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NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Server Via Facebook

Wylde Stile (731120) writes | yesterday


Wylde Stile (731120) writes "A Staten Island, NY family court support magistrate allowed a man to serve his ex-wife via Facebook. The man tried to serve the woman in person and via mail, but the woman moved with no forwarding address. The children would not return his calls so he has no way to get the address. The magistrate decided that in-person and mail would not work

The ex-wife maintains an active Facebook account. She even liked some photos on the current wife Facebook page days before the ruling. The magistrate conclude that the ex-wife could be served through Facebook."

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Buy Online Votes

Phyllistaylora (3836289) writes | about an hour ago


Phyllistaylora (3836289) writes "You must have participated in one or more online polling contests. They can be seen everywhere. It is interesting to note that while you Buy vote online, it helps other people make money. You must be wondering how that is possible. In point of fact, it is quite simple. Today, most of the businesses have moved totally on the Internet. Every online company is essentially data-centric."
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BlueStacks for PC

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "BlueStacks App Player lets you run your favorite mobile apps fast and fullscreen on PC. Join millions of people around the world and download today!"
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Blocking Ultrasurf via script in Windows

dos2 (925528) writes | 1 hour ago


dos2 (925528) writes "I have dealt with students using Ultrasurf in a high school environment. It is very tricky to block its use. I discovered how it uses the users own registry to work and that is its weak point. I created a script that limits write access to the Internet settings part of the registry. I push this out via GPO. I thought this could help Âa lot of people by avoiding the need to get complex or expensive apps to do the same jobâZ. I have the script and further details on my blog. Â"
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Anonymous Coward writes | 1 hour ago


An anonymous reader writes "Video Profit Surge is basically for YouTube videos, but also supports Self Hosted and Vimeo videos. You can add videos to your html website or page using Video Profit Surge shortcode and embedded iframe tools"
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Canon Pixma MG8170 Driver Download ~ All Printer Drivers

bayusuixe (3820947) writes | 1 hour ago


bayusuixe (3820947) writes "Hello welcome to my blog, I will share about Canon Pixma MG8170 Driver for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux Download. Previously, I will first give you a little review about Canon Pixma MG8170.


PIXMA MG8170 options the Intelligent touch typing that permits gradual bit screen navigation, six individual ink tank system and further grey ink to boost the textures of each B/W and color footage and support film direct printing perform."

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Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "MAC SOS

Keep my Power Mac out of the landfill!

I have an old G5 Power Mac. As far as I know it still works, but it's been languishing in the loft for a few years. I'm moving house soon so I'm clearing out a lot of junk. What's the best way to reuse or dispose of this computer? Can I turn it into a media server for iTunes or photos? Does it have any resale value? If neither of these are viable, how do I get rid of it without harming the environment? My local council just seems to put any bulky items straight into landfill, which I don't want to happen.

Reusing old computers as fileservers was a popular 'how to..’ magazine feature about 10 years ago, but it really doesn't make much sense anymore. Cloud storage is cheap and ubiquitous and the smallest external drives have capacities well beyond the hard disk of an old Power Mac Repurposing a G5 in this way actually hurts the environment because of the extra electricity you use. The Power Mac G5 uses between 120 and 140W when idle, depending on the model. If you leave it switched on for 12 hours a day, that's about 570kWh per year, which costs £86 in electricity before you even access a single file. Even if you actually needed a standalone fileserver, a new Mac mini would use less than a tenth of the electricity to do the same job, faster, more quietly and in a smaller space.

There is one part of the G5 that's still useful though — the case. These are quite sought after and sell for about £50 — £80 on eBay. I have one that I use as a case for one of my Windows PCs, because most PC cases are unspeakably ugly. A working machine like yours sometimes sells for a little bit more, but it's unlikely the buyer will want to use it as a whole computer, any more than you do. Most buyers are just after the case or some parts to fix an existing machine, and there's no guarantee the rest will be recycled.

