reform.

It’s perhaps no surprise that New Hampshire politicians in particular have warmed to bitcoin since the Federal Election Commission approved a specific request by Make Your Laws in May. With its motto of “live free or die” and a reputation for libertarian values of the kind shared by many bitcoiners, there’s a natural fit.

There, the charge is being led by 32-year-old Republican Andrew Hemingway, the youngest gubernatorial candidate in the country. Thursday he joined a dozen candidates for the state’s Senate to incorporate onto their websites a platform from payment processor Paystand that provides an option to pay in credit card, e-check or bitcoin.

“I’m the first millennial candidate for governor anywhere in the country, so I come at this from a distinct generational perspective,” Mr. Hemingway said. “I’m also a tech entrepreneur. A lot of my friends and a lot of my regular network use bitcoins on a regular basis and have been active in the bitcoin community. So, it was a no-brainer to incorporate it into my campaign.”"

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Vietnam remains key market for Microsoft

Anonymous Coward writes | 24 minutes ago


An anonymous reader writes "According to results recently published AdDulex, Vietnam is one of 20 countries with sales of more Windows Phone devices in the world.
Market research firms and advertising services AdDulex recently announced statistics Windows Phone market share on a global scale. Results showed that the U.S. is the largest market of devices running Microsoft's mobile platform with 11% market share, followed by India (7.5%) and Brazil (6.9%)."

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SLS needs more money ...

schwit1 (797399) writes | 1 hour ago


schwit1 (797399) writes "Surprise, surprise! A GAO report finds that SLS is over budget and that NASA will need an additional $400 million to complete its first orbital launch in 2017.

NASA isn’t meeting its own requirements for matching cost and schedule resources with the congressional requirement to launch the first SLS in December 2017. NASA usually uses a calculation it calls the “joint cost and schedule confidence level” to decide the odds a program will come in on time and on budget. “NASA policy usually requires a 70 percent confidence level for a program to proceed with final design and fabrication,” the GAO report says, and the SLS is not at that level. The report adds that government programs that can’t match requirements to resources “are at increased risk of cost and schedule growth.”

In other words, the GAO says SLS is at risk of costing more than the current estimate of $12 billion to reach the first launch or taking longer to get there. Similar cost and schedule problems – although of a larger magnitude – led President Obama to cancel SLS’s predecessor rocket system called Constellation shortly after taking office.

The current $12 billion estimate for the program’s cost to achieve one unmanned launch. That is four times what it is costing NASA to get SpaceX, Boeing, and Sierra Nevada to build their three spaceships, all scheduled for first manned launch before 2017. SLS not only can’t get off the ground before 2017, it can’t even get built for $12 billion!

If this isn’t the definition of a wasteful, boondoggle designed merely as pork, then what is? There is no way SLS is going to ever get the USA back into space. It should be shut down, now."

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Stanford Engineers Explain How They Created a Fictitious Compression For HBO's S

Tekla Perry (3034735) writes | 1 hour ago


Tekla Perry (3034735) writes "Professor Tsachy Weissman and Ph.D student Vinith Misra came up with (almost) believable compression algorithms for HBO's Silicon Valley. Some constraints--they had to seem plausible, look good when illustrated on a whiteboard, and work with the punchline, "middle out". Next season the engineers may encourage producers to tackle the challenge of local decodability."
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Nightfall: Can Kalgash Exist?

jIyajbe (662197) writes | 1 hour ago


jIyajbe (662197) writes "Two researchers from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics investigate the imaginary world of Kalgash, a planetary system based on the novel ‘Nightfall’ (Asimov & Silverberg, 1991). From the arXiv paper:

"The system consists of a planet, a moon and an astonishing six suns. The six stars cause the wider universe to be invisible to the inhabitants of the planet. The author explores the consequences of an eclipse and the resulting darkness which the Kalgash people experience for the first time. Our task is to verify if this system is feasible, from the duration of the eclipse, the ‘invisibility’ of the universe to the complex orbital dynamics."

Their conclusion?

"We have explored several aspects of Asimov’s novel. We have found that the suns, especially Dovim are bright enough to blot out the stars. Kalgash 2 can eclipse Dovim for a period of 9 hours. We also tested one possible star configuration and after running some simulations, we found that the system is possible for short periods of time."

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FBI studied how much drones impact your privacy, & then marked it secret

v3rgEz (125380) writes | 1 hour ago


v3rgEz (125380) writes "When federal agencies adopt new technology, they're required by law to do Privacy Impact Assessments, which is exactly what the FBI did regarding its secretive drone program. The PIAs are created to help the public and federal government assess what they're risking through the adoption of new technology. That part is a little trickier, since the FBI is refusing to release any of the PIA on its drone project, stating it needs to be kept, er, private to protect national security."

Experian breach exposed 200 million Americans' personal data over a year ago

BUL2294 (1081735) writes | 2 hours ago


BUL2294 (1081735) writes "CNN Money is reporting that, prior to the Target breach that exposed information on 110 million customers, and prior to Experian gaining Target's "identity theft protection" business from that breach, Experian was involved a serious breach, to which nobody admits the scope of. Their subsidiary, Court Ventures, unwittingly sold access to a database to a Vietnamese fraudster named Hieu Minh Ngo. This database contained information on some 200 million Americans, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birthdays, work history, driver's license numbers, email addresses, and banking information. "Criminals tapped that database 3.1 million times, investigators said. Surprised you haven't heard this? It's because Experian is staying quiet about it. It's been more than a year since Experian was notified of the leak. Yet the company still won't say how many Americans were affected. CNNMoney asked Experian to detail the scope of the breach. The company refused. "As we've said consistently, it is an unfortunate and isolated issue," Experian spokesman Gerry Tschopp said.""

GNU Guix 0.7 released

davexunit (3765571) writes | 2 hours ago


davexunit (3765571) writes "GNU Guix, the purely functional package manager and distribution of the GNU operating system, has made a new alpha release. This release features an installation disk image of the GNU system for i686 and x86_64 platforms, 130 new packages, and an improved developer's API.

A description of Guix is provided in the full release notes:

In addition to standard package management features, Guix supports transactional upgrades and roll-backs, unprivileged package management, per-user profiles, and garbage collection. It also offers a declarative approach to operating system configuration management. Guix uses low-level mechanisms from the Nix package manager, with Guile Scheme programming interfaces.

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Google's Baseline Study for defining Healthy Human.

rtoz (2530056) writes | 3 hours ago


rtoz (2530056) writes "Google’s research division "Google X" has started another moonshot project named as "Baselne Study".

The baseline study project will collect anonymous genetic and molecular information from 175 people and later thousands more to create the complete picture of what a healthy human being should be.

The baseline study will help researchers detect killers such as heart disease and cancer far earlier, pushing medicine more toward prevention rather than the treatment of illness.

According to Google, the information from Baseline will be anonymous and its use will be limited to medical and health purposes. Data won't be shared with insurance companies."

Wikipedia to US Congress: Stop Trolling

alphatel (1450715) writes | 3 hours ago


alphatel (1450715) writes "Wikipedia has blocked anonymous edits from a congressional IP address for 10 days because of "disruptive" edits. These otherwise anonymous edits were brought to light recently by @Congressedits.

The biography of former US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld was edited to say that he was an "alien lizard". Mediaite's Wikipedia page was modified to label the site as a "sexist transphobic" publication."