The more environmentally responsible course is to send it to a recycling company. There are plenty of companies that will collect from you but, unless you're disposing of lots of computers in one go, they all charge for collection. Waste care (, for example, charges £41. So if you sell the case separately first, it looks like you might just break even.

The junk that can't be thrown away

I am using Mail to send and receive emails from my account. After I have finished any email transactions and deleted any unwanted email traffic, I check the Junk Mail folder, which appears to be full. I highlight all these files and click delete, but after some time they return. This also happens if I right click the Trash folder and click the 'Erase deleted items' option.

Are you using Gmail as well as iCloud ( Gmail is notorious for it's deliberately non-standard attitude to the IMAP email protocol . This happens because mail 'folders' are really just labels that are attached to each message — like albums for photos.

When you delete a message, the email is supposed to be removed from the server as well but sometimes all that happens is that the folder label is removed and the message ends up back in the All Mail folder. The next time you check your mail, the spam filters get triggered again and the messages are moved back into Junk. This shouldn't happen with iCloud emails, though. Try deleting the messages through the web interface at

Which Mac holds its value best?

I'm starting a small design consultancy and I want to kit the office out with Macs. I'll be replacing two or three each year, in order to be sure we have the latest equipment. From a resale point of view, is it better to get Mac Book Airs or Mac minis'?

I'd 90 with Mac minis. A tricked out Air costs about £S00 more than a mid range mini, and yet has worse performance. It's true that once you've added keyboard, mouse and monitor to the mini it will be mere expensive again, but you won't need to replace those every year. Invest in Apple Thunder bolt displays and you'll have a top-quality monitor that should be good for at least five years You can also upgrade the mini's RAM and disk storage.

That means that you're reselling a lower total value of hardware each year and so don't lose as much to depreciation. The percentage depredation seems to be quite similar — laptops are more desirable, but are generally treated more roughly, so the amount the price reeds to drop in order to tempt the buyer is about the same."

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Education system of Bangladesh

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 hours ago


An anonymous reader writes "Three-tier education system in Bangladesh, there are Primary level, secondary level and higher education or university level. The initial term of 5 years in public and private schools are run, a 7-year term in the secondary – in the 3-year junior, two-year term and two years of secondary and higher secondary stage. Private schools are funded on its own. The third stage of the 3-5 year university-level education. Government-sponsored 36 public and 79 private universities and colleges affiliated with the University Grants Commission, under the supervision of the education is given. Bengali or English as the medium of education in the students can choose any."
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More Powerful 1.2L Turbocharged Petrol Duster?

sumit sinha (3836609) writes | 2 hours ago


sumit sinha (3836609) writes "Jaipur: Our Renault Duster is known to world as Dacia Duster; Dacia is Renault's fully owned economical brand in Europe. Now, reportedly Dacia UK has been evaluating Renault's 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine for the Duster as a future addition to the engine line-up and it recently launched facelifted Duster in UK, facelift is also heading our way with the Duster AWD on 24th next week."
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'Reactive' Development Turns 2.0

electronic convict (3600551) writes | yesterday


electronic convict (3600551) writes "First there was "agile" development. Now there's a new software movement—called 'reactive' development—that sets out principles for building resilient and failure-tolerant applications for cloud, mobile, multicore and Web-scale systems. ReadWrite's Matt Asay sat down with Jonas Bonér, the author of the Reactive Manifesto (just released in version 2.0), for a discussion of what, exactly, the reactive movement aims to fix in software development and how we get there from here."
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Obama Health Care In America

hotboy18 (1128103) writes | 3 hours ago


hotboy18 (1128103) writes "With more than 8 million Americans signing up for Obama Health Care on, a shocking number of approximately 700,000 individuals have dropped out. Individuals who tend to be poor and live below the poverty line such as Blacks and Hispanics don’t earn enough money to make coverage payments so they tend apply for Medicare and Medicaid. Veterans and elderly individuals have to rely on government assistance as well because they spend most of their money on medicine and other health care services."
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DC Comics Superheroes, Nancy Reagan and Keebler Elves Won The War on Drugs

theodp (442580) writes | 5 hours ago


theodp (442580) writes ""On a recent trip to my childhood home in New Jersey," writes GOOD's Joshua Neuman in This Comic Book Made Me Say No to Drugs, "I discovered a stack of comic books in an old shoebox, one of which was DC Comics' The New Teen Titans (Drug Abuse Awareness) Issue #1, a promotional giveaway that was part of President Reagan’s Drug Awareness Campaign." While the cool kids in his class wearing rock t-shirts snickered at the corporate and government-sponsored comics (circa-1984 DC Marketing promo video), Neuman confesses the propaganda did the job on his naive, overprotected, 10-year-old in suburbia self. "Entering the fictitious, urban world of this comic book was like diving into a drugged-out version of Sesame Street where cute kids from a veritable rainbow of backgrounds played together, studied together, and took PCP together," Neuman recalls. "I can’t say that the comic book traumatized me, but looking back, something about not being in on the joke stayed with me. The experience taught me that drugs lay in the domain of the other, a kid who was much cooler than I was. However inadvertently, the collaborative effort of the Teen Titans, Nancy Reagan, and Keebler had achieved its intended effect.""

Is Alibaba comparable to a US company?

lpress (707742) writes | yesterday


lpress (707742) writes "Alibaba is this weeks hot news — they have had a lengthy PR campaign (preceded by a documentary film) followed by a record-setting stock offering. After a day of trading Alibaba's market capitalization was comparable to that of established tech giants.

But, there are cultural and structural differences between Alibaba and US companies. Alibaba is tightly woven into a complex fabric of personal, corporate and government organization relationships. The same can be said of information technology companies in Singapore. Is owning a share of, say, Apple, conceptually the same as owning a share of Alibaba?"

Researchers Report Largest DNA Origami To Date

MTorrice (2611475) writes | 2 days ago


MTorrice (2611475) writes "Bioengineers can harness DNA’s remarkable ability to self-assemble to build two- and three-dimensional nanostructures through DNA origami. Until now, researchers using this approach have been limited to building structures that are tens of square nanometers in size. Now a team reports the largest individual DNA origami structures to date, which reach sizes of hundreds of square nanometers. What’s more, they have developed a less expensive way to synthesize the DNA strands needed, overcoming a tremendous obstacle to scaling up the technology."
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The disaster and ensuing coverup of the Obamacare website

Anonymous Coward writes | 2 days ago


An anonymous reader writes "New reports reveal significant corruption in the Obama administration’s botched effort to create the Obamacare website.

The Government Office of Accountability released a report earlier this week detailing the security flaws in the site, but a report from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released yesterday is even more damning. Titled, “Behind the Curtain of the Rollout,” the report fingers the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversaw the development of the site, and its parent Department of Health and Human Services.

“Officials at CMS and HHS refused to admit to the public that the website was not on track to launch without significant functionality problems and substantial security risks,” the report says. “There is also evidence that the Administration, to this day, is continuing its efforts to shield ongoing problems with the website from public view.”

The evidence includes emails that show Obamacare officials more interested in keeping their problems from leaking to the press than working to fix them. This is both both a coverup and incompetence."

Washington DC to return to automatic metro trains

Bruce66423 (1678196) writes | yesterday


Bruce66423 (1678196) writes " After a crash some five years ago, automatic operation was abandoned. Now however replacement of 'faulty' modules means that moving the whole system on to automatic operation can happen.

One quote is depressing: 'And because trains regularly lurch to a halt a few feet short of where they should be at platforms, Metrorail riders have grown accustomed to hearing an announcement while they’re waiting to board: “Stand clear. Train moving forward.” WTF. That never happens on the London underground with human operators? What's wrong with American drivers?"

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