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Fly-Inspired Tech Could Find Use in Better Hearing Aids

Zothecula (1870348) writes | 4 hours ago


Zothecula (1870348) writes "When it comes to animals with good hearing, flies might not be the first one you'd think of. The Ormia ochracea fly, however, has a unique hearing mechanism that allows it to precisely determine the location of a cricket based on its chirps ... it then deposits its larvae on the cricket, which ultimately consume the poor insect. Scientists at the University of Texas Austin have now duplicated that mechanism, with hopes that it could find use in applications such as next-generation hearing aids."
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New SSL server rules go into effect Nov. 1

alphadogg (971356) writes | 4 hours ago


alphadogg (971356) writes "Public certificate authorities (CAs) are warning that as of Nov. 1 they will reject requests for internal SSL server certificates that don’t conform to new internal domain naming and IP address conventions designed to safeguard networks. The concern is that SSL server digital certificates issued by CAs at present for internal corporate e-mail servers, Web servers and databases are not unique and can potentially be used in man-in-the-middle attacks involving the setup of rogue servers inside the targeted network, say representatives for the Certification Authority/Browser Forum (CA/B Forum), the industry group that sets security and operational guidelines for digital certificates. Members include the overwhelming bulk of public CAs around the globe, plus browser makers such as Microsoft and Apple. The problem today is that network managers often give their servers names like “Server1” and allocate internal IP addresses so that SSL certificates issued for them through the public CAs are not necessarily globally unique, notes Trend Micro's Chris Bailey."
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Big Companies Getting On Board With eSports

Anonymous Coward writes | 4 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "eSports have never been more popular, and many large companies are starting to view them in the same light as traditional sports. The amount of money being thrown around is starting to rival the money exchanged over sports teams. A recent Dota 2 tournament handed out over $10 million in prizes, and Google's $1 billion purchase of game-streaming site has now been confirmed. But it doesn't end there — companies like Coca-cola, Nissan, and major movie studios are looking at the audiences being drawn by eSports and realizing the advertising potential. "Last fall, Riot Games sold out the Staples Center for its League of Legends Championship Series Finals. While 12,000 people watched live in the home of the Lakers and Kings, over 32 million tuned in to the livestream." George Woo, head of a global eSports tournament, said, "Attendance to Intel Extreme Masters events has grown 10X with us filling up sport stadiums, where we have visitors lining up to get a seat to watch the competition. Online it has grown 100X, where we now get more viewers watching livestreams for a single event than we'd have tune in for an entire season in the past.""
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Is encryption for the public now a myth?

TechForensics (944258) writes | 5 hours ago


TechForensics (944258) writes "We all know the TrueCrypt story-- a fine, effective encryption program beginning to achieve wide use. When you see how the national security agency modified this tool so they could easily overcome it, you'll probably understand why they don't complain about PGP anymore. The slip that showed what was happening was the information that NSA "were really ticked about TrueCrypt" either because they couldn't circumvent it or found it too difficult. From the standpoint of privacy advocates, NSA's dislike for TrueCrypt was evidence it was effective.

Next, NSA directly wrapped up the makers of TrueCrypt in legal webs that made them insert an NSA backdoor and forbade them from revealing it was there. It's only because of the cleverness of the TrueCrypt makers the world was able to determine for itself that TrueCrypt was now compromised. (Among other things, though formerly staunch privacy advocates, the makers discontinued development of TrueCrypt and recommended something like Microsoft Bitlocker, which no one with any sense believes could be NSA – hostile. It then became logically defensible, since NSA was not complaining about PGP or other encryption programs, to posit they had already been vitiated.

This is the situation we have: all of the main are important encryption programs are compromised at least in use against the federal government. Whether NSA tools are made available to local law enforcement is not known. This all begs the question:

Does the public now have *any* encryption that works? Even if we can see the source code of the encryption algorithm the source code of the program employing that algorithm must be considered false. (TrueCrypt was the only program NSA complained about.) In the case of other software, it becomes believable the NSA has allowed to be published only source code that hides their changes, and the only way around that may be to check and compile the published code yourself. Half the public probably doesn't bother.

Okay, Slashdot, what do you think? Where do we stand? And what ought we to do about it?"

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